Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What do you hate?

This Too Much Information feature is from Sean, Just a Jeep Guy. 

It's a pleasure to blog about something personal for a change rather than just about the men in my life. There's been quite a bit of activity on that front, not all of it postive.  But I will talk about that later. 


"Hate" is such a strong, nasty word. I'm a pretty happy, optimistic person and never allow myself to hate anything.  To me, hate is like an acid which corrodes the vessel that it's in.  My ex-wife is in danger of allowing her bitterness towards me ruin her life and all the relationships in it.  But I hope time will help mellow her bitterness.

Having said all that, it might be necessary to feel hate in some situations.  Luckily, no one in my family has been involved insome horrible injustice such as a genocide or a terrible crime which would warrant "hate" as a natural reaction.

1. Smell?  A Christmas delicacy of my grandparents was lutefisk, dried cod cured in lye (a corrosive chemical similar to Draino.)  To cook lutefisk, it had to be soaked for several days and then boiled for hours, stinking to high heaven the whole time. 

I didn't mind eating the final product with its gelatinous texture and a bland taste.  But I really think we just enjoyed the delicious  cream sauce served with it, flavoured with allspice and white pepper.

 2. Taste? The other day, I drank (but didn't swallow) some Javex which I was using to bleach out some cups.  I mistook it for a nearby glass of lemonade.  TIP:  don't do this.

 3. Eat?  As a child, I hated eating head cheese, yet another ethnic delicacy of my grandmother's. But I'm fairly sure that her version was made with pork hocks and did not contain actual brains.

I equally hated the old beef liver my mother regularly cooked during my childhood, wildly overcooked and tough as an old boot. But now I do love eating calves' liver, properly cooked to a delicate pink inside.

 4. Clean?  I recently cleaned out a small freezer which contained some rotted meat.  My ex-wife left it unplugged when she moved from here 1.5 years ago.  Nasty!  But Javex can deal with anything. 

 5. Cook? There are several packages of lamb's kidneys in  the freezer which I've been avoiding. (I occasionally buy a whole lamb and have it butchered .... I LOVE lamb!)  But when I cook kidney, the pee smell wafting through the house puts me off my grub. 

Maybe I'm not cooking it correctly and plan to keep trying; I understand the British love eating kidney dishes such as steak and kidney pie and devilled kidneys.

 6. Watch on TV?  I could never watch a horror movie; I do hate them!!!

 7. Do for your significant other?  After nine months of marriage, my wife had me apply antibiotics to the healing scar where her va-jay-jay tore into her perineum during childbirth. Nasty!  It was the biggest turn-off in the world for a young husband, especially for one who didn't know that he was gay! 

 Do sexually? I will never again hook up with a guy if he won't kiss men, unless it's just a basic back seat blowjob.  Also, I will always say "no" to all the requests from guys who want me to insert objects (other than my cock) up their rectum:  monster dildos, golf balls (!) and the like.   Ewww!!  And yes, I`ve had all of those requests made of me.


  1. The link wasn't bad at all. Very clinical.
    I can relate to your food hates and have a story for you. My mother (born in Denmark) LOVED head cheese and actually made it once. She started with the head and boiled it down etc. Nasty! And one year, the family left on a 2 week vacation and I swear as we pulled out the driveway the Freezer died with the head inside. It was summer so you can only imagine the smell when we returned home! My brother and I were tasked with the cleaning. Nothing worse then rotted chicken by the way. Wouldn't really eat it for years afterwards. There you have my hated smell, cleaning and food all in one!

  2. Do you soak the kidneys in water and change it once or twice before you grill or cook the kidneys in your favorite manner? It's essential. I had an English grandmother, so there was steak and kidney pie with some frequency. I actually like lamb kidneys, but they have to be freshened before cooking.

  3. Skier: my family background is Finnish so our grandparents' food traditions are similar. Your 'rotting-head-in-the-freezer' story was the funniest ever!!!

    Will: That was the problem! I did no preparation with the kidneys at all. I will now try to cook them properly. I know kidneys must be good when properly prepared because the English (the older generation, at least) seemed to love them so.

  4. My first wife (and family) regularly made Beef Tea, basically boiled kidneys and sirloin tips served au jus over wide egg noodles. The smell during the cooking process was disgusting, scooping the thick foam from the top of the pot once an hour added a visual distaste, which resulted in my not wanting to eat it. Definitely NOT a fan of Sweet Meats of any kind. Although... few people know this but, bacon is pork belly! LOL. Bon apetite!!

  5. The head cheese I've seen and eaten hasn't looked as if it had brains in it — just muscle meat in gelatine. But I like brains, so I wouldn't mind if they were part of it. Brains are kinda bland and crumbly as I recall. They benefit from a nice sauce.

    I also like hearts, liver, kidneys, and sweetbreads, but my regular supermarket only has liver on occasion.

  6. Again, I love this kind of self-interview. A fascinating glimpse into someone else's life. Great job. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  7. those are nasty hated things indeed; I agreed with all - but the horror movies !

  8. whkattk: Yes, I knew about the pork belly /bacon thing. But the beef tea certainly sounds gross!

    naturgesetz: you're a far more adventurous eater than me!

    Upton King: thanks for your kind words!

    Dr. Spo! I'd go to a horror movie with you anytime!

  9. I got to agree with you.... I don't like to deal with objects either....The penis great. But nothing else...Your blog is excellent...


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