Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm not getting older... I'm getting better.

The title refers to this week's TMI Thursday post from Sean.  Fighting words!.... and I don't believe it completely.  The TMI questions will be combined with Dogably Pawfect Saturday pictures.

1.  When did you first know you were an adult?
At 19, I was gravely ill with a "massive involvement" of a malignant melanoma which had metastisized and spread widely.  At the time, I was believed to be terminally ill.  I realized with stark clarity that I had to cope with the fear, pain and dying all on my own.  My parents couldn't help me get out of this one.

The second time happened when, at 29, I held my first-born baby immediately after her birth.  Responsibility!  Becoming a parent really is a life-changing experience.

2.  Where were you when you first thought, "I'm old!"    At 48, I was in extruciating pain and had temporarily lost most of the use of my arm and legs because of some severely degraded vertebrae in my neck which I posted about here.  I felt about as spry as my 98 year-old grandmother!

3.  What was your best year?  In my late 20s,  I owned a spectcular home debt-free, had a great career, a newborn daughter and a beautiful wife.  We were having sex nearly every day with the goal of conceiving our second child.  I  had everything I ever dreamed of.

4.  Have you become your parents?   Physically, I am like a clone of my father but he doesn't exercise or look after himself so he's very heavy.  I'm in far slimmer and in better shape than he ever was.  In personality, I am identical to my mother (hardworking, determined and with a positive outlook) and getting more so all the time.

5.  Gray hair:
-Is it sexy?   Most definitely, on a slim older man.  If a gray-haired man is overweight, he just looks like Santa Claus....  not sexy at all!
My 'grizzled prospector' look.
-How much do you have and where?  My sideburns, beard and moustache would be about 70% gray, but I have to be clean-shaven these days.  The young men I hook up with all complained that my beard was too scratchy.  Scratchy beard = no kissing!

-Where is the best or worst placed you have it?   I have no concerns about the little bit of gray hair I have now.  But I'm not looking forward to getting gray pubes!!!

6.  Is older better?   Yes and no.  "Yes", because I have a million times more self-confidence, courage and spirit than I had when I was in my 20s.  This only comes with life experience.  But I am concerned about the physical side of aging;  my body is wearing out and it's only going to get worse!

Bonus:    How is sex different now?   It is hugely different now that I'm having sex with men rather than with a woman!  I feel true passion and sexual hunger when I'm with a naked man ... it's as natural as breathing.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about your pubes, at least if your hair grays like mine has. I'm older than you by several years. My hair and beard are silver gray, the beard more grizzled than my head which gives it a certain rugged look. I have only a couple of gray hairs in my pubes which are otherwise as dark brown, almost black, as they ever were. My chest hair is almost the same way, just a little gray. The men I play with (who are around 45 years of age on up) have had no complaints. :-)

  2. Will, above, has used practically the exact words re pubes I was going to write. Even now, in the second half of my 60s, I don't have a single grey one there. At least there wasn't one the last time I looked.

  3. Buddy,you have a really nice smile.Now I get why those boys in their twenties find you attractive.To be frank,I too am in my early twenties and find you extremely attractive.I think I need to move to Canada.LOL.Men is grey hairs symbolize wisdom and thats extremly sexy!James

    1. Agreed, James -- I have always been attracted to men with brains, I find a sharp intelligence extremely sexy. You remind me of me in my 20s; I always thought that guys in their 40s and 50s who'd kept their bodies in good shape and their enthusiasm for life intact, had some mileage on them but lots of good wear left, were the hottest things out there. And they were!

  4. Chevrolet recently started a holiday ad campaign featuring Santa Claus in civilian attire, selling cars and trucks in the off season. I can't tell you how turned out I get anytime that commercial comes on TV. It's been my fantasy since childhood to pork Santa in front of a roaring fire. Buddy, if you come upon someone who is too much like Santa for your tastes, send him my way ;-)

    1. I just imagine you as a young boy sitting on Santa`s lap with rock-hard boner tenting out your short pants...LOL.

  5. You do have a beautiful smile.

  6. Will and Raybeard: thanks for the reassurance! I wasn't too concerned about my pubic hair turning gray. We all have much more important things to worry about!

    James and Victor: Thanks for your kind compliment! I'll post an even better "smile" pic of me on the next post.

  7. Gotta say, I love a scratchy beard on my chest as a guy falls asleep... But you've got a nice smile, with or without the scruff!


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