Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nudist Erections II

The google search term "Nudist Erections" brings more hits to this blog than any other.  But I'm just using it as an excuse to post some hot pictures from one of favourite tumblr sites:  

I mentioned The Old Dude in my last post:  he invited me over to his house for a beer.  He was okay to talk to but I wasn't the slightest bit attracted to him.  As well, I suspect he was considerably older than the age  he claimed on his squirt profile, probably in his mid-60s at least.  As I left,  I told him that I was not going to be hooking up with him. 

He apparently wasn't listening because in the past several days, he tried to contact me by means of e-mail, cell phone texting, voice mail and sending both messages and trying to start chats on   I received 3 or more attempted contacts for each of these five methods.   Clearly, ignoring him wasn't working!  

Finally, I responded to his message on squirt.

Old Dude:       I wish I knew why u are ignoring me.
Buddy Bear:    Sorry, I thought I did tell you clearly how I felt when I was at your house. Whether or not a person is attracted to another person is a highly personal thing.

I did enjoy chatting with you and the idea of going on your boat or going fishing* had it's appeal; you are an interesting person.  But I wasn't attracted to you physically. At my age and at my level of self-respect, I don't HAVE to hook up with some one if I don't want to.   (*he owned a 25 foot cruiser and owned some 40 acres of wilderness islands offshore,complete with a modern log cabin).

Do you remember that I told you something like this: "Do you know how you want some guy to help you figure out whether or not you like guys? Well, it isn't going to be me." That meant that I didn't want to hook up with you.

And all your e-mails, texts, chat attempts and squirt messages were just starting to becoming frankly alarming to me. Sorry if I wasn't clearer on how I felt.

Old Dude:       sorry _____ , hope that you have a great life, bye

I felt a bit sorry for him and wondered if I was too blunt with him.  But he was starting to seriously creep me out.



  1. sometimes you just have to be blunt to get your point across. NICE PIX!

  2. Yeah, sometimes blunt is best.

    Interesting that in all the nudist areas I've been in, I don't think I've seen an erection more than once or twice, except in younger boys who simply don't have the control, nor do they recognize what it is they're sporting. But maybe (probably) my experience is limited!

    Peace <3

  3. Sounds like you handled it very well. How he took it is his problem.

  4. Great photos, I have to say that on my trips to the nudest beach, erections are few and far between, perhaps one every third visit. I've only ever sported an uncontrollable one once, that's when I hooked up with a twenty-one year old called Troy - yes, really a lad called Troy in the UK ( He was a Canadian student though!)

    Yep, you were a lot blunt, but it needed to be said.

  5. I once had sex with a guy in a naturist camp, but we had gone off into the woods with a blanket which was considered the proper thing to do rather than become aroused or engage in foreplay of any kind in the public areas. I have seen only partial erections on clothing-optional beaches, the kind of beautiful sight where a guy's cock fills about half way so that it's plumped up and swings languorously against his thigh as he walks or moves, but doesn't stand up or out. So beautiful!

    1. Will, sheer poetry!! I doappreciate a man who worships cock as mch as I do!

  6. It's pretty awful to have to do something like that - - but, what else could you do? It seems as if he was almost stalking - and, you're right, that's creepy.

  7. Thanks for commenting everyone! The fact that the Old Dude tried to message me so many times with no response just speak to his inexperience in the gay world. The rule is: if you message a guy once and he doesn't respond, forget about him! Don't message him 15 more times!!

    I would love to go to the nude beach in Toronto Island again, but this time in the heat of the summer. There will be so many hot men there!! But I don't think I will be able to make the trip this year. Darn!!

  8. IT's natural. Erections that is. Good to see they work :)

    1. Now my penis is working too.. Sitting here naked. I got erection too...

  9. What a great blogsite. I really have enjoyed it and only just discovered it. I like your range of content (personal experiences, good photos, "diary" aspect). His parting words were sad, indeed, but he was at least civil and obviously a bit embarrassed. But that wasn't a result of anything you did from what I read. You were direct throughout your interactions and he wasn't listening to you.

    This is a great blogsite. I have a blogsite and will add your site as a link. Would appreciate it if you would reciprocate. Sorry....not trying to spam you with this message. Just couldn't find a way to send an email offline. Regardless, though, just wanted to tell you that you have a great blog.

    The Treasure Trail Hunter

  10. Thanks, Mark! I've enjoyed your blog for years (through DaninOKC blog) but unfortunately forgot to add it to my blogroll. I have now done that. Not to sound immodest, I have rather nice treasure trail myself!

  11. They Makes me wet .

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