Monday, April 15, 2013

Hookup with a military man

A few days ago, I hooked up with a 43-year old ex-military man, retired from the Special Operations Regiment, Canada's answer to the US Navy Seals team who attacked Bin Laden's compound.  

The sex was mediocre, actually, because I think he was pretty straight, but he was one of the most remarkable, memorable men I've ever met.  I'll blog about him soon!

This meme is from John of Rejected Reality, a blogger who I would really like to meet one day.  

1 .Like the boy in this song, have you ever been in love with someone, but was afraid to tell them?
No, I've always been fairly courageous;  when my wife and I were courting, I was the first to say "I love you."  

2.Taylor Swift has been known to write songs about her real-life lovers. If you were to write a song about the most recent person you were romantically involved with, what would the title be?
I was heavily involved for about four months last year with a married man with four adult children ... my "Special Guy" who I've never blogged about.  At the time, I thought I was in love with him but it really was an infatuation.  It ended when he screwed around on me with other men and then was found out by his wife. 

I should have listened to this song's lyrics:  "Your friends tell you there's no future in loving a married man.." 

3.Ms. Swift recently turned 23 and has already won VMAs and AMAs and Grammys. What were you doing when you were 23? 
I was 23 in 1985.   I had just started my first chemical engineering job in the spectacular province of Newfoundland, Canada,  many thousands of miles from home.  I was away from my over-involved family for the first time and I couldn't have been more excited!   It was the start of a wonderful adventure that took me from one end of Canada to another. 

I was the ultimate virgin!  I had never been kissed, never held hands with a boy or girl and had never been on a date.  I had no interest in having sex with woman and had (as far as I recall) no particular attraction to men, either.   I lead a completely sexless, happy existence and thought it was perfectly normal.

4.When you were a child, did you sleep with a plush toy? (If yes, please include its name in your answer.)
I had a plastic doll named Kimmie.  When I was five, I used my mother's sewing machine to sew evening gowns for her.   Note: everyone apparently missed this early, screaming example of my gayness.
5.I'm making a Starbucks run. What can I get you?
I'd never buy coffee at Starbucks unless I was on a date.   It's pretty expensive and I much prefer the coffee I make at home:  very strong espresso mixed 50 / 50 with hot milk, rather like the coffee I so enjoyed on school trip to Cuba.   I drink a very large mug of it ..... there's probably enough caffeine in it to kill a moose.

6.It was 60 years ago that Clarence Birdseye first marketed frozen vegetables. Now it's your turn: Share something you learned recently.
Other than learning how the divorce process works in my province, I can't think of anything I've learned in a long while.  I'm in a bit of a rut!

7.In junior high, were you class clown, teacher's pet, a geek, a jock ... or did you just melt into the background?
None of the above:  I was slim, reasonably good-looking and fairly quiet but was well-liked by my fellow students and teachers alike.  I was polite, helpful, obedient, smart and a hard worker.  I was terrible at team sports but excelled at individual events such as skiing.

 8.Was your most recent ticket for parking illegally or was it a moving violation?
I haven't had a moving violation in 15 years or more but do get the occasional parking ticket..  I drive so cautiously that little old ladies pass me.   

9.Tell us about the last museum you visited.
As a teacher-chaperone three years ago on a school trip to Spain and Morocco, we visited countless museums, art galleries and historic sites such as the the Royal Palace museum in Madrid and the Prado Museum.

It was all very exciting but I was constantly troubled by the fact that all the opulence, gold and obscene wealth on display was obtained by the plundering of the New World by the Spanish conquistadores and the destruction of the Aztec civilization.


  1. You might drive like an old lady but you certainly perform a lot of 'moving violations' worthy of ticketing. However, I suspect that you'd be more than able to 'talk' you way out of them unless you encounter a woman police officer. Can't wait to read the post about that! ;-)

  2. Thanks for borrowing, Buddy. I too would love to meet you.

    I'm learning that divorce is NEVER final in Oregon. Four years after the judge signed the order, I'm engaging a lawyer and most likely heading back to court because she wants more money and I don't see why. 1. I don't have more to give and 2. our twin daughters will be 18 in June.

    Happy Monday

  3. Sean: You're a funny guy! One thing about getting older is that that the traffic cops seem to be getting younger (and hotter) all the time. I'm honing my flirting-with-men skills and certainly wouldn't hesitate to practice my skills on a hunky policeman.

    John: I'm sorry for your troubles. Your situation is most unfair! Despite my wife's anger over my coming out as gay after 20 years of marriage, we achieved a very high level of agreement with many protections built into our divorce agreement.

    The main feature is that neither my wife or I can change the terms of our agreement (ie: seek extra money) if one of us were to increase our incomes through inheritance, real estate investments or by securing additional employment.

  4. 1. no, always upfront, no matter what it cost me.

    2. "loving you was easy, losing you was hard"

    3. I moved out of my parents house, never to return...ah, sweet freedom!

    4. I STILL sleep with a small teddy bear (boo bear). I don't care what you think!

    5. small cawfee (philly pronunciation), half-n-half, 2 sweet-n-lows.

    6. that PA is THE WORST state for liquor laws; the state legislature tells us what we can/cannot buy. so we go to DE and NJ and buy whatever the fuck we want!

    7. melted into the background; VERY insecure.

    8. parking illegally.

    9. the national constitution center in philly. they had a special exhibit on prohibition (1919-1934). NEVER let a narrow-focused minority tell the forward-thinking majority what to do (the major lesson from the exhibit).

    1. Thanks for your answers, sweetie. Very cool!! I hope to meet you one day!

  5. 23?! I would never have guessed. There's a story behind that you must blog sometime.

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