Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week without the kids

Today's pics were suggested by Wayne for the Pic-a-Day-in-May feature.  That's me on the left.
It's been a highly unusual week in that all three kids have been at my ex-wife's house for much of the time, although I've seen some of the kids in passing such as at grandma's house.  I also see my son at school occasionally but we don't usually talk in front of his classmates.  I haven't had a week alone in a very, very long time;  perhaps many years.

Since my middle daughter (19) has come back from university out of town, she's been following a strict week-on, week-off arrangment between my house and my wife's. She doesn`t want to play favourites between parents, she said.

She's highly a organized, charismatic and fun person, the sort who organizes fun activities and who others want to spend time with.  So, the oldest (21) and youngest (16.5) have informally adopted her schedule so that all three kids are together most of the time.
View from my front yard last night

It's is gratifying to see that my children have become so close as adults (or almost adults).   I'm sure that the breakdown of our marriage has accelerated this process along ... they've created their own strong family unit with or without their parents.

I like to see how help each other out instead of (as they did as children) always turning to a parent for help.  My son will change the oil on his sister's car and cut the wood for a shelf she's building.   In turn, she will write help with his English essay and cook him breakfast.  That bond will serve them in good stead, I hope, when my wife and I are no longer here.  

But it's also a transition for me, going from being responsible for every need of the three kids to a place where I am not needed, or at least not needed as much as previously.  That will take some getting used to.

But I'm never completely alone because I have had a few men over, including a fun, relaxed 24 year-old, Big Red, who may becoming a regular and who I haven't yet blogged about.   There are pros and cons to this new schedule:  when the three kids and three dogs are here, it is extremely busy with cooking, house projects, squabbling dogs and activities.   I love having my kids here but I`m not sure that I would want ALL of them here ALL of the time at this point.  

When they are not here, the house renovation projects continue as before.  But it is much quieter but I have much more freedom to make arrangements for sexytime with men...  so that`s a positive thing as well.

Transitions in life!

This is me.


  1. so damn HAWT!

    yes, your kids are maturing and learning how to cope with life's challenges. this does not mean they will NEVER need you again, but it is nice to know they can tackle problems head on.

    DO TELL about the new hottie!

    1. Thanks, anne marie! You are very wise! I will post about Big Red soon!

  2. Really awesome that the kids are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself (and your ex, too) for raising them to be able to look out for themselves, and to get along with one another so well. I read blogs where that is simply not the case, and the resulting drama seems to sap everyone of everything good.

    Peace <3

    1. Yes, thank you Jay! Both my wife and I are fantastic parents (if I so say so myself); everyone we know says this as well.

      And even throughout our separation and divorce, we continued to be excellent parents. We never had any problem in coming to agreements about all the parenting decisions we need to make.

  3. Hot Pictures Buddy Bear!!!

    Not trying to kiss your ass but you look better than the model especially the second sets of pictures.Really hot and I love the tan.Hot.You have a smoking ass and too bad you're a top.I would love to lie on you and just fuck that ass. That's one fuckable ass!No wonder all the younger guys are drooling over you.Again this was really fun.

    Looking forward for your next pics.Surprise us Buddy!

    As for the children,they sound great.I knew they were quite mature for their age when you wrote that they accepted your sexuality and divorce,especially you son. Usually boys would get more distant from their dad wen they find out their dad is gay but he was so cool with it. Like his oldman,he is brave too and mature.So kudos for raising good kids.

  4. You can kiss my ass anytime, Wayne! I like my tanned ass too; I can thank the day I spent at the nude beach on Toronto Island.

    I have bottomed as often as I have topped and I plan to be versatile in this department. I am not very confident about either and need much more experience.

    My kids are fantastic and are very self-confident! My son in particular seems very cool with me being gay. In fact, he's the only one of my kids who has (accidentally) met any of the guys I hooked up with, two of them, in fact.

    He's a student at my school and when I told him that I might want to transfer to another school, he asked me to stay for another two years, until he graduates. This was mainly because he doesn't have to take the school bus. LOL

  5. I am not remotely surprised that your son is completely OK with your being gay and I take it he handled meeting your hook-ups without any problems a well. He sounds like a great, level-headed young man. I think these are good signs that you may soon be able to relax a bit about your dating/hook-up activities.

    1. Yes, I expect the 'relaxing' about letting the kids know about my dating / hookups will happen very soon; before the summer, certainly.

  6. You sure aren't sitting still, that's for certain !

  7. Your ass is smoking hot, guy! Would live to bury my face in it for a while

    1. That's an offer I wouldn't refuse! There are many pics of my bare ass in my "Pictures of me ..." section, upper right of my blog.

  8. I am sitting here naked too...Love how your relaxing read on the bed...Catch you later...


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