Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gay Nude Beach

Today's  Pic-a-Day-in-May was taken last Sunday at Hanlan's Point nude beach on Toronto Island.  I took this sneaky pic from under my beach towel; it's highly inappropriate to be seen with a camera on a nude beach.

I was totally exhausted after my eventful Big Fat Gay Weekend so I arrived on Toronto Island by 10:00 am, determined to do nothing at all until I needed to walk to Toronto Island Airport for my trip home that evening.

It seems that my entire life is spent working and looking after the needs of others:  my kids, dogs, parents and students.   It was a rare treat to spend an entire day lazing on a beach, looking at dozens of sexy, naked men. 

At 10:00 am, there were only a dozen or so older men there (50+) but by late afternoon, the beach was packed with naked men of all ages along with handful of women.

There was a constant parade of fit, naked men strolling the length of the beach.  Is it correct to assume that a gay nude beach attracts a higher percentage of extra fit men with a strong exhibitionist streak?  Were they cruising or just "advertising?"  Whatever:  all those flopping cocks and balls were a joy to behold and helped the hours fly by.

A few notable sights:
  1. A great many fit men in their 50s and 60s were there; Greek Gods, all.  Inspirational!
  2. A hot 50ish guy with a woman (his wife?) strolled past numerous times, his huge, pendulous cock adorned with a wide silver cock ring and a silver Prince Albert piercing.  After his third trip, I abandoned my sneak peeks and stared frankly at him..... he was so hot, just gorgeous!!! and was clearly was seeking attention.  
  3. A ripped early 20ish gay boy arrived fully clothed and then changed into his turquoise Speedo with a towel wrapped around his mid-section.  He's on a nude beach surrounded by cocks and he's worried that someone is going to see his wee-wee!!  LOL!   Too funny!
  4. A couple of clinically obese guys stripped naked and spent the day frolicking in the water and on the beach.  I had mixed feelings; I really admired their courage, going naked in front of a large crowd of fit men, but I found them difficult to look at.  Just being honest here.
  5. Several 20ish heterosexual couples were present.  All the women all took their tops off and sometimes their bottoms while their hunky, straight husbands kept their dork shorts on.  Darn!  Clearly, the straight boys didn't want to be ogled by a bunch of gay guys.  
When an early 20ish lad arrived fully clothed (hat, sunglasses, shirt, shoes, packsack and long pants), I thought a straight boy had accidentally wandered into the gay section.  Then he strolled past again wearing everything he had worn originally but with his pants taken off to reveal a skimpy black Speedo.  Wow!  He was a gay boy after all!!

Over the next two hours, he strolled the length of the beach another five or six times, each time wearing one less article of clothing. I was transfixed and spent much time in eager anticipation of his next appearance.

On his second last trip, he strolled past wearing only sunglasses and his black Speedo.   He was blonde, very tall and slim... just beautiful!  He glanced at me in response to my blatant staring and I thought: "Oh my God! He's teasing us!!  I think he's going to go all the way!!"   So hot!  Arousing!

Sure enough, on his last trip, he strolled by completely naked with no Speedo or shoes but sporting a full erection, his hard little cock sticking upwards at a 45 degree angle!!!   He had even left his sunglasses off and locked eyes with me, stone-faced, as he walked past.  I sat up to get a better view of him and to display my first full public erection.  I couldn't help but smile as a marvelled at this turn of events.  OMFG!  I so wanted to talk to him but lacked the courage to make an approach.

I still wonder what his motivation was for this gradual strip tease.  Testing his sexual powers?  Getting his courage up?   Teasing?  Whatever it was, it was all good.



  1. Being nude on a nude beach is great and I actually feel sorry for the str8 dudes who are so afraid all the other guys will be staring at their cocks; they have no confidence in their own sexuality.

    The big folks - they aren't there to show off. (Though there are people who are turned on by big.) Well, yes, we all DO look at the other bodies, but I firmly believe a nudist lifestyle doesn't require anyone to be even close to perfect. When I'm at a nude beach or resort, of course I look at the other guys and check out their cocks but, I'm not there for that purpose - I'm there because I enjoy the sun adn breeze on my naked body.

    That young guy is a teaser and an exhibitionist. He loved that you stared at him - he loved that (in his mind anyway) your hard-on was from looking at him! LOL. Perfect that you let him see your reaction!

    1. I too love being naked on a nude beach .....Plus I notices like the other guys my penis grows hard too....

    2. yes , Me too love to see naked on beach make me hot ...

  2. I agree that there were plenty of guys walking proudly down the beach, big bellies, small cocks and all. But I still think there were a higher percentage of very fit guys than you would see in the general population. Maybe big-city gay men just look after their bodies better than the average.

    My hard-on was 100% due to the young guy .... not just his handsome body but by the 'show' he was giving us. I was delighted to see which a display of self-confidence, sexual flirtation, flexing his sexual power or whatever he was doing. I think all of these things are positive traits in a young gay guy.

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  9. I enjoyed your blog, I will be back for updates. I am a long time nude beach fan and have been going since the 70's. Nothing like skin to the wind and lots of naked men to look at. you never know who you'll meet/meat there too!


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