Friday, April 5, 2013

The men won't stop calling!

I had a busy week on the hookup front with three different men on different days, including the sweet and handsome Blowjob Dude who really, really wants to see me again.

I had planned a quiet Thursday evening alone cuddling with my little dog and doing some marking. Both daughters were out of town and my son went to my ex's house for a week or so. I decided: "No men tonight!" I just didn't feel like it! I must be getting old.

Then, the men started messaging me.

First, I received a text from my Fuck Buddy who I haven't seen in over a week: "Do you still want to see me?" Well, I did! I will never be interested in him as a LTR but he is a skilled top and he might become a good friend. We decided to attend a community event on Saturday afternoon and, most likely, I will offer up my bottom to him in the evening. :-)

Then I got a sweet text from the 22 year old student from Trindad who I spent Valentine's day evening with. He was 6'-7" tall (!!) with brown skin as smooth as satin and the best kisser I've ever experienced.

Trinidadian Hottie: [04/04/2013 6:08:34 PM] hey sexy! im heading home in a couple weeks, and id like to get together again :P
Trinidadian Hottie: [04/04/2013 6:10:08 PM] i wont be able to see you again til next sept. crap!! :-(
Trinidadian Hottie: [04/04/2013 6:11:00 PM] text me soon :)

How could I resist! After much texting, we agreed that Hottie and I will have a roll in the sheets very late on Friday night. When I meet Trinidadian Hottie again, I plan to ask him: "Why me? What do I do or say that makes you so anxious to be with me again?" I really want to know.

The third text came from an "old dude" who messaged me on and invited me to his house for a beer on Tuesday. He claimed to be 57 but he looked at least 10 years older and chain-smoked cigarellos throughout the hour that we were together.  Old Dude had been twice divorced and had a 55 year old girlfriend but suddenly wanted to test out his attraction to men.

He was a nice-enough guy, financially secure and well-travelled, but I wasn't remotely interested in him.  I found him a bit repulsive, actually.  He just acted so ..... elderly!  I apologize because I know there are dynamic, sexually-vibrant older guys out there but he wasn't one of them!

As I left, I said: "Do you know how you want to find some guy to test out your attraction to men with?  Well, it isn't going to be me!!" Dear readers, I ask you, was not my message extremely clear? "We are never having sex!"

Old Dude's follow-up text read: "It was really nice meeting you. I hope you felt the same way about me. I would like to take it to the next level. I liked you." Ewww!  I haven't yet responded.

I logged onto just for fun and in short order, I received three messages for hookups:

-A gorgeous 25 year old Hispanic dude (who I'd been chatting with for months but never met) said: "I want to walk in and u pretend to show me something and then make me get on my knees and blow you" and later: "Daddy, ya well id love to be fucked by you . Any where freaky u might like to go."

I actually plan to get together with him one day but said, "Sorry dude, I'm busy, maybe another night!"

-An "athletic" 23 year old messaged me: "can you host n have fun with im a giver n maybe take if buzzed if wanna meet up or can pick me up." It's on my gay bucket list to have sex with some hottie after smoking a joint (I never do drugs normally) but I again said, "Sorry dude, I'm busy, maybe another night!"

-My "no men tonight" resolution was shot to hell when I was messaged by a "straight" 28 year old hockey player from Alberta, in town for a regional tournament. He had many hot pictures on his profile which claimed he was "seeking a woman."

OMFG! A hockey player! Handsome! Fine, muscular body!  Masculine!  Aggressive! Testosterone coming out of his ears! He wanted to play around with a man in his hotel; would I be available? Playing it cool, I said: "Okay ... what time?" but sadly, he never responded.  :-(

Note to self: Sex with a hockey player is now a new item on my Gay Bucket List.....


  1. Trust me, that gay bucket list of yours is just going to grow and grow. Good for you. And good for you for taking a night for yourself. I've been doing that a lot lately... just me and my dogs. Sometimes I look at other blogs, sometimes T.V. - of course summer is coming and I tend to be a bit of a horndog once clothing becomes... optional. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. Sounds like you are having quite a good time. The hockey player would definitely make for a titillating post.

  3. you get more than anyone i know - I am mad-jealous.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'm still turning down far more offers than I accept and I'm becoming more selective as I go along...

  5. There's nowt wrong with being selective.....

  6. How can you handle it....My record it two times when I ejaculate.... Than I am limp...... Wish you the best.....

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