Saturday, May 4, 2013

Incompatible Fuck Buddy

This is another timed post written earlier in the week.   I am still in Toronto doing who knows what but I will be back in my own bed at midnight tonight.

I haven't been able to get together my Fuck Buddy all month although he texts me regularly.   I feel rather sorry for him as he's new in town and is quite lonely. 

But he doesn't seem to be doing anything to remedy that situation;  he always dismisses my suggestions to join the Master's Swim Club (or whatever club) or to volunteer at one of the local gay organzations. 

I enjoy spending time with him as he's intelligent and very funny.  We spent much time comparing notes on some of the more unusal guys who contact us on the hookup sites.

He's a passionate and aggressive kisser and a skilled top.  But he will barely let me touch his cock (and I do love giving blowjobs!)  Also, he describes himself as a "total top."  While I don't mind offering up my bottom to him every now and then, I would much prefer to reciprocate in a "flip flip" arrangement.

Although he's my age, he's such an old fuddy-duddy.... a real fuss-pot!   A couple of times, we'd make a tentative arrangement to meet up on a Saturday morning.   During our final phone call to make the arrangements and he'd say:  "I'll text you in a couple hours;  I need to get my hair cut."  

Really dude?  Couldn't that wait?  You barely even have any hair!

Then I wouldn't hear from him all day long!  I did want to see him but I certainly wasn't that interested that I would phone him ..... I'm usually far too busy during the day on a Saturday to meet guys.  Then, ten hours later, he would phone to say that he was cooking dinner for us and could I be at his apartment in 30 minutes?  

I told him:  "I'm sorry, but no!  I'm not available any more.  You can't just think that I will be 'on call' indefinitely."    On one occasion, I was at  home cooking dinner for my kids and parents and the other time, I was heading out for a hookup with some other guy.   I felt badly for his disappointment but he brings it all upon himself ..... he seems to lacking the usual social graces needed to be successful at this friendship thing.

Last week,  he asked to visit me at my home.  I said:  "Yes, but my daughter is coming in an hour so it can't be a booty call."  I showed him my house and (I think) he was horrified at it's condition.  Our renovations are in full swing and there are power tools, lumber, clutter and sheet rock dust everywhere. 

As he was preparing to leave, he asked for a little brush to clean off the bottoms of his feet before putting on his Gucci loafers.  Too funny!  I couldn't imagine two guys who were less compatible!



  1. he's a user, a selfish tool. gucci loafers? bitch please! ditch this dude, honey; I used to date str8 guys like this; they use you like a kleenex and throw you away.


  2. Sounds like a real pain-in-the-arse guy! Forget him!

  3. Another voice saying, Not worth the time, energy and aggravation. The phobia about dust in the Guccis and, in particular, not wanting to be touched where any normal healthy gay man should delight in being touched are bad signs, as I'm sure you realize. You're worth vastly better in your sex buddies.

    I'm very taken by the guy in the top picture, a powerful, good looking older man in the classic pose of a Roman River God. He's the kind of man I've always found to be good fun and really good sex.

    1. I agree about the Roman River God! I saw MANY amazing, naked older men just like him when I spent all of Sunday on Toronto Island's nude beach.

  4. Good news in your Update to the previous post!

    I kinda get you on this guy. These are the kind of people I hold at a distance. I'm basically a friendly type, but there are limits when people begin to cling (and it sounds like he is) but want everything done when, where, and how it pleases them. Nope, I don't have time for that - a true friendship is always give and take...

  5. Yes, I decided right from the very start that Fuck Buddy was never going to be boyfriend material. But he is a highly skilled top so that's the main thing I enjoyed about him. But, I agree, he isn't worth the hassle and time needed to make a simple arrangement with him.

    But I'd also consider him as a future non-sexual gay friend to gossip with and with whom to go on summer hikes.

  6. I like reading about your adventures.. I too had a fucking buddy... I enjoyed the royal treatments. Even my prostate enjoyed it too..... When we ejaculated. I learned it was a gift of love to each there......Than he had sexual relationship with my sister and this seeds spread to other gals.... and he left town....


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