Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot for (student) teacher

This week, I've been observing my student teacher's voluptuous ass excellent lesson delivery with my classes.   He's 28 years old and about thirty pounds overweight.  But I can forgive him the extra poundage  as it makes his bubble butt look even more tasty squeezed into his dress pants.  

And when he turns to face the class, his bulbous groin region looks very promising indeed.  After watching him closely in class all week and in particular, listening to his voice, I`m getting some "pings" on my gaydar.   But I assure everyone, he and I will NEVER hook up! 

He is the first student teacher that I've had... well, I don't mean "had" exactly.... since I've started having sex with young men.  I'm so thankful that he and my students aren't mind-readers.  All I can think about is pleasuring him sexually.  Just appalling!  So unprofessional!!  

But I now understand why hormone-crazed teenagers develop such strong crushes on their teachers.  The students` desks are at perfect eye-level with their hottie teacher's package and ass.   I've had many gay male students develop crushes on me over the years ....  I'll blog about them one day, I promise!

We have twenty-six student teachers at our school this month, about half young men .... just beautiful, every one of them!  But since when have young men been wearing such tight dress pants?  I'm not complaining as it provides great eye candy at the photocopier.  The pants designers (no doubt gay) seem to have taken the "lift and separate" brassiere design and adapted it to these lovely young men's asses.

I've had very few messages this week on except from the closeted married men who I'm starting to find tiresome.  More on them later.  It was so slow that I seriously considered reactivating my account on as much as I find that site distasteful. 

But this evening, I heard from a couple of my A-listers, one B-lister and one guy on the C-list.
-Hunky 22 year old:  we're still planning a fun evening in my own bed.  I'm hoping for an all nighter but finding a time which works for both of us remains elusive.
-Nerdy-Cute Student messaged me "hi" but wouldn't chat.  This tells me he's horny tonight but is uncertain or unavailable.  The problem is, despite losing his bottom virginity to me two weeks ago, he's still not really convinced that he's gay!
-The "Big Guy" from last week messaged to thank me for last night.  No, we didn't hook up but I used my car to help move his meagre belongings to his new digs.  It was a pleasant, non-sexual outing and I am confident that I will be rewarded eventually.  He wants to bottom and has apparently decided that I'm the man for the job!
A handsome 23-year old aboriginal guy asked if I wanted to suck his cock again.  We had a sweet encounter in the back seat of my car last summer which I didn't blog about.  I said, "No ....  the next time we get together, I want it to be in a bed."   We still need to discuss exactly what he might be willing to do and it may not happen at all.  That's okay too.

But I am not available for any of these young men tonight!  My son and his dog are here for at least another two weeks and we've had a delicious supper of home-made hamburgers, barbequed outside in the freezing cold by him.  Now he is cutting up plywood for our never-ending renovations.

I'm too tired help or indeed, to  hook up with any of these willing young men.  Instead, I am curled up on my amazingly comfortable leather couch in my kitchen room, my little dog sleeping beside me on his favourite mohair blanket.  

It is pitch dark outside and the wind is blowing fiercely across the open water.  But I have lit a candle (my little evening ritual) to provide a bit of cheer and comfort.


  1. Actually, the slim fit dress pants have been in the works for a couple years. It started with the 80s comeback of the skinny jeans and then worked themselves over to pants. It was a good thing for me since I was thin and the baggy clothes and pleats made e look even smaller as I was lost in fabric. Now, people actually notice that I have an ass! Yay! Hehe.

  2. Ah, I remember one of the teachers from my school. He was a little short but you could tell he a great body, thick legs and he used to wear the tightest pants in the world.

  3. hohoho
    It's amazing you are going to learn anything in this class.

  4. Reminded me of my 11th grade Chemistry teacher. I had such a crush on him. Once when I was hitchhiking (it was the 60's) He gave me a ride. Boy did my thoughts go wild. When he offered me a cigarette, I thought he might go farther. Alas, not to be. He was maybe 7 years older than I.

    1. skier -- any hope of hearing from you again on the blog?

      BB, that's a nice daily ritual to have, and candle light is so flattering! :-)

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