Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My condolences to everyone touched by the horrible events in Boston.   I felt sicked by the photos of maimed runners and spectators at what should have been a joyous, celebratory event.

As a former "mid-pack" marathon runner myself, I normally would have been finishing at the time the bombs went off:  4 hours 9 minutes.  At every one of my past races,  my wife and three children were there to greet me at the finish. 

I can't imagine the horror experienced by the families with young children waiting for a parent to finish the race only to be faced with carnage, shrapnel wounds and people who've lost their limbs.  Just think of the anguish experienced by the runners still on the course, not being able to contact their loved ones at the finish line.

Two people from my school community ran the Boston Marathon on the day of the bombing:  our vice-principal (an early 40ish woman) and the father of one of my students who is also a former neighbour.   Luckily, both are very fast runners and had cleared the finish line long before the blasts occurred.


On the day of the bombing, we experienced yet another April snowstorm which dumped nearly a foot of snow and freezing rain overnight and throughout the day.  These early-morning pictures were taken in my yard.  What a contrast to the beautiful pictures of the spring flowers in her backyard posted by my sweet blogger friend anne marie of philly!
Me with morning bed-head, flannel
spiderman jammies, hoodie and snowboots.  Sexy!

My little dog with his new spring haircut, lifting his
leg in some very unspringlike conditions.



  1. I lived in Boston from the day I began my college career until the day I retired from MIT in 2007 -- 45 years. I love that city dearly. Its arts are world-class, as are its centers of higher education; it became the nexus of the gay rights movement when same-sex marriage was established there in 2004, indicating the progressiveness of its outlook.

    Fritz and I were shocked by the news, horrified by the carnage, angered by the cruelty of the perpetrator(s). But today is the day that sadness and a feeling of depression has hit me, a small but persistent dread that whether it's the slaughter in schools or terrorism (domestic or foreign in origin, it's all still murder), we will never not be vulnerable ever again.

    1. I'm very sorry that this happened to your fine city... and country.

  2. I know of several bloggers who are going to be even more turned on by you knowing that you wear comic book hero jammies!

    My question, "Why are you wearing anything at all??" We've all come to expect less of you by seeing more of you. Bed head is sexy.

  3. Despite the evident cold and snow, I think I agree with Sean - bedhead can be sexy - 'specially when one is sporting the morning boner!

    Glad to hear your friends are okay!

  4. Sean and whkattk: there is another snowstorm approaching tonight. Maybe I'll re-shoot the picture tomorrow morning wearing only the snowboots. :-)

  5. sassybear is gonna LOVE those jammies!

    thanks for the shout-out, honey! sweet baby cheeses, you are still experiencing winter up there; MAKE IT STOP!

    I second a bare(bear)arse snowpix! cause your arse is sexay! :)


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