Sunday, August 25, 2013

The dogs in my life

It's been a glorious few days here, weather-wise after an unseasonably wet and cold summer.  All three kids are here with me for the rest of the week which is a fairly unusual occurrence.  But typical of my 'emptying nest', sometimes I don't see a great deal of them over the course of the day even when they're here.

All have summer jobs and two of the kids own their own cars, so they're extremely independent and will often sleep over at my wife's house in town or at a friend's house.  We much prefer they stay where they are rather than risk returning home late at night.

In particular, my son spends much time at his friend's cottage on an offshore island and it could be risky for him to drive the boat across the channel late at night.   Strong winds can whip up meters-high waves in minutes.

All of this (partial) solitude just reinforces my resolve to find some more friends or acquaintances and to make more of an effort with the few that I already have.    My social life can no longer just revolve around my children.  I'm still turning down multiple hookup offers on  because since my return from DC, I'm just not interested in the guys who are messaging me!

My son's dog, Dexter, is nearly two years old.  We think he's a
border collie cross but don't know for sure since he came from
the dog pound.  A sweetie!
My former wife is away for a week visiting family so the kids are looking after her little dog in addition to our three dogs who already live here.   Which really means that I am looking after her dog since the kids are not here most of the time.  

This is not a problem;  she's a sweet little dog who only stops yapping when she is sitting on your lap .... which is all the time.

So... here are the dogs in my life:
This is my little doggie, Toby, who lives with me full time.  He's eight years
old and his grandparents include poodle, bichon, Chihuahua and Scottish
 terrier, among other breeds.


My ex-wife's little dog who is also came
from the dog pound and is of unknown
age and parentage.   She's probably a
3 - 4 year old Maltese.

This is my eldest daughter's dog who is 8
years old.  Although they look nothing alike,
 he is a brother to my dog, Toby, from
the same litter. 


  1. Buddy Bear's Headline on his Online profile:
    Must love dogs (and dick).

  2. I don't quite understand your lack of interest in hooking up since returning from DC. Apparently the DC trip was transformational, but how exactly?

    I know you had a great time and that you enjoyed meeting long-distance friends in person, but how does that affect hook-ups? Is it that you bonded with friends in such a deep and meaningful way that hook-ups can't compare? Or is your lack of interest in hook-ups a temporary thing because your need to connect with men was satisfied by your DC experiences? Or is it something else? You seemed to really relish hooking's surprising that you have so suddenly lost interest in them.

    1. My loss of interest in random hookups might be in part, a temporary phenomenon. I might get 'back in the saddle' at some point. For the record, I did not hook up at all while in DC.

      And yes, the DC trip was transformational and was the main reason for this shift in my attitude on hookups. But for personal reasons, I don't want to reveal the full details here.

      Yes, I did bond with friends while away. I was also able to observe, both in DC and Toronto, committed gay couples in LTRs who shared so much more than the hookups guys I'm see.

      Partly, it's because I'm rather tired after a summer of travelling and working. Also, is no longer an inexhaustible supply of inexperienced, fun, adventurous, NSA 22 year old men. The men I meet on are quite different: (to generalize), they are older, less attractive, not as fun and more messed up.

    2. This reply kind of hit home. I know of my eyes were opened (also without any hookups) at the blogger-pa-looza in DE last April. Also being a later in life come-outer, I spent my first weekend around committed gay couples. While I haven't explored the gay hookup sites, at least I know that there could be an LTR relationship out there somewhere for me. (But I wouldn't mind a boy toy or two first!)
      Peace <3

    3. Jay, there most certainly is a LTR in your future with a quality guy who will value you. And if you want, there are also boy toys out there (who might be called cubs, chubs or chasers) out there who are only interested in larger guys like you.

      You just have to do is find `em! All I can suggest as you find a well-used site in your region which which specializes in bearish guys like you such as Your LTR guy and boy toy will not be found on the twinkier sites such as grindr.

  3. Awwwww...such cute doggies. I love that so many are rescues. Both of mine were. It's good to find some friends and acquaintances is always a good idea. I'm working on that myself, and am having some success, Kelly is a prime example! So much fun to be around, as is his husband, Jeff.

    Anyway, cool post, now go get busy battening down that living room before the unseasonably cool summer turns into full-blown winter! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

  4. People can be unreliable, but one's dogs (or cats, in my case) offer unquestioning loyalty and friendship. I've never understood people who can't abide animals. I feel very badly for them.

  5. Nothing moves me like 'dog stories' and photos. Woof !!

  6. What cute pups! When they say the are man's best friend they are so right they just love, and they never judge!

  7. As the Jeep Guy might say: Dogably Pawfect!

  8. Nothing wrong with a Hienz 57 dog - which is what we used to call any 'unknown' breed - they typically will make the best companions. Love four-legged critters!!

    1. Yes, I think that hybrid dogs ....mutts ... are much healthier and more vigorous that some (but not all) purebreds which can be over-bred.

  9. Thanks for sharing the great pup pics. They're all adorable. Dexter seems a born model. Harper, also a rescue, approves too.

  10. Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Dog-lovers unite!!


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