Friday, January 30, 2015

Elderly, Lonely and LGBTQ

Today's pics of are of handsome, hunky men in my favourite position: beefy thighs spread wide open and showing off an inviting bulge.  But they have nothing to do with the content of this post.

As a member of our Pride organizing committee, planning for our June Pride 2015 week is really starting to gear up.  This week, I've met with two very different LGBTQ groups in town.
GROUP #1:   I was invited to speak to some LGBTQ youth about our town's Pride activities with the goal of getting them involved as volunteers, future organizers and / or participants.

The young people, aged 15 - 20, were in a support group funded by the provincial government.  The group was set up to provide mutual support, information and a social outlet for LGBTQ youth, many of whom are on the fringes of society due to poverty, family dysfunction or race.

As well, this group gets involved in projects involving LGBTQ community service and in the end, agreed to volunteer at our Pride Film Night and assist in its planning as well.  What was most interesting was, out of the 15 youth present, three-quarters of them were First Nations (....aboriginal, Canadian-Indian) and four were transgender.

Part of the reason for this was probably because the group's leader was First Nations herself:  a respected elder in her aboriginal community and a lesbian who is also involved in LGBTQ activism in our wider community. 

But I couldn't help but think that the high participation rate of First Nations youth reflected their history.  Before the coming of the white men with their religious intolerance, First Nations cultures revered two-spirited people and held them in high esteem within their communities.

I think that LGBTQ people who are aboriginal are  much more readily accepted (and I hope celebrated) in aboriginal culture than in the more constipated white society.

I love hooking up with aboriginal guys for this reason: they're more relaxed, more accepting of their attraction to men, more "in the moment' than most white guys that I've been with.
GROUP #2:   Last night, some of us Pride organizers attended a new 50+ LGBTQ social group being set up in town. 14 middle-aged and elderly gay men and lesbians showed up in equal numbers with at least one elderly trans-woman. All were single and most seemed to be childless as well.

We participated in ice-breaker activities, watched an interesting LGBTQ documentary, ate refreshments, mingled and had a very honest group discussion about the excitements and challenges of being LGBTQ in later life.  One common fear was that of ending up alone, of loneliness.

As that generation of LGBTQ folks move through their 70s, 80s and even into their 90s, who is going to look after them?  Most do not have children and some do not even have supportive families.  Some may have set up strong networks of LGBTQ friends for mutual support but others might just have to depend on social service agencies for help.  A scary prospect.

I got a little teary-eyed at the honesty and vulnerability of these folks.  I never once considered what it would be like to be 80, alone, not well off, in poor health and LGBTQ.  These folks grew up in a time when being queer was regarded as an abnormality to be feared, shunned or even punished.

Once again, I thought of how lucky I was to have the support of my three fabulous children.

In the end, the group agreed to meet every six weeks or so and started to plan future events such as game nights, movie nights, summer picnics and the like.  As well, the Pride organizers agreed to add a 50+ LGBTQ event to our Pride week, probably a dance.

Most of the older folks said that they do not feel comfortable mingling in a social setting (such as a bar) with exclusively young gays.  But all agreed that younger LGBTQ folks would certainly be welcome to attend our 50+events, as long as us old folks were in the majority!

As an aside, the moderator of the group was a 39 year old French Canadian dude who worked for the provincial agency which funded this elder LGBTQ initiative.  He was a total hottie, absolutely gorgeous, single, with piercing blue eyes and a fine body.

Hottie Moderator asked me if I was single, engaged me in conversation throughout the evening, hugged me preferentially as I left and asked if I needed a ride home. Too funny!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Threesome with a young Asian bottom

I've had relatively few hookups in the past month.

First, my out-of-town kids were living here on and off for their three week Christmas break. I just could not bear being caught yet again with one of my Gentleman Callers.

Then, I spent a couple of weeks exclusively with Mr. Perfect who has now moved to a far-away big city.  Finally, I had a wisdom tooth out which hurt like hell for a couple of weeks afterwards.  It was too uncomfortable to kiss or suck cock, but is better now.

Finally on Friday night, I decided it was time to log onto the various sites for some action: and grindr.

By Saturday morning, I got many messages from a wide range of men.

1.  A hunky, 23 year old "straight" firefighter who has sexy-texted me for months but never wants to meet.
2.  My foot-fetish friend with the Most Beautiful Cock in the World seeking a third.
3.  A 30 year-old big-cocked, mixed race business traveller.
4 & 5.  A couple of late-30s bottoms including the Spanking Dude who I hooked up with over two years ago
6.   A handsome late 40s businessman who I hooked up with in the summer.  He texted me from an airport some 1,500 km away, trying to arrange a sleepover with him tonight in a swanky, local hotel. 
7.  A gorgeous, masculine, bearded "straight" 25 year old heavy equipment operator.
8.  A smooth, fit mid-30s Asian dude who I suspect is a dentist, judging from background in his picture.

I had an exchange of text messages with #1 who called himself my slut-boy and asked me to "breed his hole."  Eventually, I got bored with our conversation and signed off:  he's one of those "all-talk- never meet" guys.

The masculine "straight" dude (#7) asked for a picture of my cock.  I said "no" and he stopped messaging me.  Who cares?

I didn't yet answer #4. #5 and #8, but I'll probably tell them "no."  I just can't take on any more guys!

I told #6 that I would not sleep over at his hotel because his plane arrived at 11:30 pm, and besides, what would I do with the dogs?  I suggested an early-morning visit, but, just between us girls, I don't really care if that happens or not.  It's 30 km away!

I tentatively accepted a hookup offer with #3 later in the afternoon, but who I later cancelled:  I was too tired after my threesome!

But I did say "YES!" to the threesome.  By the time I drove to the Beautiful Cock Dude's house and let myself in, the threesome with the 20 year-old Filipino dude* had already started without me.
*he's a student at our local college

Filipino Bottom was 5'10", handsome, slightly plump-ish, a fantastic kisser and an insatiable, Hungry Bottom with a really, really small cock. He was also intelligent, chatty and spoke flawless English.

I won't describe all the technical details, but I can say that it was so fucking hot!  In the next hour, the three of us tried every possible combination of kissing, sucking cock and ... well... everything, while me and the Beautiful Cock guy took turns in pounding the sweet Filipino's ass while he demanded more and more.

He was insatiable (!) and with all modesty, I'd say we looked every bit as hot as those threesomes you see in gay porn videos .... in an expanded-waistline, middle-aged kind of way.  My only "ick" moment happened when Hungry Bottom asked for double penetration (both of our cocks in his ass at the same time) to which my big cocked friend said:  "Next time."

My Beautiful Cock friend REALLY gets off by watching guys having sex so I spent more time pounding Filipino Bottom's ass than he did.  At first, I found it disconcerting to perform while under such close scrutiny but I quickly got used to it and besides, he is a good friend who I trust.

In the end, we cuddled naked together, making a sweetFilipino sandwich while we asked him about his home country, family, future plans and caught up on local gossip.

Filipino Bottom, in turn, questioned me closely about my sexual history, trying to understand how a gay guy could have had three children.

It was a sweet, intimate moment.  :-)|

Monday, January 19, 2015

Naked sleeping men

It's Monday morning and I'm procrastinating in bed, looking at pictures of hunky, sleeping men. To further delay things, I decided to take a naked pic of myself for all the world to see.  (first picture, upper left corner)

I have to be out the door in ten minutes, but I don't have much to say to accompany these beautiful pictures.

I had a very quiet weekend for several reasons. I'm rather sad because I'm missing Mr. Perfect (who I mentioned in point #6 in this post) who moved to a city some 1400 km away on Friday.

As well, my wisdom tooth is still quite painful and I was exhausted after a wild and crazy teacher staff party on Friday night;  it took me nearly all Saturday to recover.  :-(

I spent my weekend walking my dogs, trying to restore order to my chaotic house, taking down my Christmas tree, visiting my parents and going to my athletic complex where I can, without fail, see many hot guys, bulging in the weight rooms or naked in the communal showers, locker rooms and sauna.  I'm so lucky!  

I did not log onto squirt, grindr, scruff or at all because I was sure to receive offers which I wouldn't have accepted.

A few guys (who have my cell phone number) texted me but I promised them some sweet sexytime later in the week when I'm feeling up to it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A hunk in ripped-crotch jeans

This is an early-morning post of random thoughts just before I dash off to school. 

1.   I was at our college campus the other day on business related to my Pride planning, hot college guys everywhere I looked, just like the ones pictured here.  The student hunks included many Brazilian boys and other sweet exchange students but I didn't see MY Brazilian boys.

They ALL reminded me of the many 20-something men I've shared my bed with over the past few years.  I was crazed with lust, thinking of all those cocks and balls hidden from view, all that testosterone.

2.   As I walked by one hunky dude sitting on a bench, a flash of colour caught my eye.  He was sitting in in my favourite open-crotch pose and OMFG!!!, there was a rip in the crotch of his tight, bulging jeans.

He looked exactly like the dude at the upper left, except, a flash of red underwear was showing through the tear in the crotch of his jeans rather than his cock.  Never mind, it was insanely hot and I found an excuse to linger across from him to savour the view a big longer.

That tease!  Surely he knew how hot that crotch tear was, how insanely sexy he was, but I wondered who was his intended audience?   I thought:  "Well done, young man!"  

4.  We think of gay honour killings happening in far away countries such as India where LGBTQ family members have been kille, usually by a father or older brother, to avoid family shame. 

But listen to this disturbing account from CBC radio of a gay Canadian university student who was threatened with death by his father.   Honour killings happen in Canada, too! 

5.   I had a wisdom tooth extraction this week; a very unpleasant, painful procedure but the dentist provided some eye candy. He was in his late 50s, good looking and in decent shape and casually dressed in brown boots and jeans.

During our initial conversation,  he laid his hand on my shoulder and made much eye contact with me as he explained the procedure.   Hmmmm..... did I feel the tingle of a gay vibe?  I fell into that gay man's trap yet again, thinking that every man around me is either gay or a gay wanna-be. 

Wouldn't he be a "catch" as my future husband:  smart, good looking, confident and extremely well-off?   But in the final analysis, I think he was actually straight. :-(

6.  I'm having my seventh date with Mr. Perfect tonight.  I mentioned him in this post (in Story #2 half way down the page.)  It will be bittersweet because he is moving tomorrow to a city some 1400 km away. 

I don't want to blog about the details but it's fair to say that we really, really like each other. It's complicated situation which I didn't anticipate, for sure! But we both think the phrase:  "You rocked my world" applies.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Young versus old(er) gays.

It's been an extremely busy and exhausting week with school related, Pride-planning or family events every evening.  I've said "no" to offers from many of my favourite guys including the Hunky Construction Worker and the Sweet University Student.  (who has messaged me repeatedly)

For the last several nights, I've refrained from logging on to and Grindr so the guys won't see that I'm online.  I find it awkward to turn down a sexy guy I know and eventually, I fear that he will stop asking. 

As a member of our Pride planning committee, preparation for our June 2015 events are in full swing.  I am spending a great deal of time working with the full committee and others in the community involved in the several Pride events which I'm organizing.

At this week's meeting, we heard a presentation from a gay guy, 52, who wanted us to include a Pride event specifically targeted at LGBTQ people who were aged 50+.  He felt that all of our Pride events were youth or family oriented.  He claimed that older gays felt uncomfortable at events with blaring music or alcohol being served, or, at our Pride picnic, with young children running around. (I don't feel uncomfortable at all in these situations!)

He also described his awkwardness with the great social divide between between young gay guys and older ones. He said that he is often treated with scorn and rudeness if  he initiates a conversation with younger gay guys online or in person, as though he was a creepy stalker.

The Pride committee graciously agreed to add a 50+ event to our already-packed Pride week.  The older committee members (including me) also agreed to attend the first 50+ LGBTQ social event later this month, although I have mixed feelings about this.

This will sound terribly ageist, but to be extremely honest, I don't actually want to attend.  I have no desire to sit around awkwardly in a seniors' centre with a bunch of grouchy old gay men complaining about this and that.  I'm stereotyping, of course, but I also can't squeeze any more evening events into my schedule.

PS:  I later read the 52 year old guy's squirt profile which I found to be wildly inconsistent.  He claimed to be "seeking a relationship with and older man, not a hookup."   Yet, in the section TURNED ON BY, he listed the type of men he was seeking:   twinks, nerds, students and jocks.

Dude, really?  He claims to be seeking men his age but is only sexually attracted to young men;  I don't see how that will work out!
But what about this "social divide" between young and old gays men?   After the meeting, I discussed the issue with a very experienced 50-ish trans-woman on the committee.

I told her that 70% of my offers came from guys in their early 20s.   All the young gay guys I meet are seeking the safety and experience of an older guy, a "Daddy" figure.   I see no evidence of an age-related social divide.

My new trans friend (who has manged gay bars in big cities) explained that these young gay men  only feel free to contact me because they are "hidden" online.   She said that if I walked into a gay bar, I would see a segregation of young gay guys on one side and old gay guys on the other.

None of the young gay guys would have the courage to mingle with the older gay guys and would be mocked by their peers if they did.   And if any of the older gay guys tried to speak to younger gay guy in person, he would be treated rudely and be dismissed as a creepy, ugly old man.

I'm sure that my trans friend was right, but I have no experience with gay bars.

Does anyone have any experience on an age divide in the gay community?  Does it express itself differently online rather than in person?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cocks in Union Suits

We're in the middle of a deep freeze with overnight temperatures dipping to -33 C.  I'm in full hibernation mode:  once I get home from school, all I want is to be tucked in bed with my two doggies.

I've been wearing a union suit (I own several) all week which are fantastic for warmth. As well, I feel as sexy as hell wearing them unbuttoned down to there....

I've posted about my attraction to hunky men in long johns, before.  None of today's pictures of are of me, but I have posted my own union suit pictures here in 2012 and some 2013 pics;  a front view here and a back view here.

STORY #1.  There was much ex-spousal drama this week because my son, travelling back to school, was marooned in a far-away airport for just over 24 hours due to freezing rain.  After months of little contact, she sent me dozens of texts, most of them bossy and annoying and some quite abusive, as we tried to make other make other arrangement for our son.

As always happens in these situations, dealing with the crisis at hand is usually easy enough;  dealing with my ex-wife's hysterical over-reaction and her escalating anger is always a challenge.

My son, who just turned 18, took it all in stride and is now safely at his home, but he grew fed up with his mother's micromanaging texts.   In mid-crisis, my son cut off communication with her, putting me smack in the middle of their texting triangle.

At one point, my wife phoned me about five times to try to scream at me in person but I refused to pick up. 

All is well now, but this incident just strengthens my resolve to have her out of my life entirely, to cut off all communication.  Since we have three kids in common,  I know this may not be possible.

STORY#2:  On Sunday,   had my fourth date with a great guy.   Two were "coffee dates" and two dates were dates where we walked my dog, cooked lunch and spent many, many hours cuddling in bed and making out  He's 46, 6'-2", bearish, handsome as hell, sweet, very funny, intelligent and a hopeless romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve.   And he seems really interested in me as well.

One big issue is that Mr. Perfect has a deeply broken heart.  It is his first entry in the gay dating pool after he ended a 20 year relationship four weeks ago with a man who he says he still loves.

His ex cheated on him repeatedly with many men including many of their "best" ftiends and lied about it repeatedly Mr. Perfect is deeply scarred by all of this and understands that it may take many years to get over his failed 20 year relationship.  As well, he needs to have his own Slut Phase!

Sadly, Mr.  Perfect is moving to a major city some 1,000 miles away to start a new job in two weeks.   He not only dumped his ex, he's selling the house they owned jointly, changing jobs and cities.  It's his time for a big adventure..... but from my point of view, the timing couldn't have been worse!

But I now have a special new friend;  we will see each other every now and then, I know.  But he opened my eyes to the possibility of what it would be like to be in an LTR with a quality man.

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Today's pictures from the Tumblr site, Boners4Beards, are a nod to all the sexy, beefy hunks in my town, manyof whom have beautiful facial hair.  I'd consider any of these guys to be my "ideal man."

I promised in yesterday's post that I would talk about my nine-hour date, but I'm too tired to write such a detailed, reflective post.  I have been busy with my middle daughter, cooking or prepping a wide range of dishes for my family "Christmas Dinner" tomorrow.

My daughter's a vegetarian so we've been cooking five or six recipes from the Vegetarian Student Cookbook which I bought her for Christmas.  So far, so good!

So how about some New Years' Resolutions?   So much of my life is going perfectly well, thank you.  My kids are all well-balanced, confident, hard working and pursuing independent careers.

I am still wallowing in enjoying the never-ending Gay Candy Store:  hooking up with sexy men of all sizes, ages, types, skill levels and degrees of passion. I could NOT imagine, at this point, being tied down to one regular boyfriend, let alone husband.

But here are a few points which I would like to pursue:

RESOLUTION #1:  Enjoy my improved skills as a top.   Over the past several years, I have been pressured into being a top on many, many occasions and it's sometimes gone fairly well.   But until recently, I could never quite shake the "ick" factor of sticking my cock up some guy's poop chute. 

As well, I could never quite discern if the bottom's grunting and moaning was in pleasure or pain;  he was probably on the threshold of both.  At the slightest idea that I was hurting the bottom, I'd go soft. I'm just too tender-hearted!

I have gotten over both of these issues and now top frequently:  
(A)  I've spent countless hours rimming guys' sexy asses and have developed a new appreciation for ass play which nearly equals my obsession with sucking cock.
 (B)  My new prescription of Viagra has increased my topping confidence immeasurably.  But I don't use it all the time.  When I'm with a hunky and passionate bottom who I've topped before, Viagra is most definitely not required.

But if I anticipate topping a bottom virgin, a stranger or a less attractive guy (ie:  bordering on obese)  I take 1/4 of a tablet one hour before doing the nasty.  Its been fantastic!

RESOLUTION #2:  Continue my quest to be a passionate bottom.    My inability to get any pleasure out of bottoming is deeply troubling to me.  I'm envious of the enormous pleasure that my men seem to get when I pound their ass and I want to join the club! I've only bottomed about 10 times with four different guys, so I need much more practice.

After a couple of painful episodes, I'm a little afraid to try to bottom.  What I need is a regular fuck buddy, a skilled and empathetic top to help me out of my bottoming slump.

RESOLUTION #3:  International Travel.    I am under severe financial pressure with my spousal support obligations, my son's diving school tuition, my mortgage and general day-to-day expenses.   I have no money to spare!  Having said all that, I am determined to travel to some exotic location (Costa Rica?  Peru?) on a regular basis while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

To that end, I am hoping to lead a tour group for gay men only because as tour leader, I would get to travel at a reduced rate.  I have already had a meeting with the corporate Tour Manager for leading tour company who was quite keen on the idea and proposed several trip options.

I wonder if there would be any interest in this idea?  All I need is to go for it and see what happens!  "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow!"  is my motto.

RESOLUTION #4:  Take a Body Electric Workshop.  Having experienced tantric massage with my friend Rick of Torn Jeans, I want to very badly to learn more about men's sexual / erotic responses and to gain skills in pleasuring my men.  >;-)


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