Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Cheeks

My ass, lit by the glow of the TV.  lol

I should add: I took this pic to send to a young friend* who was in a car aaccident.

His car was a write-off and he had to get stitches and staples to close various lacerations. Other than being sore and stiff (but not in a good way) he is fine.

The ass pic was intended as a "Get Well Soon" present but mainly to tease and to (in his words) "sexually frustrate him." lol

 * he is a hookup buddy: 27, blue-eyed, blonde, extremely handsome, quite husky and a champion cuddler.


  1. Wow. Now I'm hungry! :-)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Vert nice. Keep up the effort.

  2. On the relatively rare occasions when the ass I was about slip into was as sumptuously beautiful as yours in this picture, the erotic charge I felt just went through the roof. How lucky he is to have you in his past and, hopefully, his future when he's able to get stiff in the good way again!

  3. WOOHOO!!!

    Peace <3

  4. I thinks I see a nutsack...:)

  5. I thought that ass looked familiar ;)

  6. You have a beautiful Ass! Damn!!
    I could have that for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a Bedtime Snack!!!
    Tim from MO

  7. Hi my, friend. My blog has been murdered by Tumblr when I was on the eve of reaching the 40,000 followers. On every point that is as if it had never existed. I restart @ “french-patrick” (the same address but with a dash between french and patrick). Feel free to follow it and, please, change the link on your blog by adding the dash. Thank you beforehand. XO

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! As of today, I'm back to blogging with my new laptop!


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