Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hottie frat boys ... and their DILFs

I'm a motel room in a hick town some 800 miles (1200 km) from home.  By the time I arrive home today, I will have driven 2,000 miles (3400 km) in the past five days. 

I've been moving my middle daughter to her university town, having a blast together, shopping and seeing the sights.  For her second year, she's renting a house with three other great girls and her boyfriend.

The most notable thing has been seeing the hottie frat boys in every direction;  lean, tank-topped and looking absolutely gorgeous in shorts or flopping in athletic pants.  I speculated constantly as to which of them were gay and obsessed over sucking young cock which was, of course, impossible with my daughter with me.

And in quite a few instances, their Dads (helping with the move) were even hotter;  silver-streaked hair and goatees, lightly muscled, slightly furry and with the beautifully developed calves and  legs of a mature man.

I closely watched the family groups in the stores;  the hovering, micro-managing Mom, sad at losing her baby boy to 'higher education' and the Dad who was also sad but excited and slightly jealous at the adventure his son was just starting.   But I imagined that the hottie frat boys' were mainly thinking of all the sex they were going to be having, finally away from the scrutiny of Mom and Dad.  They were just oozing sex.
I attended my hometown university and lived at home with my parents;  not much opportunity for hanky-panky!   In any case, I had no success at all with the university girls. 

The main reason for this was because I actually had no sexual desire for girls but didn't even know it at the time.  I was at least twenty years away from recognizing that I actually liked guys. 

When I see the frat boys starting on their exciting new life and I read blogs written by college-bound young gay guys such as A Gay Chill Dude I do get a bit lot envious.  Missed opportunities!  And yes, right now at 51, I'm obviously trying to make up for lost time.

After seeing all those yummy frat boys all week, I feel like sucking young cock but there are no local guys listed on grindr or  Not one!  But what I must to do is to haul my sorry ass out of bed and to get driving again.  I want to get home today, come hell or high water.



  1. Not into younger guys at all, but I am jealous of their energy, drive, and surplus hormones. Also - the idea of starting all over again - those heady first days on campus! How magical. I suspect most young gays are not as clueless as I was. Glad you had a great time with your daughter. Happy Labor Day! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Thanks! Yes, I'm sure that guys our age agree with the old adage: youth is wasted on the young.

  2. I avoid VCU this time of year for exactly the same reason. I can't steer with certain body parts in between the spokes of the wheel!

    I hope Travis is going to find his way OUT so he can have those adventures. I am rooting for him.

    God, 800 miles in one day. I'd die. The old man in me is good for about 400-450 max, and at about 380, I'm looking for the motel! Glad you've had a good trip, though I'm sure you'll miss your daughter.

    Peace <3

    1. LOL. Thanks for commenting! Although my other two kids will still be here, I'll really miss my middle daughter. She's a lot of fun with a vibrant personality; the sort of person everyone wants to be around.

  3. You should give big red a call and have him meet you in the love nest. As for the pics, all are welcome but I'd most want Mr Honda. Safe driving and watch out for those rest stops.

    1. I drove right by the rest stops without stopping. I didn't even think about sucking the cock of some hottie trucker dude. Yet another missed opportunity!

      I've just about given up on the messed-up older guys on squirt, so yes, I'm thinking about getting a regular arrangement with Big Red and a couple of 20-something guys I've kept in contact with.

  4. Wow, sexually and automotively, you are an ironman! I did several 450 miles in one day college trips, but your 800 is a real endurance run.

    1. I most certainly am not a sexual ironman! But driving that sort of a distance is commonplace for most people in towns in the Canadian wilderness.

      Our town is some 400 miles from the nearest larger city and 1000 miles from the nearest "mega" city. It is extremely common practice for people here to drive 400 miles to attend a rock concert or to go shopping.

      When I was younger, my brother and I would usually drive the 1,000 miles to "The Big City" in one sitting.


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