Monday, November 19, 2012

Man thighs

I love being between beefy man thighs, sucking cock. Here are some beautiful ones from  

In the past month, my family life as become almost boring.... no drama at all!  Here are some random thoughts on my personal life (excluding hookups.)
  1. In the six weeks since we submitted the corrections for our draft Separation Agreement, there's been no word back at all!! I must rattle the lawyer's cage tomorrow .... I am anxious to sign the final document and to file for divorce immediately.

  2. I won't be able to truly relax until my divorce is finalized. With my wife's history of erratic behaviour, there's no predicting what demands / changes she may think up next.

  3. My son (16) was supposed to be alternating bi-weekly between our two houses. But he's been spending every weekend with me even when he was supposed to be at my wife's.  He's also extended them so that the "weekend" runs from Thursday to Tuesday so he's with me about 80% of the time.

  4. I love the fact that he wants to be with me!  We get along perfectly and are now closer than ever. But having two or fewer evenings a week to host is really wreaking havoc with my slut phase.  Often, I have my kid(s) with me seven days per week.

  5. Our house is in chaos as we have some big construction projects on the go including gutting the living room (1/3 of the house) to upgrade the wiring and insulation.  (we do all the work ourselves)  I'm proud of the way the kids have assumed leadership in ensuring this work gets done.

  6. Two student teachers (male and female) who will be team-teaching my classes soon for the next five weeks.  A nice break for me!

  7. The young man is fairly handsome, charismatic and straight.  He is slightly chunky so he fills out his tight dress pants delightfully.   I think "impure thoughts" all day long as I imagine burying my face between those voluptuous ass cheeks.  ;-) 


  1. Isn't it great how male beauty and the resulting temptation are around us everywhere? That's why I love outdoor cafes so much -- a constantly changing parade of men.

  2. Good Luck with all you're doing.

    Don't begrudge the lost evenings for slut times. Before you know it your kids will be away at University, or married, or just living on their own. You'll have all the opportunities you can handle.

  3. thank you for the updates of home !

  4. As much as I love reading about your hook ups, I have missed you blogging about your personal life and feelings.

  5. I think that's you in the first pic.

  6. Will: Yes, but I'm in a constant state of unrequited horniness because I canot have the vast majority of the "parade" of men and / or they wouldn't want me.

    Jason: Thank you! I'm hoping for the best.

    Ur-spo and Mind of Mine: Thank you! I will try to get into writing more personal stuff again. I enjoy it and find it helpful to sort out my thoughts on different issues. It's just that there is so much less coming-out/ divorce drama that my personal life seems a tad boring right now.

    Sean: Thanks for the flattering comment, but no, it isn't me! Absolutely not! I look SOMEWHAT like that guy, but with skinny "bird arms". a bit hairier and with much less beefy thighs. I am camera-less right now but when I get a camera, I will post a few new self-pics.

  7. Now that Greg and I have new iPhones, that means we by default have new cameras. Our old one is getting lonely. Shall I send it to you?


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