Thursday, November 15, 2012

A BIG guy....
My son and I have been very busy with work and our pre-winter house improvements ... which are starting to look great!   So here's a quick random update in the 15 minutes before I leave for work.  For some mysterious reason, I've had an upsurge in messages from normal-sounding guys on

These include  messages from four or five married guys, aged 27 to 51, who are looking for some M2M experiences and also looking for a "friend" with whom they can do non-sexual things;  fishing, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, working out and the like. 

I explained to them that this is not a combination which would work for me.  If I was to go out in public with these closeted guys, I'd be immediately dragged back into the closet as well. 

And more importantly, I would run the risk of becoming emotionally involved with my fuck buddy (try as I might to avoid this) and have my heart broken.  I've had my heart broken already, falling for a guy who was not available (my "Special Guy") and I'm not doing it again.

But I've received other messages from single, smokin' hot guys who are a little older.... 24 to 28.... who've been messaging me repeatedly and with whom I have future plans.  I had a "hookup" of sorts last night... my most unusual one yet.  

A 27 year old Aboriginal guy had been messaging for months, wanting to have his first M2M experience.  Then he'd chicken out and delete his pof account only to resurface a month later with a new profile.   He was a "big guy".... 6'-4", 300 pounds and a mechanic/  He asked me to pick him up because he was putting a new motor in his truck.

A nice guy!  Funny, very chatty, highly ADHD  (he told me... but I would have figured that out anyway!) and he expressed himself very well.   Smart!   I got hard as we were driving home, always a good sign.  He was very masculine.... a big, powerful guy. 

When we got into my bed, he changed his mind and didn't want to kiss although he had agreed to it previously.  Darn!   Kissing is of primary importance to me during a hookup and I was at a loss as to how to proceed without it. 

He was very uncertain in bed, so I played with his cock and balls and gave him a full - body (non-oil) massage.  His cock was an average size but on such a massive body, it seemed small.  At one point, he gave me a tentative hand job which was very pleasant.   My blowjob on him seemed to go on forever and he was completely non-responsive.  In fact.... was he asleep?  

BB:  "All you all right?"  
Big Guy:  "Ya,  I think I fell asleep there!"
BB:  "REALLY?!"  :-(
Big Guy:  "I injured my back at work and my doc gave me some Tylenol 3 with codeine and antiflammatories.  I took them just before you picked me up.  Sorry, they almost knocked me out!"
BB:  "Hmmmm."

So we lay there in the bed for another 45 minutes at least, I continued to rub my hands all over his body;  I liked doing it and he didn't object .  He told stories, laughed and talked and talked and talked.  I thought Aboriginals were not supposed to be talkative!  (I'm sorry if that sounds like a racist remark)

I drove him back to town and we both walked into a grocery together to do our (separate) shopping.  By most standards, the hookup was a complete flop;  |I would have been better off spending the time cleaning my kitchen...  but I still enjoyed the time we spent together, 

But if he contacts me for another hookup, I will say "yes" but would only do it if he agreed to kiss and if he wasn't on his prescription meds.  


  1. Eeeek falling asleep, thats not a good sign. When I have fallen asleep during sex, its because I was so bored.

  2. I've only fallen asleep once during sex and just like with Ian above it was because I was bored silly.

    Greetings from Brighton!

  3. anks for commenting, Ian and Jason! In my own defense, it wasn't ME or my love-making skills who put him to sleep!!! Big Guy had just taken Tylenol with codeine and anti-inflammatories just before I picked him up. I've had anti-inflammatory drugs before and they knock you right out!

  4. Sexual partners with adhd drive me bats; not only don't the concentrate, they often chatter too much, and as soon as they cum they are off to something else/no after glow. Ritalin is better than viagra.

  5. I'm part native and never talk :) Glad you're having fun, Buddy!

  6. Dr. Spo: thanks for the insight on sexual partners with ADHD. Hmmm.... I guess that "Someone" has considerable experience in coping with this situation.

    Jeffrey: yes I noticed your quietness when we met. You're a regular shrinking violet! :-) Thanks for commenting!


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