Thursday, August 29, 2013

TMI: Hey waiter!

Too Much Information is a regular and fun feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy

1.  How often do you eat out?
At present, I have an extremely tight budget so the answer would be never or rarely.   My eating out is only done while socializing with friends such as at the DC Bloggerpalooza

But cooking is one of my greatest pleasures so I much prefer to cook at  home, tackling virtually any dish or cuisine no matter how complicated or unfamiliar.  I have cooked with all three of my children from the time they were toddlers:  fond memories!  But what I really look forward to one day is to cook with the special man in my life. 
2.  Do you like trying new places?
Yes, especially one of the many local ethnic eateries in Toronto.  Indian, Thai, Greek, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Chinese .... I love them all!

3.  How do you feel about chains vs. individual restaurants?
I'd much prefer individual restaurants for their unique, local offerings although I must admit, chains often have excellent prices and quality.   A McDonald's $1.69 double cheeseburger is my #1 guilty pleasure.

4.  Do you usually have a preference where you sit?
With my back to the wall with a clear view of the room, to check out the comings and goings of hot guys.

5.  Do you order dessert?
Yes!  I absolutely love desserts, but I'm often too full at that point in the meal.  I'll often take half of my entrée home in a doggie bag to leave room for dessert.

6.  Where won't you eat?
I couldn't imagine NOT eating anywhere.  I'm not the slightest bit fussy. 

7.  Kids in restaurants are ___________?
Great!  I've never been troubled by kids' behaviour in restaurants, ever.  But as the father of three and a school teacher, I suspect my I have a greater tolerance for noise and annoying kids than the average gay guy.

8.  Do you have any 'rules' when you eat out?
 I never order something in a restaurant which I could easily prepare at home.

9.  Do you tip the waiter in cash or on credit?  How much?
I usually tip 20% by credit card unless the service has been appallingly bad.  But I've recently been told that it is more better for the servers to receive cash.

Bonus Bonus Bonus
People describe eating as a sexual experience. Would you?  I've eaten food which was so insanely good, it was swoon-inducing.  But I wouldn't go so far as to describe it as "sexual." 

Have you mixed sex and food?
On the advice of my massage therapist, I often use extra virgin olive oil to give a sensual massage as foreplay or even after-play.  But I'd like to expand my experience in the sex / food area.  Whipping cream, anyone?

Does the possibility of sex after dinner affect what you order? Not really.  I'd avoid garlic unless my sex partner was eating it as well. 


  1. how cum I have never seen any waiters like your first pix?

    the second pix is totally erotic!

    the third pix is disgusting.

    and the 4th pix is fucking HAWT! imagine eating THAT for supper! ;-)

    1. The third pic is a set-up situation from some gay porn website, I think.

      As to the third "disgusting" guy, I'd do him in a second!

  2. I remember an episode of the old "Candid Camera" television show, where they filmed a naked guy showing up at the tables to take orders. Hilarious! Of course, the health codes would totally restrict that - but it sure would be fun, wouldn't it, to have a hunky guy with a boner delivering your orders?? And, like the customer in the picture, you could kick back in your chair and stroke you cock while staring at the waiter's?

    1. Yes, if he worked in a place which served gay men only, just imagine the tips he would be getting!


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