Friday, November 2, 2012

Erectile Difficulties

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At 11:00 pm Thursday evening, I was just heading for bed when I received a text:  "sup?" ... as in "What's up?" from yet another 22 year old.  This was followed quickly by "im horny."   He and I had been chatting on for a couple of months but hadn't met. 

He was a gay virgin but was extremely anxious to have his first M2M experience ..... and he decided that I was the man for the job!  I had already turned him down several times in the past couple of weeks;  I was too tired, my kids were here, excuse after excuse.

Damn these young 'uns!  In my experience, they all decide they're horny very late at night, past the time that us old folks are already in bed.  It was very late for me but he was so anxious to get together with me that I relented.  I was afraid that he would stop asking if I turned him down again, so after a quick shower,  I headed back into town to pick him up.  

He was Inuit  (formerly called "Eskimo"), black hair, brown eyes,  smooth, tawny-coloured skin, 6'-0", around 220 pounds..... a  beautiful specimen of manhood!  He was very masculine, wearing work clothes spackled with plaster and dust.  He renovated houses and then sold them.  And he was  EXTREMELY nervous but chatty as hell.

My son was at home, so I took Sexy Inuit Guy to a neighbour's summer home which I look after in the off-season.  (they live in the USA)  It was freezing cold, but I dragged a mattress in front of the natural gas fireplace and we gradually stripped off under some quilts.  He had a beautiful, naturally-smooth body, fat cock and big low-hanging balls.  We  kissed sweetly for about 30 seconds when he exclaimed, "Oh no!  I'm not getting hard!!!"     

I hope he didn't see me rolling my eyes in the darkness.  (1)  We had hardly started;  of course it wasn't hard yet!  (2)  His cock is never going to get hard if he starts obsessing about it and (3)  He's a gay virgin having his first M2M contact with an old dude he's known for 15 minutes, in some strangers house in the freezing cold!  Of course he'd be nervous.

I'm a real Teddy Bear so I found it intensely romantic, full-body naked contact in the flickering firelight, kissing him (he was an aggressive kisser, soft pouty lips!) and feeling his muscular arms and legs wrapped around my torso, squeezing me tight.  As I gave him my best blowjob technique, he lay back and moaned softly but didn't get more than semi-hard.  He gave a timid blowjob which felt very nice and a handjob with his beefy, muscular hands which sent my legs a-quiver... but I didn't cum.  (I wasn't expecting to)

After about 30 minutes, we stopped and just held each other tight.  For the next hour and a half, we lay there cuddling with limbs entwined.  While I ran my hands all over his body,  his inner thighs, cock and balls, face, shoulders, and chest he talked and talked and talked.   He told me about his childhood in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, his business, his parents' and their divorce, his siblings, future goals and his five best bro-friends.

He was still worried about not getting fully hard, so I told him that I didn't cum for at least my first six times with other men... I knew all about being nervous. 

He assured me that him not getting hard had nothing to do with me, that I was very sexy*.   "You're the only guy I've been with .... I feel very comfortable around you."  He'd never NOT gotten hard before. 

*An aside:  I thanked him for the compliment, but I already knew that my body was every bit as sexy as his.

I asked him, "Are you sure you're gay?" He said, "Right now, I could probably still have sex with a woman.... but I think I like guys best."

We made plans for our next meeting which (I suggested) should happen in his own bed where he'd be less nervous.  I said that he should just do what he normally does to jerk off (watching porn on his computer, lube, whatever else...) and that I would be there, either in the bed or elsewhere in the room, but not participate right away.  I hope my advice helps get him over his nervousness. 

Hey, experienced gay lovers out there;  any other suggestions for my young friend?

Finally, with the greatest reluctance, we tore ourselves out of bed at 1:30 am and I drove him to  his grandmother's house in town (she was out of town;  he had to feed her cat!) and then a short distance back to his house.  I know that we will be together again one day!

I was in my own bed at 2:30 a.m. to enjoy a  solid 3 hours of sleep before hauling my sorry ass out of bed.   During my busy day at school today, I was well beyond EXHAUSTED (and still am) but that sweet encounter was well worth it.


  1. I can't actually comment on this one as I have ever had the experience of initiating a gay virgin, but it certainly sounds like you were doing all the right things. Suggesting that encounter #2 be at his place, in his own bed in a presumably WARM room (and still in your very warm and welcoming arms) makes absolute sense.

    In the meanwhile, the occasional email praising the beauty of his cock, the sweetness of his kiss, etc. might help boost his confidence for your next time together.

  2. youngsters are such a fright when they are learning about sex - full of enthusiasm but not finesse or pacing. Nobody's first time is anything but a bungle. Ah youth.

  3. Maybe he should not jack off for a couple days prior to your next session so he's extra moist when you get back together? Save the "play time" for when he's with you.

  4. It could be , he has problems he isn't discussing....The guy I was with was he had erectile difficulties too......Come to find out sometime later he sold out......Never told a anyone.....and move away...... Finally I heard.....He is doing well.....

  5. I got to agree with you..... I couldn't cum either the first few times....Now my erectile difficulties are gone...... I get lots of precum, an erect penis and I ejaculate......Plus I love being a male nudist too.....Catch you later............


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