Thursday, May 2, 2013

"You just don't give a damn!"

MEDICAL UPDATE:   I received good news during today's prostate checkup.  My most recent PSA level was 4.0, just within a normal range.  Previous tests had gone up and down from 6.0, 19.5 and 9.5.   Because my PSA values are so irregular and not trending upwards on a regular basis, my doctor suggested the cause was infectious (such as prostatitis) rather than cancer.  :-)

This is a timed post because I probably won't have computer access while in Toronto.  But I'll comment if I can as to the results of my doctor's visit.  As this is being posted, I should be leaving Steamworks on Church Street and heading to the

Princess Margaret Hospital for my checkup.   Afterwards, I hope to meet my blogger friend and published author, Jeffrey, for coffee.  I'm really looking forward to seeing him again!

These pics are from one of my favourite blogs, Naked Riders and Public Nudity. Gosh, these young men with their beautiful cocks are good to their bicycle seats, aren't they?

I after two months of little contact, I recently invited the Dating Guy over to my house.  This was not for a hookup but because I wanted his opinion on my house renovation.  He has much experience as a contractor / renovator and a great imagination regarding the possibilities of a space.

It was a fun visit because he is very smart and wickedly funny.  I discussed with him the fact that his his ex was still living in his basement, a full year after they broke up and cancelled their wedding plans.  I said:  "It was the biggest red flag in the world for me and probably for anyone contemplating getting involved with him."

He denied it, saying that they were just friends but added:  "All the guys I've been with in the past two months said the same thing!"  After some pressing from me, he admitted that his ex still had feelings for him.

Dating Guy was very flirtatious and in fact, tried to get into my pants the whole time he was here.  I felt like some foolish 1950s virgin trying to keep her panties on in the back seat of her boyfriend's 57 Chevy.   It was awkward as hell because, although I like him, I am just not comfortable in the presence of someone with such a critical eye for detail.  And I certainly don't want to have sex with him!

Afterwards, we were comparing notes on various men we'd  hooked up with and all the ones I wasn't interested in, he exclaimed in amazement and frustration:

"You just don't give a damn!   That's part of your appeal!"

LOL.  Too funny!  But he's probably correct.     


  1. Loved the photo's of the Naked Bike Ride, I so enjoy the actual event itself in Brighton, so many fine sights to behold, although sometimes I have to confess, naked cycling can get a bit painful if you're not careful to avoid squashing things!

    Good luck with the medical tests.

  2. I wonder if that's built into our sex drive...something about wanting a piece of ass that we can't have that makes it all the more appealing to us. LOL!

  3. YAYZ for a good medical report! I am SO happy, buddybear!

    such nice cocks up there! ^ (sigh)

  4. Jason: I'd LOVE to witness a World Naked Bike Ride ... if I was younger and slimmer, I'd be the first one to join. And yes, I did notice in the pics that there was some ball squishing going on.

    whkattk: I'm sure you're correct!

    anne marie: Thank you!

  5. VERY happy to hear about the good results! Whew! I read over at Closet Professor that May is National Masturbation Month, and that the more you masturbate between 20 and 50, the less chance you have to get prostate cancer. I figure based on that, I am 100% safe! HAHAHAHA (No, it's not a laughing matter.)

    Love the pics. And if you want to come do another renovations, I'll provide room and board for you and your son and you can fix this place up! HAHAHAHAHA (Yes, THAT is a laughing matter!)

    Peace <3

  6. All sorts of things can cause PSA spikes -- having sex or masturbating included -- and that business about the long haul readings rather than the spikes seems to be right. Good news that things are OK for you!

    Spring is in full force here; the boys are out and running in nothing but shorts. Life is good!

  7. So pleased you got a good report. Make sure you continue to get tests.

  8. I too am relieved. keep a watch on this now.

  9. Thank you, everyone, for all your good wishes!

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