Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Men in shorts

This will be another random collection of thoughts:

1.   We still have snow and chilly temperatures here but a few sunny days are hinting that spring might be coming soon. To my delight and amusement, all the young men in my town and at school have, all at once, started to wear shorts everywhere. It's nice to see their pale white, skinny, fuzzy, frat-boy legs once again but I much the prefer the more developed musculature of an mature man's legs, calves especially.

2.  All three of my kids have been with me in recent days, on and off, since my university daughter is back for the summer.  It's fantastic to see how close my kids are and how much fun they have together.

3.  Although they all love their mother, I constantly hear our kids talking about how difficult and annoying she can be to live with, some of the time.  This is the same sort of bossy, unreasonable, micro-managing behaviour which I dealt with throughout our marriage.  

"Being spammed by Mom" happens when my wife, who is lying on the couch watching TV, texts one of the kids upstairs to come down, make her a cup of tea and deliver it!  Annoying!!!  Especially when this happens dozens of times a day and when my wife doesn't lift a finger to help anyone else out.  And it's doubly annoying for the kids, having to deal with their mother's anger when she doesn't get an instant response. 

4.   We've been having some (as the kids called it) "northern redneck fun", with all of us out on the disintegrating ice, jumping from one floating ice pan to another.  What a hoot!  The chunks are about one foot thick and fairly safe but it`s easy to become temporarily stranded when the pan drifts too far out to safely jump back.  And occasionally, someone jumps on a ice chunk which is too small to support his weight or has a mushy edge which breaks off, resulting in a dunk in the icy water.  Check out the pic of me, below.
5.   I am extremely busy preparing for two full days of supply teacher coverage for my classes for my medical trip to Toronto later this week.  What a lot of work!  

6.  I am also planning for lots of fun gay activities during the four days I'll be there .... but I am not ready to blog about them just yet.   But I hope to push my gay journey forward into unfamiliar territory.

7.   I am getting quite apprehensive about my follow-up prostate checkup at the Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital but I can't wish it away. As John Wayne said: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." 

This is me jumping across the floating ice pans in front of my house.


  1. Oh, man, better you than me leaping from one chunk of ice to the other! I do hope you and your children always do this with someone else present to help if necessary.

    Pushing your gay journey forward into unfamiliar territory sounds intriguing and exciting -- I hope that whatever you have in mind works out well and furthers your experience most enjoyably.

  2. OMG - Please be careful to not venture any farther out than where the shortest of you could stand on solid ground after falling in.

    Was never a fan of The Duke, but on some things he was absolutely correct. Hope things turn out to be perfect!

  3. Will: yes, we would never do this alone. But rescuing someone would be difficult since a boat could not be used among the ice pans. A far greater concern is my son's 18 month old puppy who runs far out on the pans in pursuit of water fowl. The trip out is no problelm but then she is too afraid to jump over the open stretches of water on the return trip.

    whkattk: Sorry to worry you! We are actually in quite deep water, far over our heads if we fell in!

    gaytekeeper: thanks!

  4. Looks like too much fun! HAHAHAHA I think I've been on frozen lakes maybe twice in my life, and they were pretty sketchy as to ice depth. I'm probably lucky to be here now.

    It's such a shame your ex is taking what seems to be her unhappiness out on your kids. Unfortunately, she'll realize that too late, after they're old enough to make their own decisions on where they will live, and how much time they will spend with her - I suspect it won't be much, and will only be obligatory in nature.

    I hope things go well with the examination. Another blogger here is having radioactive seeds implanted in his prostate later this week since he definitely has cancer, but hopefully caught early enough to ensure a complete recovery, even if he will glow in the dark when he pees!

    Have fun! And good luck. And tell me where to sign up for those frat boys! I know EXACTLY how I'd pay them to do some "cleaning up" around here!

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks,Jay! It is my wife's nature to be bossy and impatient. The kids really do love her but you are correct, the will "vote with their feet" when they are older. I expect her to get more and more grouchy as she gets older. Many of us do!

  5. we have your back, buddybear, regarding your medical issues! :)

    man, that's an awful lot of water near your house! you would NOT catch me out there, no sir!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes! I`m hoping for the best!

      As to the amount of open water, just imagine waves as tall as a single-storey house during one of our fierce storms!

  6. Trust all goes well with your check-up!

  7. Yikes ! that last photo gives me palpitations !

  8. I love guys in shorts, well mostly, depends on the shorts!

    Also loved the photo of you jumping ice, wow, amazing, I bet it was fun but I'd be so worried about falling in!


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