Thursday, August 29, 2013

TMI: Hey waiter!

Too Much Information is a regular and fun feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy

1.  How often do you eat out?
At present, I have an extremely tight budget so the answer would be never or rarely.   My eating out is only done while socializing with friends such as at the DC Bloggerpalooza

But cooking is one of my greatest pleasures so I much prefer to cook at  home, tackling virtually any dish or cuisine no matter how complicated or unfamiliar.  I have cooked with all three of my children from the time they were toddlers:  fond memories!  But what I really look forward to one day is to cook with the special man in my life. 
2.  Do you like trying new places?
Yes, especially one of the many local ethnic eateries in Toronto.  Indian, Thai, Greek, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Chinese .... I love them all!

3.  How do you feel about chains vs. individual restaurants?
I'd much prefer individual restaurants for their unique, local offerings although I must admit, chains often have excellent prices and quality.   A McDonald's $1.69 double cheeseburger is my #1 guilty pleasure.

4.  Do you usually have a preference where you sit?
With my back to the wall with a clear view of the room, to check out the comings and goings of hot guys.

5.  Do you order dessert?
Yes!  I absolutely love desserts, but I'm often too full at that point in the meal.  I'll often take half of my entrée home in a doggie bag to leave room for dessert.

6.  Where won't you eat?
I couldn't imagine NOT eating anywhere.  I'm not the slightest bit fussy. 

7.  Kids in restaurants are ___________?
Great!  I've never been troubled by kids' behaviour in restaurants, ever.  But as the father of three and a school teacher, I suspect my I have a greater tolerance for noise and annoying kids than the average gay guy.

8.  Do you have any 'rules' when you eat out?
 I never order something in a restaurant which I could easily prepare at home.

9.  Do you tip the waiter in cash or on credit?  How much?
I usually tip 20% by credit card unless the service has been appallingly bad.  But I've recently been told that it is more better for the servers to receive cash.

Bonus Bonus Bonus
People describe eating as a sexual experience. Would you?  I've eaten food which was so insanely good, it was swoon-inducing.  But I wouldn't go so far as to describe it as "sexual." 

Have you mixed sex and food?
On the advice of my massage therapist, I often use extra virgin olive oil to give a sensual massage as foreplay or even after-play.  But I'd like to expand my experience in the sex / food area.  Whipping cream, anyone?

Does the possibility of sex after dinner affect what you order? Not really.  I'd avoid garlic unless my sex partner was eating it as well. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunks in pink speedos

This was inspired by a post by Ray of Ray's Cowboys, where all the sexy guys are wearing red.  Very hot! 

These pink speedo hunks were from The Pink Speedo Blog.   Pink is an extremely sexy colour for a man to wear.  It's light enough that the dude's cock and balls can be highly visible and it has a certain "in-your-face" gayness about it, too.

One of my early signs of my hidden gayness happened when I was 14 and a family from the USA visited us at our cottage.  The 18 year old son was on his college swim team and my brother, cousin and I spent the day with him, swimming, water skiing and going in the sauna.

He had a perfect swimmers body, of course, and wore a mid-70s pink floral speedo of (I think) rather loose nylon which allowed plenty of movement of his cock and balls as he frolicked in the water.  Best yet, as he emerged from the water, the thin fabric clung to his package, outlining every detail.   The others tittered behind his back at his revealing swimsuit but I couldn't stop gaping at it.  I was mesmerized!

It's a sweltering hot afternoon here; extremely humid for the Great White North.  I have gone for a swim in the chilly water several times and I'm in the Love Nest where it's relatively cool.

I am having simultaneous texted conversations with my ex-wife and Big Red, my sweet 24 year old loverboy, being extremely careful to check to whom I am sending each text.   It would not do to send a text to my ex-wife such as:  "I can't wait for you to cum in my mouth."  LOL 

Here's a summary of what's going down in my exciting life:

A:  My daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for a 1500 km drive to her university town. She'd normally fly but needs a tonne of stuff for her rented place.  I always look forward to spending time alone with her:  she's sweet and funny with a vibrant personality.  And I'll get to meet her boyfriend for the first time;  a hot young dude from India!

B:  I started a blog post about a recent hookup with an Italian foot fetish hottie entitled: "The Most Beautiful Cock Ever" but am still finding it hard to write about explicit encounters.  It's embarrassing to think that there will be a dozen people reading it who I've met in the flesh.  I'll post it later.

C:   My wife and I are having a collegial texted conversation about settling our accounts for kids' expenses. They are considerable, involving university tuition, car insurance, cell phone bills, back-to-school clothing (for our youngest) and the like.  But we rarely have a problem settling our accounts because we generally spend equal amounts on an on-going-basis.

We normally do this each month but we haven't had this discussion since last February.  My wife has been having a "difficult, emotional time" and couldn't cope with any of this.  I've heard through reliable sources (our best friend) that my wife is now on meds for  her depression and is starting to feel better.

That's all for now!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The dogs in my life

It's been a glorious few days here, weather-wise after an unseasonably wet and cold summer.  All three kids are here with me for the rest of the week which is a fairly unusual occurrence.  But typical of my 'emptying nest', sometimes I don't see a great deal of them over the course of the day even when they're here.

All have summer jobs and two of the kids own their own cars, so they're extremely independent and will often sleep over at my wife's house in town or at a friend's house.  We much prefer they stay where they are rather than risk returning home late at night.

In particular, my son spends much time at his friend's cottage on an offshore island and it could be risky for him to drive the boat across the channel late at night.   Strong winds can whip up meters-high waves in minutes.

All of this (partial) solitude just reinforces my resolve to find some more friends or acquaintances and to make more of an effort with the few that I already have.    My social life can no longer just revolve around my children.  I'm still turning down multiple hookup offers on  because since my return from DC, I'm just not interested in the guys who are messaging me!

My son's dog, Dexter, is nearly two years old.  We think he's a
border collie cross but don't know for sure since he came from
the dog pound.  A sweetie!
My former wife is away for a week visiting family so the kids are looking after her little dog in addition to our three dogs who already live here.   Which really means that I am looking after her dog since the kids are not here most of the time.  

This is not a problem;  she's a sweet little dog who only stops yapping when she is sitting on your lap .... which is all the time.

So... here are the dogs in my life:
This is my little doggie, Toby, who lives with me full time.  He's eight years
old and his grandparents include poodle, bichon, Chihuahua and Scottish
 terrier, among other breeds.


My ex-wife's little dog who is also came
from the dog pound and is of unknown
age and parentage.   She's probably a
3 - 4 year old Maltese.

This is my eldest daughter's dog who is 8
years old.  Although they look nothing alike,
 he is a brother to my dog, Toby, from
the same litter. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


My juicy ass, taken this morning.
These days, I`m feeling less inclined to hook up with just any random guy.  Despite my hookup behaviour over the past two years, I`m really not cut out for it, I think. One factor is that I`m still feeling blah! after my trip to Washington DC and have a growing sense of dread at the start of school in a couple of weeks. 

At the moment, I just avoid logging on to because it`s a hassle always having to politely turn down guys who message me for hookups.  Eventually, I`m sure, my craving for cock will win over and I`ll accept one of the offers coming my way.

As well, the cold fall weather is now upon us and there is much I need to do before winter sets in.   The biggest job to finish is the gutting and renovation of my living room which I started last April and have made no progress on at all.  None! 

But the room is completely stripped of insulation and is, in fact, partly open to the great outdoors.  So I must finish it before the winter or it will -20 degrees inside the house as well as out.   My son`s dislocated shoulder is healing well but he will not be able to help me for at least another 2 - 3 months.  Too late!  

Recently, a gay friend (who knows about such things) described my ass as "juicy."   I hadn't heard the term before but didn't reveal my ignorance at the time.   Later, I  looked up the term on which listed a variety of definitions which seemed to apply.  
* A word used to describe something extremely good. commonly a reference to ass or titties.
* Thick and curvaceous
* A person or thing with a big booty.  Example:  "That annoying boy is one juicy."

I love every part of a man`s body so it would be hard to narrow down my favourite part.  But lately, I`ve been thinking that a man with a voluptuous ass is my favourite thing to look at.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TMI: Happy Birthday

It's been a while since I've done one of Sean's TMI Thursdays ... thanks, Sean!  The beautiful pics of sleeping, beautiful men are from /Resting and Sleeping Men.

1.  Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday?  (forgetting about getting older part).  No, I don't feel comfortable with people pampering me and giving me presents, even within my own family.

I don't mind the "year older" part.  At 19,  I was gravely ill with a metastatic malignant melanoma which had spread fairly widely and no one, including my doctors, thought in a million years that I would live to see 21. So every extra year that I live is a blessing.

2.  What is your sign and is it accurate?  I was born on the cusp of Cancer / Leo.  I believe in it very strongly:  love of home, family oriented, overly-sensitive, romantic, nurturing, love of food and cooking,  physical and courageous;  highly emotional but protected by a hard shell and "sometimes living in a fantasy world" ... that's me!

3. What is your Chinese zodiac sign and is it accurate?   I was born in the Year of the Tiger but don't believe in the Chinese zodiac at all.  

4.  What was you best birthday?  See #6, below, items A and C. 

5.  What was your worst birthday?  I turned 20 in the middle of my melanoma episode with a couple of recurrences and numerous surgeries.  We all thought that this would be my last birthday.   I was terrified and in physical pain from the surgeries.  It was a very bleak period.

6.  What has been your best age so far?  I would like to say "my present age" but that wouldn't be truthful. 

Although I'm enjoying myself now, there are numerous concerns such as my difficult financial situation, an emerging 'empty nest',  emerging health problems and the fact that I know exactly the qualities I need in the 'special man' in my life but fear that he will never materialize in my bed.

My "best age" happened during three periods: 
A:  My entire childhood from birth to adulthood, of golden summers living at the family cottage at a beautiful lake and winters doing all the winter sports that we loved.

B:  My 20s, when I had a wonderful adventure living in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia for my career.

C:  Early parenthood:   The 8 to 10 year period starting when my oldest child was born was a wondrous, exciting time and better yet, I knew how special it was while I was living it.  I worked part-time and was fully immersed in raising my three beautiful, happy, healthy children. 

It was only when my youngest was about six that my wife's behaviour became really erratic and I was starting to notice my emerging gayness.  But I was at least ten years away from admitting that I was gay.

7:  Cake? My cake choices evolved over the years.  For my first two decades, my birthday cake was a chocolate layer cake (made from a Duncan Hines mix) iced with large quantities of real whipping cream, whipped with Nestle Quik chocolate drink powder.  I still love it!

For half of my 20s, I was usually living alone on my birthday in some major city. Overworked, underpaid and far from home.  I never had a birthday cake and it would have been too pathetic to bake your own.  Also, I never told any of my friends or colleagues that it was my birthday.  (See #1, above)

During my marriage, my wife made the cakes and I always requested some home-made, dense cake loaded with real chocolate.

Now, my oldest daughter (a chef-in-training) makes my birthday cakes and she has free reign to make a different one every year as a surprise.  Recent ones have been burnt butter almond cake, orange /orange liqueur cake, and cakes loaded with whipping cream, summer berries or fruit.  They're always very special.

BONUS:  Is birthday sex expected, a present or a rarity?  In the last 12+ years of my marriage, there was no sex of any description.  I did have sex on my birthday this year with a hot younger dude who wished me "Happy Birthday!" when I told him.  LOL
If I had a regular partner, I'd say "yes"... I'd want birthday sex as part of my present.   And no, I'm not into being spanked although many guys can't resist taking a whack at my "juicy" ass. LOL

Monday, August 19, 2013

The challenge: making friends in mid-life

One of the biggest factors in my post-Blogger-Palooza blues is that all of my blogger friends live over 1,000 miles away.  It is much easier to maintain a friendship when you can pop over for a cup of tea or to help with some household project on a minutes' notice.

I never had a huge stable of friends and the majority left our economically- depressed town after university for work.  In that pre-Facebook and e-mail age, I lost contact with most of them.  It didn't help that I moved constantly and lived in five different provinces in my 20s.  (but it was a wonderful adventure!)

Throughout my marriage, life was a social whirl but mainly centred around the lives of our three kids, their friends and their friends' parents.  In our 14-house cul-de-sac, there were some twenty kids around the same age.  We parents were deeply involved in each others' social lives and we shared countless fun times together great and small, but everything was child-centred.  I was too busy to seek friends outside of that convenient circle.

But all the kids are adults now and mainly moved on.  Many former neighbours have downsized and moved, some to different parts of the country.  I still see my former neighbourhood friends a few times a year but now it takes a 45 minute drive to pop over for a coffee .... it's not as easy as chatting over the back fence!  

I now realize that I was actually friends with the wives rather than with their hottie husbands.  I was just 'one of the girls.'  This was another sign of my latent gayness and it now makes friendships a bit more challenging.

Is it possible for a gay man to be casual friends with a straight, married woman while secretly lusting over her straight husband with whom he is not friend?  Tricky!

But now, my kids have become quite independent (two of them own their own cars) and my divorce drama is winding down.  So for the first time in decades, I have the time to develop some friendships and this week, there have been numerous developments in this department:

1.   A close teacher colleague who is my age and her hottie Australian husband moved into their new home this week just a few kilometers down the beach.  She invited me over for a visit and I plan to reciprocate.  I'm fairly sure that we will continue to socialize to some degree although not as "A-list" friends.

2.   Yesterday, I went for a 2-hour wilderness hike with a guy I hooked up with last February.  At that time, he wanted to pursue an LTR but I declined.  We are quite incompatible sexually and he is a bit too negative for me.... a real stick-in-the-mud!   But we had a fantastic time on our hike, sharing food and countless stories about the local gay guys.

3.   I have fairly regular coffee dates with several gay friends who I will never hook up with but whose company I enjoy, including the Dave, Ethan (my trans man friend) and Jamie, my former student who used to jerk off while thinking of me.  But it's time-consuming meeting them all separately so I'm thinking of seeing them all at once, maybe over dinner.

4.  There will be an initial meeting in September to start a local Gay Man's Choir.   I can't sing worth beans but I hope to join anyway.

5.  I haven't seen my closest childhood friend for two years as we were both busy with our respective divorces. We've been friends since the week of our birth in 1962 and lived in adjacent houses throughout our childhood and teen years. 

Todd phoned to say that he was recuperating from a motorcycle accident (which I hadn't heard about) which resulted in a cracked pelvis and a the installation of an artificial hip to replace one shattered in the accident.  Horrible!  But he needs a friend to visit and I'm going over there today.

So, I do think I am making progress in my goal of making friends.  Having friends will help a little bit in easing my sense of isolation which I've been feeling lately.  But what I really need, I think, is a special man in my life.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blowjob on a beautiful boy in jeans

It feels very different blogging upon my return from our Blogger-Palooza, knowing that there are people reading this who I care about.  This is no longer a truly anonymous blog!  I might now find it embarrassing to publish intimate details about my hookups. 

But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  So far, I haven't logged onto once since I've returned.  Right now, I just don't feel like lying with some naked stranger but I'm sure that desire will return eventually.  Maybe. Probably.

So here's a sweet encounter which I had in Toronto three weeks ago during my temp job.   I was resting after work when I got a "ping!" signalling a message on squirt.

It was a faceless 25 year old, 5'-10", 170 pounds.  The squirt GPS said "100 meters away."

Jeans Guy:  hi
Buddy Bear:  Hello there!  What's up?
Jeans Guy:  are u into younger
BB:   yep
Jeans Guy:  where r u
BB:  Comfort Inn Airport, Dixon Road
Jeans Guy:  im just driving by now.  would you do some stuff to me without me doing anything to you.  never been with a guy
BB:  I'd love to help you out in any way I can.  Curious?
Jeans Guy:  VERY
BB:   room 931.  See you soon!

Minutes later, he came bounding in, just a little nervous.  Perfection... absolute perfection!   Broad shoulders, tight T-shirt, tight body, with a rounded ass and full thighs clearly displayed in tight jeans.

He was very much like the beautiful boys pictured here .... absolutely gorgeous and looking just like any other hockey-playing straight Canadian boy.  

It's always best to get right down to it, so I told him to lie down on the bed.  He started to unzip and I said, "Wait!  I want to do that!" 

I took off his socks and shoes ( and s-l-o-w-l-y unzipped his lovely jeans and pulled them off to reveal sexy, short-cut boxer briefs.  They weren't boring Hanes brand but some bright, tight higher-end "gay" underwear.

I pulled those off to reveal a smallish cock and I moved in to start the blowjob. 

Jeans Guy: "Wait!  I want you to use a condom!"  
BB:  "Really?  I've never done a blowjob with a condom before."
Jeans Guy:  "I have a girlfriend, I can't take any chances."

I massaged his uncut cock with silicone lube and it grew and grew until it was at least average-sized, quite fat and with a pronounced curve.  I rolled a condom onto his hard cock;  another first for me and wow, was that hot!   Working with my fingers, lips and tongue and much lube, I worked my way up and down his rose bud, ass crack, taint, balls and cock.

I love a responsive man better than anything and Jeans Guy made it a very sweet experience for me.  I could hear his sharp intake of breath, the moaning and feeling a slight tremor in his thighs as he thrust his hips heavenward.  "Oh, ya!... you got it! There it is!!" as I hit the sweet spot at the bottom side of his cock head. He interrupted his moaning: "Do you have any sex toys you can use on me?"

"No, they're all at home."  Shit!  Fuck! Damn! Damn! Damn!  Note to self:  carry my sex toys around with me at all times, especially when travelling.

Finally,  his face became mask-like (another thing which I love) and he came and a minute later, I peeled the condom off with its load of cum.  Again, very hot!  He said, "It makes less of a mess this way too!"  Too funny!

As he got dressed, I asked, "So, what about this girlfriend?  How old is she?"  He said, "26, but she's not really my girlfriend... it's just a fling."

I said: "For you it's a fling but for her, I'll bet it's more serious.   Before she gets in too far, you really need to figure out what you like.  Straight guys your age don't meet up with old farts like me in hotel rooms."   I quickly told him the devastating impact my coming-out had on my wife, twenty years too late. 

He took my unsolicited advice with grace:  "I will."  I asked for and received a hug, full-bodied and tight;  no holding back!  I thanked him, he thanked me and then he disappeared down the hallway.  What a sweet encounter!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm back home and feeling slightly at a loss after being away for seven exciting days in Washington DC and Toronto.  During the past week, I met eight blogger friends, six for the first time.  Thanks guys! and one gal!... I love you all!

Compared to those congested metropolitan areas, I might as well be on another planet, living as I do in the countryside some distance from a small, remote town. 

Compounding my sense of isolation is the fact that my eldest daughter is still in Europe on vacation, my son is still camping with his friend's family and middle daughter is working late tonight so she'll sleep at my former wife's house.   I'm home alone with my little dog who is sweet but not much of a conversationalist.

What I miss the most is the pleasure of being with special friend(s) who make everything that much more fun, whether walking around historic sites, eating out and in particular, ogling and commenting on the hot gay guys who were much in evidence everywhere.  For the past many years, I have been by myself for nearly all of my adventures and I'm tired of it.

What also struck me was the wealth of LGBTQ opportunities available in the big cities such as gay community centres, gay bars, book and social clubs, shops, entertainment (drag queens! bear night! woof!) and gay recreation and sports leagues of every description.  Little / none of those exist here.

By contrast, there is a severe lack of LGBTQ services or social outlets of any kind in my little town. The local gay guys all say: "This is a difficult town to be gay in" and young gaylings generally escape to the big city immediately upon graduation.  I don't see this situation changing any time soon, if ever.

I know that this is a sucky kind of a post, but that's my mood at  the moment.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweaty, shirtless DC runners

I've been Washington, DC, for the past five days with five fantastic blogger friends;  fun times and lots of great conversation!  I won't be blogging about too many of the details but as our time together  winds down, I am feeling two things:
  1. Enormous gratitude and affection for having such kind, interesting, generous friends who provide such unequivocal support, experienced advice and great fun.
  2. Great sadness that because we live so far apart, these face-to-face meetings (at least for me) will be few and far between.
Early tomorrow morning, (Monday), I will be flying to Toronto to spend an exciting day with Dr. Spo and Someone .... my blogger cups runneth over!


Today's pics are a nod to all the sexy, athletic runners we've been seeing around Washington, shirtless and sweating in the heat and humidity.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blowjob in the great outdoors

I find reading blogs written by other guys in my situation very reassuring.  I sometimes have an element of self doubt when, for example, I have days where I prefer giving blowjobs over any other sexual interaction with a guy.  "Is this normal?"   

The blogger of A Breeder's Journal touched on two issues of which I'm all-to-familiar in this post 

(1)  He writes: "This last Sunday I placed an ad stating I wanted to give head. Nothing complicated. Nothing too weird. I said I just wanted to walk in, take down a guy’s pants, suck him to completion, swallow the load, and get the hell out." 

I often feel this way!   Sometimes, I just don't want the complication of another guy's feelings or listening to stories about his ex and just don't have the time to spend two hours kissing in bed, no matter how sweet that can be.

(2)  A Breeder's Journal also pointed out the inverse relationship between the length of time spent doing pre-hookup chat and the likelihood of a flesh-on-flesh hookup actually occurring.  Some guys, closeted ones especially, will flirt online endlessly, ask numerous questions and seek reassurances but will never consummate the deal.  I have several men, aged 24 to 55, with whom I've had enjoyable online chats for many months. Yet, I'm sure that I will never get into their pants.

Yesterday, on the other hand, I gave a pleasurable blowjob which was arranged in less than two minutes.  I was in the grocery story and idly checked my chat notifications on

FitGuy42:   feeling horny.  are u looking? 
Buddy Bear:  maybe, depends
FitGuy42:   can u host?
Buddy Bear:  I live 30 km away, too far
FitGuy42:   what do you like to do the best?
BB:  sucking cock.   cock worship!!  I'm the master at it!!!
FitGuy42:  game for outdoors?  riverside park* in 10 minutes, grey track pants, black SUV
BB:   black tee, blondish hair, camo shorts.  see you in 10.  :-)
FitGuy42:   k

*an undeveloped, 200 acre wilderness park at the edge of town.

I pulled into the empty parking lot where he was standing beside his SUV.  FitGuy42 was slim and fit but plain-looking.   As a bonus, he matched his profile description exactly and he looked, well, 42, one of my favourite ages for a man.

He smiled, shook my hand and said hello.  We chatted like old friends about the weather, my divorce, my kids and my new home as we walked deep into the deserted forest, trailed by hordes of mosquitoes.

Opening his packsack, he sprayed a small clearing with bug spray and set up a small, battery-operated device which dispenses insect repellent into the air.  "Wow!", you've done this before!  Well, I won't linger with this."  Amazingly, these preparations did the trick as the mosquitoes suddenly disappeared.

I kneeled in front of him, pulled down his track pants to reveal a smallish, 2" soft cock.  After intense sucking and application of silicone lube, it grew to a satisfactory 5 inches of average thickness.  I actually like sucking a cock of this size because I can give all of it an intense working-over, all at once and with no holding back because of gagging.

I'd never actually done a blowjob on a guy who was standing up before.   It was pretty cool because as he neared orgasm, his thighs started trembling involuntarily and I feared that he was going to fall over.  I steadied him with a firm grip around his inner thighs and perky little bum, using this an excuse to press my finger firmly against his rose bud.  LOL.

After much moaning, his face became "mask-like"  (another thing which I love!) and he came.   Afterwards, I pulled his track pants up, he shook my hands and said, "That was great!" 

I said, "I'd like a hug, too!" and we held each other in a crushing bro-hug for a surprisingly long time.  We then said goodbye and as if by design, headed back to the parking lot along different paths.

All in all, a very pleasant wait to spend 10 minutes.   I don't see anything wrong with that, do you?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How about a non-sexual post for a change?

One of the many reasons that I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world is because the bloggers sometimes reveal a little bit of their gardens.   Some lovely examples include anne marie from Philly with her many beautiful flowers, Bill in France with his amazing vegetables and Dr. Spo in Phoenix with desert plants.

Growing up, every member of my extended immigrant family had a large, backyard vegetable garden.  In her late 70s, my mother still has a garden which fills her entire back yard.  Early in my marriage, I had a very lush, productive garden which was about 1/4 acre in size, complete with a small greenhouse and fruit trees which I grafted myself. 

But the babies started to come, and my wife became less able to cope with anything so I had to abandon my garden.   I was just too busy!

Now, I have somewhat more time to start gardening at my new waterfront home but there are significant challenges here   My entire properly is underlain by a solid sheet of  bedrock which is made up some of the oldest rocks on the planet.  About 1/3 of the property is bare rock, in fact, and the rest has a soil depth ranging from three inches to one foot.   To deal with this, I've built a few raised beds and have hauled in topsoil and horse manure. 

The other bigger challenge involves our cool temperatures (much cooler here by the cold water than further inland), howling winds and our very short 40 day growing season.  To grow vegetables on this property is pretty near hopeless, I'd say, but I love gardening so much that I determined to try.

Here is what I have growing in my yard this morning.

A hosta doing well in completely infertile soil.

Some of several dozen raspberry canes planted
this year, given to me by my mother.  They'll do
well in our cool climate.

Some late green onions.

A sour cherry tree... its first year producing!

I have huge areas of flat rock covered by yellow sedum.  
They bloomed a month ago and the red are the seed pods.

Trailing lobelia and a tomato plant
in a tooled copper yard-sale pot.

Entry #1 in my raised-bed herb garden.

Portulaca doing really well in a window box.

My grandmother's "strawberry rhubarb" from the 1930s.  I divided my chunk into six different plants this year because we eat so much of it.

This apple tree was planted a year ago.

Impatience, trailing lobelia and dianthus
(barely) blooming in a hollowed-out stump


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