Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cubby's and Erik's Meme, Part I

An excellent meme from Cubby and Erik:  thanks, gentlemen!   I divided it into two posts as I am seriously out of time this morning. Edit:  Click here for Part II.  Anyway, I wanted space for these pics of these hot men in the snow.   Our current temperature:  -18 C.  Yikes!

Is your beard as soft as it looks?  No!  I wore a goatee for years but as it became gray, it became coarser and more prickly.  Now I'm constantly clean-shaven as I had too many complaints from the young men about my stubble hurting their smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom faces.

Does your area have a food or dish that it’s known for? Something that was invented there or that just isn’t the same anywhere else?    We locals are crazy about for a confection which was invented here seventy years ago and exists nowhere else in the world.  But I can't name it as I don't want to reveal my exact location.  Sorry!

Do you follow any webcomics?  No, but suddenly I feel that I should be following some gay ones like Adam and Andy.

Yes, this is me from my Jan. 1, 2012 post.
If money were not necessary, how would you spend your days? Where would you go to do it?
Travel, for both summer  hiking and winter snowboarding anywhere in the world!   Volunteering (especially with LGBTQ organizations and with Habitat for Humanity).   I would still need to continue with my passion of designing and building houses and renovating.

Would you ever consider visiting Canada… as in Vancouver Island?    I've visited all parts of Canada (except the far north) and lived in five different provinces;  BC, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  But there is much still to discover in this fantastic country of mine!    ps:  I LOVE Vancouver Island.


  1. With me it's the mustache part of my beard that's found to be prickly when I give blow jobs. As I never know when a pleasurable opportunity is going to, um, arise, I make sure to keep it trimmed back every couple of days so it won't get near the delicate and sensitive places.

    I also do a little regular trimming around the base of my cock in case someone wants to blow me. I believe in making things easier and more enjoyable for any guy who's eager to do nice things for me.

  2. I LOVE that pix of you in the snow! you look so tasty!

  3. I'm really curious now what that confection is.

  4. Will: It is amazing what's we'll do to keep those handsome men in our bed. Even a couple of years ago, I never thought in a million years that I'd be shaving my balls but now I do so gladly.....

    anne marie and frisky couple: Thank you! I'll post a couple more pics of me on my next post.

    Victor: I emailed the answer to you privately. But it's not something you would ever eat and still maintain that fantastic body of yours!

  5. Got it! Thank you!

    That first pic is you? Wow. You really are gorgeous.

    1. I WISH the first pic was me! That guy is sooo hot!! NO, I am in the second pic, wearing the blue and black knitted hat with the tassle hanging down my chest.

      Since it was New Year's Day, I taped "2012" down my chest....

    2. omg you're adorable. Love that pic. Love that hat!

  6. Buddy:

    I love you! Wish I were where you were in this journey of life. Maybe someday.

    1. I won't stalk you... I'm safe.... But I would let you stock me.

    2. Thank you! And yes, if I did this journey, you can do it too! You just need to ask yourself the tough question: "What do I want?"... Some soul-searching may be needed before you come up with an honest answer. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life in your present tense situation?

      Your need for a happy, stress-free life is as important as making your wife happy (which you're not) or protecting your daugther from who knows what...


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