Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunks in pink speedos

This was inspired by a post by Ray of Ray's Cowboys, where all the sexy guys are wearing red.  Very hot! 

These pink speedo hunks were from The Pink Speedo Blog.   Pink is an extremely sexy colour for a man to wear.  It's light enough that the dude's cock and balls can be highly visible and it has a certain "in-your-face" gayness about it, too.

One of my early signs of my hidden gayness happened when I was 14 and a family from the USA visited us at our cottage.  The 18 year old son was on his college swim team and my brother, cousin and I spent the day with him, swimming, water skiing and going in the sauna.

He had a perfect swimmers body, of course, and wore a mid-70s pink floral speedo of (I think) rather loose nylon which allowed plenty of movement of his cock and balls as he frolicked in the water.  Best yet, as he emerged from the water, the thin fabric clung to his package, outlining every detail.   The others tittered behind his back at his revealing swimsuit but I couldn't stop gaping at it.  I was mesmerized!

It's a sweltering hot afternoon here; extremely humid for the Great White North.  I have gone for a swim in the chilly water several times and I'm in the Love Nest where it's relatively cool.

I am having simultaneous texted conversations with my ex-wife and Big Red, my sweet 24 year old loverboy, being extremely careful to check to whom I am sending each text.   It would not do to send a text to my ex-wife such as:  "I can't wait for you to cum in my mouth."  LOL 

Here's a summary of what's going down in my exciting life:

A:  My daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for a 1500 km drive to her university town. She'd normally fly but needs a tonne of stuff for her rented place.  I always look forward to spending time alone with her:  she's sweet and funny with a vibrant personality.  And I'll get to meet her boyfriend for the first time;  a hot young dude from India!

B:  I started a blog post about a recent hookup with an Italian foot fetish hottie entitled: "The Most Beautiful Cock Ever" but am still finding it hard to write about explicit encounters.  It's embarrassing to think that there will be a dozen people reading it who I've met in the flesh.  I'll post it later.

C:   My wife and I are having a collegial texted conversation about settling our accounts for kids' expenses. They are considerable, involving university tuition, car insurance, cell phone bills, back-to-school clothing (for our youngest) and the like.  But we rarely have a problem settling our accounts because we generally spend equal amounts on an on-going-basis.

We normally do this each month but we haven't had this discussion since last February.  My wife has been having a "difficult, emotional time" and couldn't cope with any of this.  I've heard through reliable sources (our best friend) that my wife is now on meds for  her depression and is starting to feel better.

That's all for now!


  1. OMB, (fans herself) too much HAWTNESS in here!

    have a nice trip with your daughter. you don't have to get explicit about the italian, just general pleasantries/whatever you are comfortable sharing will be fine (of course, the boyz might overrule me). and YAYZ for your ex getting on meds!

    smooches! :)

    1. Thanks, I heard that my ex is also planning on seeing a therapist to see if it will help her improve her relationship with our son. Baby steps!

  2. Great story about your hunky cousin. I too ogle the hell out of swimmers in revealing speedos, especially those that have no clue they're revealing so much. Swimmers really do have the best bodies, like Tom Daley! Not really a big fan of pink speedos though, still prefer traditional colors like black and red, or some speedos that have like blue and orange together

    also you should definitely write more about the most beautiful cock ever hahaha. but i get why the lack of anonymity is holding you back now.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I have a photo of "the most beautiful cock ever" from his squirt profile for the post. It will serve as inspiration for me to finish the rest of the story!

  3. The guy in that last picture is certainly stretching the nylon!

    1. Yes for sure... and the same could be said for the first guy. I especially love the furriness lower down on his belly of the last guy and the hint of pubes. But my favourites are always guys with beefy thighs as in some of the pictures.

  4. I'm going with Guy #1 here. He's not (one of) my usual type(s) but there's a sinewy strength and just a hint of danger about him that's very intriguing. And the speedo is tight and clingy enough to show that the goods are worth going for even (especially?) if it means getting roughed up a little!

    Have a great trip with your daughter. I did many back and forths to both their colleges and we always had a great time. Bon voyage!

    1. Yes, I like that sinewy look of #1. And he is indeed good to his Speedo.

      Thanks, how that my nest is emptying out rapidly, I do savour these moments with my children.

  5. I should send you a photo of Someone and I in our pink polo shirts - hardly the beauties you have hear, though!

  6. Yes, you showed me that pic of you and Someone in your pink shirts: you a "winter" and Someone a "summer." It's a fantastic pic of two very handsome men.

    For your next trip to Palm Springs, I suggest that you wear those shirts poolside with Speedos. You'd look even better than these boys ... mature men have such fantastic leg muscles.


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