Monday, April 1, 2013


As a nod to Easter, here is a picture of an adorable, curvaceous Easter bunny. 

After days of spring-like weather, we celebrated Easter Sunday with heavy snowfall, howling winds, freezing rain and temperatures of -11 C. As much as I love winter, I've had enough of it for this year!

This weekend, I've been chatting with several extremely interesting men my age.   We are actively planning to get together.  (separately, I mean)  If these meetings happen, each will be another milestone on my gay journey. Details to follow!

As well, I will be seeing Handsome Blowjob Guy again tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to his visit enormously! Our first encounter was my hottest, best-ever experience in giving a blowjob.

My son and I have had a four day weekend (woo-hoo!) so we started a major demolition / renovation project which I will blog about as we progress.  

A nasty front porch will be removed and our living room will be gutted from the inside, re-wired and insulated properly.  The windows facing the water will be lowered by a foot or more and one will be replaced by an exterior door.  As well, the door to the extreme left in the last picture (the former front entry) will be plastered over and replaced by a small window.

This part of the house has no basement under it so the existing floor is very cold.  We need to install a false floor framed with 2x6s so that lots of insulation can be used. Wish us luck!

A view towards the kitchen, with the front porch to the left.
Front porch demolition in progress.
Demolition completed, but much debris to be removed.


  1. and your son sounds like he has a budding career in home renovations!

    as for the bunny, he has nice legs and a cute tail.

  2. Lord Patrick: thanks! I'm sure it will go well. Finding the time will be a balancing act, between my day job, family activities, hooking up with sexy men and lastly, getting the renovation done. Another problem is very limited fund$ to work with.

    anne marie: My ex-wife and I are very proud of him. My son is well on track towards a career in the trades. He'll do extremely well with his "practical smarts", imagination and multi-skills. (Permit me to brag a little here) He's already exceeded his instructors in the field of aluminum TIG welding, a highly specialized, difficult and lucrative field.

  3. When you get done there, you can come to the sunny, warm south and work on mine next! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

    1. If I worked for you, I'm sure the fringe benefits would be excellent!

    2. As would the pay! And I have air conditioning if it gets tooooo hot!

  4. You are so lucky to have that kind of activity to bond you with your son. Do post "after" pictures as you remake the place into your personal vision of a really great house.

    1. Yes, I am very lucky in all of my children. My son and I work very well together on all hands-on tasks: plumbing, wiring, carpentry and car repair. It's part of my goal for him to be an extremely valuable "multi-skilled" tradesman. And he wants that as well....

      That's his dog in the middle pic, by the way, and his left arm at the extreme left.

  5. Hey BB. I meant to comment on this post earlier. It continues to surprise me how much alike we can be. Those photos sent waves of recognition, fear and nostalgia up my spine. 20 years ago, I bought an old house and gutted it and rebuilt it. It took almost a year, but I finally finished it. Well, sort of.

    It was so exhausting, that one bathroom didn't get finished until 5 years later, and then, 12 or 15 years later, I re-did the smaller bedroom and a few years ago, re-did the master bedroom.

    Each time, the place looked like a disaster area.......exactly like your photos.

    Now that I've turned 50, I think (hope) I'm going to give up this major demolition/construction thing, and enjoy what I have built....that's the hope anyway.

    But seems like there's always something that needs improving.....grrrr.

    1. Yes, my concern is that I will be working on this renovation for the rest of my life! :-) The main problem is that I don't much money right to buy materials; the second problem is the lack of time!

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