Thursday, November 29, 2012

Erik's and Cubby's Meme, Part II

This is me, reposted from May 2012
I've been feeling extremely "blah" this week!  It's been very dark and cold here and our never-ending house renovations means we're living in a permanent state of construction with no end in sight.  And I've been craving to be with a man but it's been logistically impossible.... and anyway, I've been just too tired.

But this morning, I had three messages on which perked me right up.  I'm behaving like Sally Field:  "You like me!  You really must like me!!"

(1) A sweet, athletic 19 year old (with pic) wants to experience being with a man... it probably won't happen with me, son, but I'm happy he found something of interest in my profile.
(2)   Sexy 55 year old wants to get together again but this time in an actual bed.  So do I!!!  He was the hottest man I've ever been with  .... but it will be difficult to arrange because he's married. 
(3)  I had a third request from Big Guy  to lose his bottom virginity with me.  Maybe...maybe not.  This will require a bit of negotiation because I need a bit more 'action' from him such as kissing before I'll agree to it.

Click here for Part I of this meme from Cubby and Erik.   Since my "naked in the snow" pic from my last post was such a hit, I've  reposted some pics of me from May 2012.  Lacking a working camera, I haven't taken any self-pics for a couple of months.

Are you a musician?   Shameful secret:  I took accordion lessons throughout my growing-up years.  I was quite good at it, actually, but playing accordion was just so uncool!  I took guitar lessons for a couple of years as an adult but parenting demands and our marital drama made it impossible to continue.  I hope to try again one day.  I'm not afraid to sing in public but I wish I was less terrible at it.....

Do you swim? Was Jacques Yves Cousteau ever a figure of legend for you?   Yes.  As a teenager, I swam long distances most days in the summer along with along with my brother, cousins and best friend.  We are all powerful swimmers.  I should be swimming daily now as therapy for my spinal problem but I grew up swimming in freshwater wilderness lakes and in the ocean. I dislike chlorinated pools intensely!  And yes, I watched every Jacques Cousteau special ever made. 

Have you ever done drag? Do you ever *want* to do drag?  No, I haven't done drag and have NO desire to dress in woman's clothes, as a fetish, I mean.  With my broad shoulders and rough-looking face, I'm make the ugliest woman imaginable!  But if I had enough alcohol in me, a group of supportive gay friends, a stage and perhaps, a bribe of some sort, yes, I'd love to do drag!!  What a hoot that would be!!

Have you always wanted to be a man? Ever wanted to be a woman?  No, I love my man's body!  Especially my broad shoulders, slim hips, voluptuous ass, strong legs and my cock.

How did you meet your wife? Where, when and what did you do on your first date?  A mutual friend (a teacher colleague) had an idea we'd make a good couple so she threw a party with the sole purpose of engineering a meeting.  Our second date was downhill skiing.

Have you ever had a cross-generational relationship?  Not a true relationship but I've hooked up with MANY guys in their early twenties; I am 50.

How do you wipe your ass?  To quote anne marie:  "Like everyone else."

What is the worst thing you have ever done?  I was, and still am, such a goody-goody that I rarely have done anything bad.  No regrets!   I often tell white lies (such as to a guy who I don't want to hook up with a second time) rather than risk hurting someone's feelings.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? How did those dreams change as you aged?   I wanted to be a teacher from an early age!  I was side-tracked into an eight-year engineering career because the job prospects were better, but later returned to my true calling.  I LOVE every moment I'm in class with my students!

What are you longing for?   I want to find a special guy who loves me unequivocally.  A guy with whom I can have true intimacy, physical, sexual, emotional and intellectual.

What are your small and large passions, the things that move you at a very deep level?
  • Spending time with my family;  especially my three children and my parents.
  • Pleasuring a man, in particular worshipping his cock. 
  • Kissing men with generous, muscular lips who have an underpinning of testosterone, aggression and skill.
  • Snowboarding or in my decrepitude later in life, skiing, preferably in British Columbia.
  • Working with my hands in a skilled trade, be it house construction, carpentry, wiring, plumbing, landscaping .....
  • Being in pristine wilderness with no other people around except my family.  This is of primary importance to me and it doesn't matter whether I'm hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking or just lazing around.  I'm lucky because my home is in a wilderness area so this is my daily reality.


  1. I'm thinking, "now I know why Buddy gets all those messages from all types and ages of men!" I wanted to plow my tongue between those hot ass-cheeks! Wow Buddy! You do have a very nice body and a great peronality to go with it! No wonder...

  2. oh sweet mother of pearl! such hawtness! WANT!

  3. Thank you both for the sweet compliments! Actually, my POF profile contains no pics at all. But I've never had any complaints from the guys I've been with. :-)

    And Pulsebeat, I've never experienced an expert rimming from a man who was really passionate about it, so I wouldn't say "no" to you on this one.

    1. Honestly, that was the same thing I was saying in my head until you told us it doesn't have any pics at all! I guess you just have a way with words as well... Well, not guessing about that.

      And as for the camera... Is amazon popular up there? I say do an amazon wish list. It's the season for it afterall!

    2. Hey Frisky! An amazon wish list would never have occurred to me. How there's an idea! I wouldn't be so bold as to ask for a camera, but a few new pairs of sexy undies would be great!

  4. Ah, to be rimmed! That's all I have to say. :-)

  5. BuddyBear..such a hottie..May I touch,taste,smell,lick,feel...ahh such a man.I better start planning my career somewhere in Canada,;)-James


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