Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hookup in a big city hotel

I had a very busy day at school followed by a long flight.  Tomorrow is my "anti-homophobia, healthy masculinity and gender roles" workshop. 

I'm now in my fancy hotel room in a very large city and a hot guy from  is heading over for some sexytime.  It will be the first time I've actually hosted in my own hotel room.  Wish me luck!

He's an "older man"  .... 52.... but very athletic looking and seemed nice enough.  I asked him if he was an axe murderer and he said he wasn't, so I'm sure I will be fine.  LOL.  Wish me luck!

I had a nice soak in tub and took this lovely picture of me in all my chunky glory.  This was the first time I saw the sunburn on my back from my day at the nude beach.   But it looks worse than it feels and I love the diagonal stripe down my back from smear of sunscreen I applied.  I really should have had one of those hot, naked men apply it more carefully to my whole back.


  1. awwww, such a cute pinchable arse you have, buddybear! :)

  2. Eh, we all get just a little chunky when we reach a certain age - don't worry about it, as anne marie says, you still have a cut ass!

    Looking forward to your reports on the workshop!

  3. In the "old days" what you call chunky, they called voluptuous. It was considered a very desirable look. What I'm seeing sure looks good to me.

  4. I think the colours lend a sort of élan :-)


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