Thursday, November 8, 2012

November has always been my least favourite month, an 'in-between' season for us in this part of the Great White North.  Although we get spattered with wet snow and freezing rain from grey skies most days, there is no snow accumulation for winter sports.   But all of our summer outdoor activities and sports are long gone. 

Because of the dampness and high humidity, it seems much colder than our full-on winter when temperatures might be -20 F or colder.  Another reason for feeling extra cold is that none of us is yet inclined to dig out our winter parkas although they well may be needed.   With sunset happening around 5:00 pm, we also seem to be in darkness for most of my non-work hours.

Right now, all I want is a naked guy to cuddle with, preferably one who is  masculine and beefy.   My craving right now is to have a fat cock in my mouth but the 35-year-old married guy hasn't asked for a blowjob for a week.   I suspect that he's found someone else who is not a 30 minute drive away or is feeling guilty about being unfaithful and has stopped his hookups for now.  

I am confident or arrogant enough to believe that it isn't the quality of my blowjobs which are the problem;  I know it was an incredible, intensely-pleasureable experience for both of us.  But I won't be POF-messaging him again like I did with the guy in my blowjob interruptus post.   I think straight guys need to be in control of these encounters, when and if they occur.

I receive texts every now and then from a couple of the 22 year old guys I've been with.  They want to hook up but the problem is, these young men ALL get horny at 11:30 pm.  Too late for me, boys! .... especially since I have to drive into town to pick them up.

Sexy Inuit Guy has become, in his own words, very comfortable with me and has taken to phoning rather than texting or emailing.  I'm fairly sure that he will become a 'regular' for me, at least for a while.

I finally said "Yes" to a 47 year old guy who's been messaging me for months.  He says he's six feet tall, 190 pounds and promises a "very pleasureable experience" for a regular fuck buddy.  Judging from our POF chats, he seems intelligent, articulate and funny.   He asked if he could come to my house at 4:30 pm today.

I'd be surprised if he shows up!  I'll keep you posted!


  1. I so understand what you mean about November. I'm betting the 47 year old guy shows up btw. I have been enjoying pof myself. Except for the 30's guy who sounded good until it came time to meet. Then he wanted money. LOL duh POF means plenty of fish.

  2. November is a rather tragic month, it is as you say a bit of an odd inbetween month, for which I mostly hibernate.

  3. The 47 year old did show up, early in fact, and we had quite a hot encounter. And as soon as he left, the 22 year old Nerdy-Cute student texted me and said I had to come over ASAP. He was horny as hell and ready to lose his bottom virginity. HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!

    Details to follow in next post.

  4. Sounds like your getting as much nookie as guys in the city, and certainly more than me these days; totally jealous, but happy for you.

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