Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Alone

Today's pics are some of lovely jock-strapped men.  I haven't seen my own jockstraps which I packed nearly a year ago (white and black) and but I have many boxes which I'm not opening due to my on-going renovations.  I feel sexy as hell wearing them!

I'm home alone for several days this week for the first time in over six months.  My son is trying again his schedule: two weeks in town with my wife and two weeks with me.  My oldest daughter's work schedule means that it's more convenient for her to stay here on the weekends. 

So.... after months of turning down guys because of hosting problems, I have a few days for the next two weeks in which I can schedule guys to come and visit me.  So far, a 47 year old guy is driving out on Thursday after work to be with me and I'm very certain he'll show up.  Although we've been chatting for months on pof.com (initiated by him)  I don't know that much about him other than he is a professional of some sort and seems quite normal and intelligent.

And I have three 22 year olds who are interested in seeing me again, Hunky 22 year old and  Sexy Inuit Guy.   But I am the most interested in a third guy who's been texting me frequently, I'll call  Nerdy-cute Student, who's been practicing diligently with  a newly-acquired dildo since our first encounter in August.  My prediction is that, with some experience, he will be an amazing power-bottom.

It would be easiest for me to just ask The Perfect Physical Specimen (he would NEVER say 'no' to me), but I don't feel like driving that far to pick him up right now and then having to drive him home.

The problem is that I only have a few days free and also have an evening meeting at school on Wednesday.  The young men all have jobs (working at times which don't match mine) or demanding school schedules so finding a time that works for both of us might be difficult.... 

Last night, I was very good and turned down a sweet-sounding 21 year old  "with an athletic build" who was messaging me persistently on pof.  He wouldn't tell me whether or not he was a student but he had perfect grammar and spelling, always a good sign!   He seemed very much like me, a guy with a bad case of cock worship.  All he wanted to do was to suck my cock and do it in the back seat of a car rather than in my bed .... and all I wanted to do was to suck his cock.

I explained to him that sorry, I was a teacher and I could not be caught with my pants down in a car.  Sorry, it ain't happening, dude!   So I stopped chatting with him....

Another option would be to spend a quiet evening resting with my little dog... hmmm... how there's an idea!


  1. me likey the last dude; so furry and warm on this cold morning! almost looks like george michael too.

  2. So when can we see this picture of your son. We are all very excited about the prospect.

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