Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweaty, shirtless DC runners

I've been Washington, DC, for the past five days with five fantastic blogger friends;  fun times and lots of great conversation!  I won't be blogging about too many of the details but as our time together  winds down, I am feeling two things:
  1. Enormous gratitude and affection for having such kind, interesting, generous friends who provide such unequivocal support, experienced advice and great fun.
  2. Great sadness that because we live so far apart, these face-to-face meetings (at least for me) will be few and far between.
Early tomorrow morning, (Monday), I will be flying to Toronto to spend an exciting day with Dr. Spo and Someone .... my blogger cups runneth over!


Today's pics are a nod to all the sexy, athletic runners we've been seeing around Washington, shirtless and sweating in the heat and humidity.


  1. It's amazing how blogging brings us all together. I know when I started, I never imagined that I would EVER meet any of the people I "associated with" online in person. Since then, it's been three in England, and 20(or thereabouts) here!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

    I hope you can make the 2014 Blogger-pa-looza in Lewes, Delaware next April. I know that's work season for you (and me, too, we're in the same field), but maybe you can wrangle a couple of days off!

    Peace <3

  2. thank you, dear buddybear, for a wonderful weekend! I too am sad because all my boyfriends live far far away from me. but we WILL meet again. I KNOW IT! smooches! :)

  3. Although we've never met in person, I too feel the suport of the bloggers and readers, especially you Buddy Bear. Thank YOU for being there and reciprocating the support!

  4. It was great seeing you again, Buddy Bear. I had a great weekend with you and the others. Can't wait to see you again. Have fun with Spo & Someone!!


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