Thursday, November 29, 2012

Erik's and Cubby's Meme, Part II

This is me, reposted from May 2012
I've been feeling extremely "blah" this week!  It's been very dark and cold here and our never-ending house renovations means we're living in a permanent state of construction with no end in sight.  And I've been craving to be with a man but it's been logistically impossible.... and anyway, I've been just too tired.

But this morning, I had three messages on which perked me right up.  I'm behaving like Sally Field:  "You like me!  You really must like me!!"

(1) A sweet, athletic 19 year old (with pic) wants to experience being with a man... it probably won't happen with me, son, but I'm happy he found something of interest in my profile.
(2)   Sexy 55 year old wants to get together again but this time in an actual bed.  So do I!!!  He was the hottest man I've ever been with  .... but it will be difficult to arrange because he's married. 
(3)  I had a third request from Big Guy  to lose his bottom virginity with me.  Maybe...maybe not.  This will require a bit of negotiation because I need a bit more 'action' from him such as kissing before I'll agree to it.

Click here for Part I of this meme from Cubby and Erik.   Since my "naked in the snow" pic from my last post was such a hit, I've  reposted some pics of me from May 2012.  Lacking a working camera, I haven't taken any self-pics for a couple of months.

Are you a musician?   Shameful secret:  I took accordion lessons throughout my growing-up years.  I was quite good at it, actually, but playing accordion was just so uncool!  I took guitar lessons for a couple of years as an adult but parenting demands and our marital drama made it impossible to continue.  I hope to try again one day.  I'm not afraid to sing in public but I wish I was less terrible at it.....

Do you swim? Was Jacques Yves Cousteau ever a figure of legend for you?   Yes.  As a teenager, I swam long distances most days in the summer along with along with my brother, cousins and best friend.  We are all powerful swimmers.  I should be swimming daily now as therapy for my spinal problem but I grew up swimming in freshwater wilderness lakes and in the ocean. I dislike chlorinated pools intensely!  And yes, I watched every Jacques Cousteau special ever made. 

Have you ever done drag? Do you ever *want* to do drag?  No, I haven't done drag and have NO desire to dress in woman's clothes, as a fetish, I mean.  With my broad shoulders and rough-looking face, I'm make the ugliest woman imaginable!  But if I had enough alcohol in me, a group of supportive gay friends, a stage and perhaps, a bribe of some sort, yes, I'd love to do drag!!  What a hoot that would be!!

Have you always wanted to be a man? Ever wanted to be a woman?  No, I love my man's body!  Especially my broad shoulders, slim hips, voluptuous ass, strong legs and my cock.

How did you meet your wife? Where, when and what did you do on your first date?  A mutual friend (a teacher colleague) had an idea we'd make a good couple so she threw a party with the sole purpose of engineering a meeting.  Our second date was downhill skiing.

Have you ever had a cross-generational relationship?  Not a true relationship but I've hooked up with MANY guys in their early twenties; I am 50.

How do you wipe your ass?  To quote anne marie:  "Like everyone else."

What is the worst thing you have ever done?  I was, and still am, such a goody-goody that I rarely have done anything bad.  No regrets!   I often tell white lies (such as to a guy who I don't want to hook up with a second time) rather than risk hurting someone's feelings.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? How did those dreams change as you aged?   I wanted to be a teacher from an early age!  I was side-tracked into an eight-year engineering career because the job prospects were better, but later returned to my true calling.  I LOVE every moment I'm in class with my students!

What are you longing for?   I want to find a special guy who loves me unequivocally.  A guy with whom I can have true intimacy, physical, sexual, emotional and intellectual.

What are your small and large passions, the things that move you at a very deep level?
  • Spending time with my family;  especially my three children and my parents.
  • Pleasuring a man, in particular worshipping his cock. 
  • Kissing men with generous, muscular lips who have an underpinning of testosterone, aggression and skill.
  • Snowboarding or in my decrepitude later in life, skiing, preferably in British Columbia.
  • Working with my hands in a skilled trade, be it house construction, carpentry, wiring, plumbing, landscaping .....
  • Being in pristine wilderness with no other people around except my family.  This is of primary importance to me and it doesn't matter whether I'm hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking or just lazing around.  I'm lucky because my home is in a wilderness area so this is my daily reality.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cubby's and Erik's Meme, Part I

An excellent meme from Cubby and Erik:  thanks, gentlemen!   I divided it into two posts as I am seriously out of time this morning. Edit:  Click here for Part II.  Anyway, I wanted space for these pics of these hot men in the snow.   Our current temperature:  -18 C.  Yikes!

Is your beard as soft as it looks?  No!  I wore a goatee for years but as it became gray, it became coarser and more prickly.  Now I'm constantly clean-shaven as I had too many complaints from the young men about my stubble hurting their smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom faces.

Does your area have a food or dish that it’s known for? Something that was invented there or that just isn’t the same anywhere else?    We locals are crazy about for a confection which was invented here seventy years ago and exists nowhere else in the world.  But I can't name it as I don't want to reveal my exact location.  Sorry!

Do you follow any webcomics?  No, but suddenly I feel that I should be following some gay ones like Adam and Andy.

Yes, this is me from my Jan. 1, 2012 post.
If money were not necessary, how would you spend your days? Where would you go to do it?
Travel, for both summer  hiking and winter snowboarding anywhere in the world!   Volunteering (especially with LGBTQ organizations and with Habitat for Humanity).   I would still need to continue with my passion of designing and building houses and renovating.

Would you ever consider visiting Canada… as in Vancouver Island?    I've visited all parts of Canada (except the far north) and lived in five different provinces;  BC, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  But there is much still to discover in this fantastic country of mine!    ps:  I LOVE Vancouver Island.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finalizing our separation agreement

I stumbled across these WWII pics on Tumblr for Sean's Dogawbly Pawfect Saturday.   I have mixed feelings when I look at them .... but mainly, they make me want to cry.  

Sadness that so many of these handsome young men and their brave dogs ended up killed or injured in the line of duty.   Anger at the old men who start wars and send young men to fight it for them.  Gratitute that the young soldiers and their dogs had the incredible love for each other to sustain them during the horrors of battle.  Admiration for the dogs who sacrificed their lives for their handlers and saved many thousands of lives.

A few random developments on this wintry (-10 C, snow and howling winds!) weekend:

Seven weeks after receiving our corrections, the lawyer-mediator finally responded.  She e-mailed me with questions about seven different items on our 40-page draft separation agreement.   I'm certain she had forgotten about our file!  Given my wife's (unwarranted) paranoia about our settlement process, this was a blunder as the "neutral" mediator cannot be seen to be favouring or communicating with one party over the other. 

I told the lawyer to send the e-mail to my wife ASAP.  Must I always have to tell people how to do their jobs?  

During my school lunch break on Friday, my wife and I had a rare face-to-face meeting on her back steps to sign off on most of the items.   I wasn't happy with a clause which gave my wife "right of refusal" should I decide to sell my waterfront home.

I mean, WTF?  Why would I want that hanging over my head for the rest of my life?  Our separation agreement was grounded on "reciprocal agreements."  Either we both have right of refusal on each other's houses or neither of us did.  To my surprise, she agreed readily and removed the clause.  I think that we both want to see the end of this horrible ordeal.... and we're very close now!   The final edit of the document will be ready on Tuesday for our inspection and (I hope) I can file for a joint, uncontested divorce soon after that.

My weekends with two of my kids and our three dogs continue to be extremely pleasant and very low key.  We cook, eat and work on various hobbies or renovation projects only venturing into town to go to the grocery store or the Homo Depot (with wall-to-wall smokin' hot guys, both staff and customers!)  Our parents often join us for lunch and it's nice to reconnect with them.  We didn't see as much of them later on in my marrige due to conflicts my wife had with all of my family.... they just steered clear of us!  My household was just fraught with tension!!

My son continues to mainly live with me.  I am here alone for about four weekday evenings every two weeks when I'm free to host.   My oldest daughter's work schedule doesn't permit her to be here during the week (no transportation) so she's usually with us from Friday to Monday.  I wonder what my wife thinks about having none of her kids with her every weekend but she has no real say in the matter.

On the hookup front, I continue to get interest from many quality guys in a wide range of categories, young / middle-aged, married/single and experienced/ inexperienced.  A smorgasbord!  Some are unfamiliar to me but many are "repeat customers" .... more guys than I can accomodate, actually.  

Right now, I'm favouring the young-single-experienced man over the other possible combinations hoping to find a guy who knows how to pleasure a man and to whom I am strongly attracted.  But I'll post about these developments as they occur ...   :-)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sexy 55-Year-Old

These pics from resemble the hottie 55 year old, except he had no gray hair or beard.  

I finally met that most elusive of species;  a slim, fit, nice, drama-free, sexually-aggressive man in his 50s!  I knew they existed but I've never been with one before.  Most of the 50ish guys I've met all had pot bellies, were somewhat needy or desperately seeking a relationship and / or acted older than their actual age.

My son and I arrived home several hours later than usual:  he had an interview for a fast-food job (he was hired!), after which we had numerous errands and dinner at my parents'.   Our first really big winter blast was just starting:  howling winds and freezing rain combined with nearly a foot of snow.

I was soooo exhausted from a week of cumulative fatigue, so my evening plans were: (1) to soak in the bathtub and (2) to go directly to bed with my little dog.   Nothing else.

Out of curiousity, I logged onto and immediately had a chat request from a 55 year old carpenter with kids, 6'-0", not married but "living with a woman." 

We POF-chatted for a very long time with him quizzing me closely on my coming-out journey and my experiences since then.  He told me that he hooks up very infrequently but every now and then, his yearning, his ache to be with a man, could not be ignored.

He wanted to meet me but I made it clear that I was too tired;  there was no way that I was hooking up tonight.   Also, travelling along the highway at 10:00 pm during our first winter blizzard / freezing rain storm was a really bad idea.  Finally I agreed when he proposed to drive most of the way;  we would park in private place and chat in his truck. 

When I arrived, he was already waiting in a beautiful new 4x4 pickup truck with a crew cab and black leather seats.  A real man-cave!  I jumped in and at the sight of him, said out loud: "Wow!"  Cropped  dark blonde hair, blue eyes, pleasant-enough face and slim, masculine body, he looked at least 10 years younger than his actual age..... a gay man's blue-collared wet dream.  And he was a very normal, mild-mannered guy.

We talked for a long time, 30 minutes at least, and the atmosphere became increasingly sexually-charged.   I'm an incorrigible flirt so I ran my hand idly up and down his thigh as we talked.  Finally, he asked:  "Do you want to go to the back seat?"

We climbed over the seat and just attacked each other!  Fantastic, aggressive kisser!!  ... like a drowning man coming up for air.  Beautiful cock and balls!  Perfect, slim body!!  He seemed thrilled with my body and said several times:  "Fantastic cock!  Beautiful!!"  I know I should get more excited about his infatuation with my cock ** yawn** but I've heard it so many times before.   LOL.

He was the only man I've been with who was more intent on pleasuring me than just receiving it.  I loved how he ran his hands over my face, hair and body as we made out..... and I did the same to him. 

As he unbuttoned my jeans, I decided to abandon my 'no-pants-off-in-a-car' rule to receive best blowjob I ever had ...... it set me a-trembling but I've never cum during a blowjob and tonight was no exception.  He found it deeply disappointing that he couldn't make me cum.  He tried and tried and tried but I finally had to tell him: "Quit pressuring me;  it isn't going to happen here."  But his blowjob was deeply satisifying to both of us and after he came, we cuddled briefly, spent and exhausted, as the blizzard raged outside.

He said he could rarely get away from his family responsibilities but tonight, his wife was out of town.  He hoped that we could become 'regulars.' 

Yes, I know it's wrong to get involved with a married man.  I understand that I must guard my heart carefully and not become involved with someone who is not available.   Of course, being with a closeted man would be a step backwards for me.   Despite all that, I wouldn't say 'no' to another hookup with him, but in a real bed.... I'm too old and inflexible for these back seat shenanigans!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot for (student) teacher

This week, I've been observing my student teacher's voluptuous ass excellent lesson delivery with my classes.   He's 28 years old and about thirty pounds overweight.  But I can forgive him the extra poundage  as it makes his bubble butt look even more tasty squeezed into his dress pants.  

And when he turns to face the class, his bulbous groin region looks very promising indeed.  After watching him closely in class all week and in particular, listening to his voice, I`m getting some "pings" on my gaydar.   But I assure everyone, he and I will NEVER hook up! 

He is the first student teacher that I've had... well, I don't mean "had" exactly.... since I've started having sex with young men.  I'm so thankful that he and my students aren't mind-readers.  All I can think about is pleasuring him sexually.  Just appalling!  So unprofessional!!  

But I now understand why hormone-crazed teenagers develop such strong crushes on their teachers.  The students` desks are at perfect eye-level with their hottie teacher's package and ass.   I've had many gay male students develop crushes on me over the years ....  I'll blog about them one day, I promise!

We have twenty-six student teachers at our school this month, about half young men .... just beautiful, every one of them!  But since when have young men been wearing such tight dress pants?  I'm not complaining as it provides great eye candy at the photocopier.  The pants designers (no doubt gay) seem to have taken the "lift and separate" brassiere design and adapted it to these lovely young men's asses.

I've had very few messages this week on except from the closeted married men who I'm starting to find tiresome.  More on them later.  It was so slow that I seriously considered reactivating my account on as much as I find that site distasteful. 

But this evening, I heard from a couple of my A-listers, one B-lister and one guy on the C-list.
-Hunky 22 year old:  we're still planning a fun evening in my own bed.  I'm hoping for an all nighter but finding a time which works for both of us remains elusive.
-Nerdy-Cute Student messaged me "hi" but wouldn't chat.  This tells me he's horny tonight but is uncertain or unavailable.  The problem is, despite losing his bottom virginity to me two weeks ago, he's still not really convinced that he's gay!
-The "Big Guy" from last week messaged to thank me for last night.  No, we didn't hook up but I used my car to help move his meagre belongings to his new digs.  It was a pleasant, non-sexual outing and I am confident that I will be rewarded eventually.  He wants to bottom and has apparently decided that I'm the man for the job!
A handsome 23-year old aboriginal guy asked if I wanted to suck his cock again.  We had a sweet encounter in the back seat of my car last summer which I didn't blog about.  I said, "No ....  the next time we get together, I want it to be in a bed."   We still need to discuss exactly what he might be willing to do and it may not happen at all.  That's okay too.

But I am not available for any of these young men tonight!  My son and his dog are here for at least another two weeks and we've had a delicious supper of home-made hamburgers, barbequed outside in the freezing cold by him.  Now he is cutting up plywood for our never-ending renovations.

I'm too tired help or indeed, to  hook up with any of these willing young men.  Instead, I am curled up on my amazingly comfortable leather couch in my kitchen room, my little dog sleeping beside me on his favourite mohair blanket.  

It is pitch dark outside and the wind is blowing fiercely across the open water.  But I have lit a candle (my little evening ritual) to provide a bit of cheer and comfort.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Man thighs

I love being between beefy man thighs, sucking cock. Here are some beautiful ones from  

In the past month, my family life as become almost boring.... no drama at all!  Here are some random thoughts on my personal life (excluding hookups.)
  1. In the six weeks since we submitted the corrections for our draft Separation Agreement, there's been no word back at all!! I must rattle the lawyer's cage tomorrow .... I am anxious to sign the final document and to file for divorce immediately.

  2. I won't be able to truly relax until my divorce is finalized. With my wife's history of erratic behaviour, there's no predicting what demands / changes she may think up next.

  3. My son (16) was supposed to be alternating bi-weekly between our two houses. But he's been spending every weekend with me even when he was supposed to be at my wife's.  He's also extended them so that the "weekend" runs from Thursday to Tuesday so he's with me about 80% of the time.

  4. I love the fact that he wants to be with me!  We get along perfectly and are now closer than ever. But having two or fewer evenings a week to host is really wreaking havoc with my slut phase.  Often, I have my kid(s) with me seven days per week.

  5. Our house is in chaos as we have some big construction projects on the go including gutting the living room (1/3 of the house) to upgrade the wiring and insulation.  (we do all the work ourselves)  I'm proud of the way the kids have assumed leadership in ensuring this work gets done.

  6. Two student teachers (male and female) who will be team-teaching my classes soon for the next five weeks.  A nice break for me!

  7. The young man is fairly handsome, charismatic and straight.  He is slightly chunky so he fills out his tight dress pants delightfully.   I think "impure thoughts" all day long as I imagine burying my face between those voluptuous ass cheeks.  ;-) 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm not getting older... I'm getting better.

The title refers to this week's TMI Thursday post from Sean.  Fighting words!.... and I don't believe it completely.  The TMI questions will be combined with Dogably Pawfect Saturday pictures.

1.  When did you first know you were an adult?
At 19, I was gravely ill with a "massive involvement" of a malignant melanoma which had metastisized and spread widely.  At the time, I was believed to be terminally ill.  I realized with stark clarity that I had to cope with the fear, pain and dying all on my own.  My parents couldn't help me get out of this one.

The second time happened when, at 29, I held my first-born baby immediately after her birth.  Responsibility!  Becoming a parent really is a life-changing experience.

2.  Where were you when you first thought, "I'm old!"    At 48, I was in extruciating pain and had temporarily lost most of the use of my arm and legs because of some severely degraded vertebrae in my neck which I posted about here.  I felt about as spry as my 98 year-old grandmother!

3.  What was your best year?  In my late 20s,  I owned a spectcular home debt-free, had a great career, a newborn daughter and a beautiful wife.  We were having sex nearly every day with the goal of conceiving our second child.  I  had everything I ever dreamed of.

4.  Have you become your parents?   Physically, I am like a clone of my father but he doesn't exercise or look after himself so he's very heavy.  I'm in far slimmer and in better shape than he ever was.  In personality, I am identical to my mother (hardworking, determined and with a positive outlook) and getting more so all the time.

5.  Gray hair:
-Is it sexy?   Most definitely, on a slim older man.  If a gray-haired man is overweight, he just looks like Santa Claus....  not sexy at all!
My 'grizzled prospector' look.
-How much do you have and where?  My sideburns, beard and moustache would be about 70% gray, but I have to be clean-shaven these days.  The young men I hook up with all complained that my beard was too scratchy.  Scratchy beard = no kissing!

-Where is the best or worst placed you have it?   I have no concerns about the little bit of gray hair I have now.  But I'm not looking forward to getting gray pubes!!!

6.  Is older better?   Yes and no.  "Yes", because I have a million times more self-confidence, courage and spirit than I had when I was in my 20s.  This only comes with life experience.  But I am concerned about the physical side of aging;  my body is wearing out and it's only going to get worse!

Bonus:    How is sex different now?   It is hugely different now that I'm having sex with men rather than with a woman!  I feel true passion and sexual hunger when I'm with a naked man ... it's as natural as breathing.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A BIG guy....
My son and I have been very busy with work and our pre-winter house improvements ... which are starting to look great!   So here's a quick random update in the 15 minutes before I leave for work.  For some mysterious reason, I've had an upsurge in messages from normal-sounding guys on

These include  messages from four or five married guys, aged 27 to 51, who are looking for some M2M experiences and also looking for a "friend" with whom they can do non-sexual things;  fishing, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, working out and the like. 

I explained to them that this is not a combination which would work for me.  If I was to go out in public with these closeted guys, I'd be immediately dragged back into the closet as well. 

And more importantly, I would run the risk of becoming emotionally involved with my fuck buddy (try as I might to avoid this) and have my heart broken.  I've had my heart broken already, falling for a guy who was not available (my "Special Guy") and I'm not doing it again.

But I've received other messages from single, smokin' hot guys who are a little older.... 24 to 28.... who've been messaging me repeatedly and with whom I have future plans.  I had a "hookup" of sorts last night... my most unusual one yet.  

A 27 year old Aboriginal guy had been messaging for months, wanting to have his first M2M experience.  Then he'd chicken out and delete his pof account only to resurface a month later with a new profile.   He was a "big guy".... 6'-4", 300 pounds and a mechanic/  He asked me to pick him up because he was putting a new motor in his truck.

A nice guy!  Funny, very chatty, highly ADHD  (he told me... but I would have figured that out anyway!) and he expressed himself very well.   Smart!   I got hard as we were driving home, always a good sign.  He was very masculine.... a big, powerful guy. 

When we got into my bed, he changed his mind and didn't want to kiss although he had agreed to it previously.  Darn!   Kissing is of primary importance to me during a hookup and I was at a loss as to how to proceed without it. 

He was very uncertain in bed, so I played with his cock and balls and gave him a full - body (non-oil) massage.  His cock was an average size but on such a massive body, it seemed small.  At one point, he gave me a tentative hand job which was very pleasant.   My blowjob on him seemed to go on forever and he was completely non-responsive.  In fact.... was he asleep?  

BB:  "All you all right?"  
Big Guy:  "Ya,  I think I fell asleep there!"
BB:  "REALLY?!"  :-(
Big Guy:  "I injured my back at work and my doc gave me some Tylenol 3 with codeine and antiflammatories.  I took them just before you picked me up.  Sorry, they almost knocked me out!"
BB:  "Hmmmm."

So we lay there in the bed for another 45 minutes at least, I continued to rub my hands all over his body;  I liked doing it and he didn't object .  He told stories, laughed and talked and talked and talked.  I thought Aboriginals were not supposed to be talkative!  (I'm sorry if that sounds like a racist remark)

I drove him back to town and we both walked into a grocery together to do our (separate) shopping.  By most standards, the hookup was a complete flop;  |I would have been better off spending the time cleaning my kitchen...  but I still enjoyed the time we spent together, 

But if he contacts me for another hookup, I will say "yes" but would only do it if he agreed to kiss and if he wasn't on his prescription meds.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Horny college boy rode my cock

Minutes after the Old Dude left, Nerdy-Cute College Student texted me:  "im horny as hell. can u cum to my place. now."   I had turned him down several times already because his "horny" texts usually arrived at 11:30 pm;  far too late for this old man!  But it was only 6:00 pm so I lept into my car and raced to his student apartment thirty minutes away.

I had been at his apartment for a brief hookup in the summer.  He had asked me to help him 'experiment' with a man.   Afterwards, he told me that he wasn't sure he liked guys and immediately deleted his account.  Broke my heart!  Two  months later, he messaged me from a new profile:  "guess what!  i figured out that im gay!!"  He added that he regretted not sucking my cock when he had the chance.

Nerdy-Cute was a fine specimen of a young man:  well muscled, 6'-0", big pouty lips, a beautiful big, fat cock and lovely low hangers.  While no one would ever describe his face as "handsome", I found him just adorable, an irresistibly cute combination of  nerdiness with a look of sexual hunger in his eyes.  Ginger-haired, freckled, jug-eared with blue eyes.  My first reaction:  "It's Howdy Doody!!"

Nerdy-Cute opened the door, track pants fully tented by his hard cock.  He grabbed my shoulders, dragged me inside and in one swift movement, ripped my track pants off and took my cock into his mouth.  Alpha male!  Wow!!  For a first-time cocksucker, he was pretty good;  when my legs started to tremble, I dragged him down to his mattress on the floor. 

It was my shortest, hottest, most aggressive hookup ever!  I've kissed a lot of men in my slut year, but Nerdy was BY FAR the best.  The poutiest lips ever, yet very firm, muscular almost and he matched my aggressiveness kiss for kiss, suck for suck.

He gasped and moaned as I dragged out my full bag of tricks;  his balls in my mouth, rimming his voluptuous ass, ramming his fat cock into the back of my throat, my finger up his ass rhythmically massaging his prostate.  And he gave back to me as good as he got.   "FUCK ME!  FUCK ME NOW!!"  What?!  He's a bottom virgin!

I put on a condom, cock ring and applied some lube, laid back and told him to ride my cock.  Together we eased my cock into his virgin ass ... no problem at all.   (Later, he showed me the dildo he'd been practicing with.  Now that's what I call a motivated bottom!)

I loved the intensity on his face as he slammed his ass down onto my hard cock, POUND, POUND, SLAP, SLAP....  My cock fell out a couple of times but he shoved it back in without missing a beat.  I didn't cum but for the first time during topping, I felt like I could have cum if I been doing the riding.  Finally, a little squirt of cum landed on my chest and he quivered there, his face contorted, his ass clenching onto my cock. 

BB:  "That wasn't much volume!"
Nerdy:  "I jerked off twice in the last two hours.  I told you I was horny!!"

Too funny!  We hooted at that and then cuddled together briefly before he told me I had to leave.  He was expecting his roommates back at any time; hence the urgency. 

At the door, I enjoyed kissing those fabulous lips once last time.  I said:  "I need to see you again"  Kiss.  "There's a lot more we could do with each other."  Kiss.  "Please?"  Kiss. "Please?"  Kiss.  "Please?"   I know it's not cool to beg but I was certain that he shared the same hunger as me.

I hope and expect that we'll see each other a couple more times before he moves.  Yes, sadly, his college experience is not going well.  He's dropping out of his programme and is moving back to southern Ontario at the end of November.  His POF profile already lists his new town as his location.   So sad!    :-(   


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hookup with an Old Dude....

These sexy guy, cute dog pics are for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

Minutes after arriving home from an exhausting day at school, "Old Dude" pulled into my driveway some 15 minutes early.  Anxious much?  He was actually 47 to my 50, but he just seemed much older. 

He dressed much older than his age with with a T-shirt tucked into polyester pants held up by a belt cinched tight..... not quite up to his armpits but getting there.  He looked about as spry as my grandmother as he climbed out of his truck.  But I knew he was not lying about his age because he  had been taught by several of my oldest colleagues and I was able to figure out the year he graduated.

At first glance, I thought, "Oh no!"  I didn't find him attractive at all.   He was fairly slim, with pale, watery-blue eyes, a prickly grey Hitler-style moustache and puffs of ginger-gray hair on the sides of his head.   He's said, "We finally meet!  We've been messaging (on for six months!"  

I said, "We have?  Really?"  I didn't say that I'd received many dozens of messages from older guys like him in that time.  My side of the messaging was most likely: "My kids are home;  I can't host."  or "I'm not interested in married guys."  I just wasn't interested in guys like him.  But I said "yes" to him today because (1) I finally could host and (2) I wanted to try hooking up with an experienced guy (a top) for a change.

I had a quick shower and we stripped and crawled into bed, lying side-by-side but not touching and talked about house construction (his vocation.)   It was an unsexy a scene as you could imagine ... such a contrast from all the horny, sex-starved 22 year old virgins I'd been with who attacked you within the first five seconds!

Finally, I put some lube on my hand and started stroking his skinny cock as we discussed the merits of fibreglass batt insulation versus the spray-in type.  Too funny!!!   His cock instantly sprang to life and grew to an okay size and he started catching his breath and moaning.  Finally!  I  always need a sexual response from a guy for me to become aroused  ..... so my cock instantly became rock hard.

I started kissing him and a very satisfactory hookup followed.  I like to step up the level of aggressiveness but only if the other guy matches it and Old Dude did just that.  Pretty hot, actually!  At one point, his breathing became raspy and laboured and I thought (1) he was in ecstacy from my blowjob (2) was suffering from asthma or (3) was having a heart attack.

Sadly, his blowjob on me was tentative and very short and I had to finish myself off afterwards.   I considered letting him top me but his cock has such a sharp curve upwards that I thought it would be really uncomfortable.

Afterwards, he told me his story.  He'd been sleeping around for about the last 12 years starting in his mid 30s,  after sex with his wife pretty much "dried up."  His wife is eight years younger and they have no children.  He started having affairs with women but they were "too complicated" so now he exclusively hooks up with guys. 

Would I have him again?  Yes, I think so, but he would be firmly on my "B-list."   As Old Dude was leaving, I got a text from Nerdy-Cute College Student who I hooked up with once but haven't posted about.  "im horny as hell.  can u cum to my place.  now."

I jumped in my car and headed off down the highway.  I'm such a slut!  I'll post about this, one of my hottest hookups ever, on Monday....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November has always been my least favourite month, an 'in-between' season for us in this part of the Great White North.  Although we get spattered with wet snow and freezing rain from grey skies most days, there is no snow accumulation for winter sports.   But all of our summer outdoor activities and sports are long gone. 

Because of the dampness and high humidity, it seems much colder than our full-on winter when temperatures might be -20 F or colder.  Another reason for feeling extra cold is that none of us is yet inclined to dig out our winter parkas although they well may be needed.   With sunset happening around 5:00 pm, we also seem to be in darkness for most of my non-work hours.

Right now, all I want is a naked guy to cuddle with, preferably one who is  masculine and beefy.   My craving right now is to have a fat cock in my mouth but the 35-year-old married guy hasn't asked for a blowjob for a week.   I suspect that he's found someone else who is not a 30 minute drive away or is feeling guilty about being unfaithful and has stopped his hookups for now.  

I am confident or arrogant enough to believe that it isn't the quality of my blowjobs which are the problem;  I know it was an incredible, intensely-pleasureable experience for both of us.  But I won't be POF-messaging him again like I did with the guy in my blowjob interruptus post.   I think straight guys need to be in control of these encounters, when and if they occur.

I receive texts every now and then from a couple of the 22 year old guys I've been with.  They want to hook up but the problem is, these young men ALL get horny at 11:30 pm.  Too late for me, boys! .... especially since I have to drive into town to pick them up.

Sexy Inuit Guy has become, in his own words, very comfortable with me and has taken to phoning rather than texting or emailing.  I'm fairly sure that he will become a 'regular' for me, at least for a while.

I finally said "Yes" to a 47 year old guy who's been messaging me for months.  He says he's six feet tall, 190 pounds and promises a "very pleasureable experience" for a regular fuck buddy.  Judging from our POF chats, he seems intelligent, articulate and funny.   He asked if he could come to my house at 4:30 pm today.

I'd be surprised if he shows up!  I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Alone

Today's pics are some of lovely jock-strapped men.  I haven't seen my own jockstraps which I packed nearly a year ago (white and black) and but I have many boxes which I'm not opening due to my on-going renovations.  I feel sexy as hell wearing them!

I'm home alone for several days this week for the first time in over six months.  My son is trying again his schedule: two weeks in town with my wife and two weeks with me.  My oldest daughter's work schedule means that it's more convenient for her to stay here on the weekends. 

So.... after months of turning down guys because of hosting problems, I have a few days for the next two weeks in which I can schedule guys to come and visit me.  So far, a 47 year old guy is driving out on Thursday after work to be with me and I'm very certain he'll show up.  Although we've been chatting for months on (initiated by him)  I don't know that much about him other than he is a professional of some sort and seems quite normal and intelligent.

And I have three 22 year olds who are interested in seeing me again, Hunky 22 year old and  Sexy Inuit Guy.   But I am the most interested in a third guy who's been texting me frequently, I'll call  Nerdy-cute Student, who's been practicing diligently with  a newly-acquired dildo since our first encounter in August.  My prediction is that, with some experience, he will be an amazing power-bottom.

It would be easiest for me to just ask The Perfect Physical Specimen (he would NEVER say 'no' to me), but I don't feel like driving that far to pick him up right now and then having to drive him home.

The problem is that I only have a few days free and also have an evening meeting at school on Wednesday.  The young men all have jobs (working at times which don't match mine) or demanding school schedules so finding a time that works for both of us might be difficult.... 

Last night, I was very good and turned down a sweet-sounding 21 year old  "with an athletic build" who was messaging me persistently on pof.  He wouldn't tell me whether or not he was a student but he had perfect grammar and spelling, always a good sign!   He seemed very much like me, a guy with a bad case of cock worship.  All he wanted to do was to suck my cock and do it in the back seat of a car rather than in my bed .... and all I wanted to do was to suck his cock.

I explained to him that sorry, I was a teacher and I could not be caught with my pants down in a car.  Sorry, it ain't happening, dude!   So I stopped chatting with him....

Another option would be to spend a quiet evening resting with my little dog... hmmm... how there's an idea!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My hottie son

My son resembles the guy on the left, but with much broaders shoulders...
With frigid temperatures fast approaching, my son and I have been very busy with some major renovation projects at home.  One project involves building a new parking lot using about twenty 24 foot logs as a cribbing and shovelling three large truck loads of gravel, some sixty cubic yards. 

On the house end of the project, we're cutting a hole into the kitchen wall and installing a new pre-hung door.  A sixteen foot ramp will connect the new parking lot with the new door.  Since this part of the house dates back to 1941, nothing is square or level and everything held together with large wooden timbers and spikes.  A challenge!   And major chaos!

This project will solve the problem of our cars getting stuck all winter and will provide street-level parking and wheel chair* access.   From the main road, my property slopes sharply downhill to my house and further downhill to the waterfront.

* The wheel chair access is for myself in my old age, should my spinal condition worsen.  What can I say?  I'm a planner!

While his two older sisters have taken the university route, my son has little interest in academics but is highly skilled at hands-on work.  His future career in the trades, be it welding, carpentry, wiring and the like (or all of the above) which are highly in demand here and well paid.  I think his combination of intelligence, imagination and being a multi-skilled tradesman can't be beat!

As a preface to this next story, I must say that I try very hard not to have 'impure thoughts' about my male students. Really, I do!  But one day at school, as group of grade 11 guys walked in front of me, one young man stood out... about as tall as me (5'-10"), slim hips, very broad shoulders, blond short hair and with perfect proportions.  I thought, "Wow!  He's hot!  I haven't seen him before!"

They rounded the corner and to my horror, I realized that I had been ogling my own son!  OMFG!

In my defence, he had spent the night at my wife's house (I had an evening meeting at school) and was wearing a new pair of the coolest jeans (he rarely wears jeans) which I hadn't seen before and a new long-sleeved T-shirt, very tight.

My son and I are very much alike, physically.... clones, practically but with me being 34 years older.   A second Ahah! moment occurred as I realized that I had been just as gorgeous as him when I was sixteen..... but without the cool clothing  (I wore 'bargain-basement' clothes or my brother's hand-me-downs),  the professionally-cut hair  (my mother cut my hair) or his self confidence.  

I had no appreciation of how fine my body really was at that age ...... hmmmm.... missed opportunities!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Erectile Difficulties

All pics from
But not mine....

At 11:00 pm Thursday evening, I was just heading for bed when I received a text:  "sup?" ... as in "What's up?" from yet another 22 year old.  This was followed quickly by "im horny."   He and I had been chatting on for a couple of months but hadn't met. 

He was a gay virgin but was extremely anxious to have his first M2M experience ..... and he decided that I was the man for the job!  I had already turned him down several times in the past couple of weeks;  I was too tired, my kids were here, excuse after excuse.

Damn these young 'uns!  In my experience, they all decide they're horny very late at night, past the time that us old folks are already in bed.  It was very late for me but he was so anxious to get together with me that I relented.  I was afraid that he would stop asking if I turned him down again, so after a quick shower,  I headed back into town to pick him up.  

He was Inuit  (formerly called "Eskimo"), black hair, brown eyes,  smooth, tawny-coloured skin, 6'-0", around 220 pounds..... a  beautiful specimen of manhood!  He was very masculine, wearing work clothes spackled with plaster and dust.  He renovated houses and then sold them.  And he was  EXTREMELY nervous but chatty as hell.

My son was at home, so I took Sexy Inuit Guy to a neighbour's summer home which I look after in the off-season.  (they live in the USA)  It was freezing cold, but I dragged a mattress in front of the natural gas fireplace and we gradually stripped off under some quilts.  He had a beautiful, naturally-smooth body, fat cock and big low-hanging balls.  We  kissed sweetly for about 30 seconds when he exclaimed, "Oh no!  I'm not getting hard!!!"     

I hope he didn't see me rolling my eyes in the darkness.  (1)  We had hardly started;  of course it wasn't hard yet!  (2)  His cock is never going to get hard if he starts obsessing about it and (3)  He's a gay virgin having his first M2M contact with an old dude he's known for 15 minutes, in some strangers house in the freezing cold!  Of course he'd be nervous.

I'm a real Teddy Bear so I found it intensely romantic, full-body naked contact in the flickering firelight, kissing him (he was an aggressive kisser, soft pouty lips!) and feeling his muscular arms and legs wrapped around my torso, squeezing me tight.  As I gave him my best blowjob technique, he lay back and moaned softly but didn't get more than semi-hard.  He gave a timid blowjob which felt very nice and a handjob with his beefy, muscular hands which sent my legs a-quiver... but I didn't cum.  (I wasn't expecting to)

After about 30 minutes, we stopped and just held each other tight.  For the next hour and a half, we lay there cuddling with limbs entwined.  While I ran my hands all over his body,  his inner thighs, cock and balls, face, shoulders, and chest he talked and talked and talked.   He told me about his childhood in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, his business, his parents' and their divorce, his siblings, future goals and his five best bro-friends.

He was still worried about not getting fully hard, so I told him that I didn't cum for at least my first six times with other men... I knew all about being nervous. 

He assured me that him not getting hard had nothing to do with me, that I was very sexy*.   "You're the only guy I've been with .... I feel very comfortable around you."  He'd never NOT gotten hard before. 

*An aside:  I thanked him for the compliment, but I already knew that my body was every bit as sexy as his.

I asked him, "Are you sure you're gay?" He said, "Right now, I could probably still have sex with a woman.... but I think I like guys best."

We made plans for our next meeting which (I suggested) should happen in his own bed where he'd be less nervous.  I said that he should just do what he normally does to jerk off (watching porn on his computer, lube, whatever else...) and that I would be there, either in the bed or elsewhere in the room, but not participate right away.  I hope my advice helps get him over his nervousness. 

Hey, experienced gay lovers out there;  any other suggestions for my young friend?

Finally, with the greatest reluctance, we tore ourselves out of bed at 1:30 am and I drove him to  his grandmother's house in town (she was out of town;  he had to feed her cat!) and then a short distance back to his house.  I know that we will be together again one day!

I was in my own bed at 2:30 a.m. to enjoy a  solid 3 hours of sleep before hauling my sorry ass out of bed.   During my busy day at school today, I was well beyond EXHAUSTED (and still am) but that sweet encounter was well worth it.


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