Sunday, November 4, 2012

My hottie son

My son resembles the guy on the left, but with much broaders shoulders...
With frigid temperatures fast approaching, my son and I have been very busy with some major renovation projects at home.  One project involves building a new parking lot using about twenty 24 foot logs as a cribbing and shovelling three large truck loads of gravel, some sixty cubic yards. 

On the house end of the project, we're cutting a hole into the kitchen wall and installing a new pre-hung door.  A sixteen foot ramp will connect the new parking lot with the new door.  Since this part of the house dates back to 1941, nothing is square or level and everything held together with large wooden timbers and spikes.  A challenge!   And major chaos!

This project will solve the problem of our cars getting stuck all winter and will provide street-level parking and wheel chair* access.   From the main road, my property slopes sharply downhill to my house and further downhill to the waterfront.

* The wheel chair access is for myself in my old age, should my spinal condition worsen.  What can I say?  I'm a planner!

While his two older sisters have taken the university route, my son has little interest in academics but is highly skilled at hands-on work.  His future career in the trades, be it welding, carpentry, wiring and the like (or all of the above) which are highly in demand here and well paid.  I think his combination of intelligence, imagination and being a multi-skilled tradesman can't be beat!

As a preface to this next story, I must say that I try very hard not to have 'impure thoughts' about my male students. Really, I do!  But one day at school, as group of grade 11 guys walked in front of me, one young man stood out... about as tall as me (5'-10"), slim hips, very broad shoulders, blond short hair and with perfect proportions.  I thought, "Wow!  He's hot!  I haven't seen him before!"

They rounded the corner and to my horror, I realized that I had been ogling my own son!  OMFG!

In my defence, he had spent the night at my wife's house (I had an evening meeting at school) and was wearing a new pair of the coolest jeans (he rarely wears jeans) which I hadn't seen before and a new long-sleeved T-shirt, very tight.

My son and I are very much alike, physically.... clones, practically but with me being 34 years older.   A second Ahah! moment occurred as I realized that I had been just as gorgeous as him when I was sixteen..... but without the cool clothing  (I wore 'bargain-basement' clothes or my brother's hand-me-downs),  the professionally-cut hair  (my mother cut my hair) or his self confidence.  

I had no appreciation of how fine my body really was at that age ...... hmmmm.... missed opportunities!


  1. From the pictures you have shared and the appreciation you have received from your "encounters", it seems you are still HOT!!!

  2. What are the chances that you will post a picture of your son?

  3. Anonymous: thank you!

    Mind of Mine: Well, there's no chance of me posting his face picture but a back view might be possible....

  4. Ogled your own son...wowlolwut? crazy.

  5. Hahaha BB, that's hilarious. Yes, I've looked back at photos of my youth and though, "Why the hell did I think myself so ugly??" Well, maybe I was ugly to the girls my age, as I never seemed to attract them. Not so ugly to the "nice mature" guy I've turned into.

    As far as posting photos of your son....ummmm. Bad idea. I'm sure you knew that, but I'll state it publicly just in case. Let him get his own blog.

  6. Hahaha!!! Too funny!! No worries BB, I often find myself wishing I had my 11 year olds ass!! Of course her being the exact clone of me, like your and your son, I probably had the same ass before she came along!! It's okay to think your kids are hot, being beautiful isn't something a parent cant think about their kids. Although I can't imagine the horror you must have felt when you realized who it was you were ogling!

    Great forethought on the ramp for the house. Most people will need one and by the time they do they have to hire out the work with money they don't have. So you knowing you may need one sooner than later than most are very smart to put one in now while you can still get free slave labor out of your child. Also, for your son. He may want to take a course or two on business management & accounting. That way as he advances in his trade if he chooses to become his own boss he will have all the tools to do so, physically & mentally.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I've missed keeping up on yours. I've got lots of back reading to do!!

    Have a grand day BB.

    1. Hi CoreyJo... that's for all your great comments and suggestions! Especially the management / accounting courses for my son. That never would have occurred to me.

  7. Buddy Bear, I think most of us dealing with sexual identity issues whether bi or gay have problems recognizing that we are attractive or hot. I know I sometime catch an off guard glimpse of myself in a window or mirror and am startled to recognize myself.

    I think our being a minority has a lot to do with it and the majority's rejection of us when we were growing up. I am finding that as I am coming out and growing into authenticity that I am more accepting of my physical being and appearance as I accept my sexuality.

    I wouldn't publish any photos of your son without his knowledge and consent. I have a 19yo daughter who chewed me out when I didn't get her permission to put her photos in our family Christmas letter a couple of years ago.

    1. That's for your great comments, clearly based on experience and common sense!

    2. Hi Gerry,
      I feel the same way. My wife had so destroyed my self esteem. Then I came out and discovered that there are those who find me attractive. Amazing at my age (59)

  8. congrats for the best gay blog on the web

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Wow!


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