Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Cheeks

My ass, lit by the glow of the TV.  lol

I should add: I took this pic to send to a young friend* who was in a car aaccident.

His car was a write-off and he had to get stitches and staples to close various lacerations. Other than being sore and stiff (but not in a good way) he is fine.

The ass pic was intended as a "Get Well Soon" present but mainly to tease and to (in his words) "sexually frustrate him." lol

 * he is a hookup buddy: 27, blue-eyed, blonde, extremely handsome, quite husky and a champion cuddler.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sucked off a country boy

Last Friday at 10:30 pm, I was tucked in bed with my two dogs, exhausted aftet a busy week.

Then I got a message on  "u available right now?  we can play, suck each other off in my garage but it has to be right now."

His profile said he was 36 years old, 5'-9", 180 pounds and "seeking a w
oman" and lived only 10 minutes away but further out into the country!  I thought:  "Hell, yes!"  and jumped in my car.  I knew from experience that these sorts of offers are seldom made twice.

He was waiting for me in the shadows of his front yard:  a scruffy-faced country boy wearing camo pants and a blaze orange hunting cap who exactly matched his profile stats.  Finally!  I get to suck off a country boy!  He resembled the hot guys pictured on my favourite hot dude website, Edge of Reality.

Country Boy hissed:  "My fiancee's out.  She'll back in half an hour!"
Dude!  Your fiancee!  WTF!!

He was handsome in a rough sort of way with a scruffy face, bad complexion, messy hair and bright blue eyes.  I told him to lean against his quadrunner and I yanked down his camo pants to his ankles.  He had muscular thighs, a beautiful, voluptuous ass, big balls and a smallish cock which grew and grew to be nice and thick in my mouth.  A grower, indeed!

"I'm going to make this a quick one!"  I said.  Part way through, he pulled away, yanked down my pants and gave my cock and ball a rough working-over which sent my legs a-trembling. It felt fabulous, although I've never cum with a blowjob, sadly.

I pulled away and took him into my mouth again. "Ya, .... lick my balls" he gasped.

When he came, gasping and shuddering, I held his cock in my mouth for a minute longer;  I love feeling it throb after a guy cums.  I pulled up my pants and said:  "I should get out of here. I hope to see you again, dude, but in my bed."   He agreed.

As I retreated through the year, I say some children's toys and a little kiddie swing set.  Yikes!

Two nights later, he messaged me again.
Country Boy:    can you come over at 11?  I want you in my bed.  my fiancée's at work and the kids will be asleep.

Buddy Bear:  What kids?

Country Boy:  I have two kids, 2 and 4.  they never wake up

Buddy Bear:  That's a really bad idea;  hooking up with some strange guy in your fiancée's bed with your kids in the next room!   She'll figure out out!

He logged off without comment and later, deleted his account entirely.  I guess I won't be hearing from him again!  

I have mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, he was so hot!  His intensity!  On the other hand, who needs an irate fiancée coming after me with a hunting rifle?  But would I suck him off again?  You better believe it!

POSTSCRIPT:   The next morning, feeling like a total stalker, I drove slowly by his house.  Two mini-vans were parked in a driveway littered with toys; the house windows were plastered with Hallowe'en decorations.

A real family man!   I so wish I could talk him out of getting married.  Don't do it, dude!   It can only end badly!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog Silent

It's been weeks since I've blogged which I deeply regret. It's a big gap in my personal record of my gay journey. ... so many exciting stories to tell!

The main reason I've gone blog-silent is that I've been computer-less since the lightning strike six weeks ago.

Since helping out with my son's school expenses, I've been struggling (and failing) to make ends meet. But I hope to be able to buy a new laptop in a month or so.

In addition, I've been dealing with still more divorce-related problems with Revenue Canada regarding my 2013 return. A huge stressor!

Blogging using the public library computers was time consuming and a huge hassle. Blogging on my school-issued computer is not possible: it would be grounds for dismissal!

Life at my new school is fantastic! In addition to teaching my sweet students, I've been busy with the GSA and the Outers Club. (We go on hikes and other wilderness adventures)

In the personal front, my parents are healthy; we see each other most days. All my kids are doing extremely well at school and work. I've been so busy that I've scarcely noticed my "Empty Nest" at all.

I've been working tirelessly on my many home renovations and feel much pressure as our winter is fast approaching. So many pre-winter preparations to do!

On the hookup front, I can now host at any time and don't have to explain to anyone my comings and goings. So .... I've been enjoying my slutty freedom with numerous sexy guys of all ages.

Details to follow!


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