Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful bearded young men

In my last post, I described my dating situation which had been going on for the past three months.  And yes, we actually had been "dating" and most unusually for a couple of gay guys, we didn't hook up until our third or fourth meeting.

The next morning, Dating Guy texted to see how I was doing.  I gave him a detailed account of the goings-on in the teachers' staffroom describing all the lovely male student teachers at the photocopier.   

It's interesting to note that most of the young men have facial hair .... neatly-trimmed beards rather than just scruff.  It makes their lips look even more delicious than usual.  Sluurrp!!!   I also texted about one of the young men who has the most amazing, voluptuous ass I've ever seen in real life.  Mesmerizing!   Looking at it actually makes me salivate in some odd Pavlovian response.

I also texted Dating Guy about my student teacher Hottite Wrestler,  mainly about the pants he was wearing that morning and how he looked in them.  I still have this (wishful) thought that he is gay.  But it's possible that Hottie Wrestler just being flirtatious in response to some unconscious signal being sent by me.  Here is part of our texted conversation:

Buddy Bear:   Oh no!"  Hottie Wrestler is being chatted up by my EA*.   She's a BEAUTIFUL young Italian girl, so sweet.   *Educational Assistant
Dating Guy:  THAT BITCH!!  Go over there and slap her!  Tell her the wrestler dude is yours!!"
Buddy Bear:  LOL.  He seems interested, they're both smiling.  But I still think he's gay!
Dating Guy:   Is his bulge getting bigger?
Buddy Bear:  Not that I can tell.  Wait, they're done talking.  She's walking away!
Dating Guy:   Are his eyes following her as she walks away?  That's what straight boys do!!

Dating Guy can be wickedly funny.

In response to the comments on my last post about Dating Guy: 
  1. I plan to be in an LTR with some special guy eventually, but after 21 years of marriage, it may be many years before I'm ready to get tangled up with someone else's emotions. 
  2. I told Dating Guy that I'm not ready for dating, either.  It would be a huge mistake to rebound into a new relationship when I am just enjoying myself as a single gay man. ..... Sowing my gay wild oats, as it were.  
  3. I will admit that being with a guy who is ambitious and financially well-off has its appeal.  But money will in no way make up for someone who doesn't value me just as I am. 
  4. Dating Guy's ex living in his basement is a pretty fucked-up situation.  I don't completely believe it when he tells me that their relationship is over.  I didn't mention that he's keeping our dating a secret from his ex.
  5. I really would like to remain friends with Dating Guy:  he's charming, wickedly funny, intelligent and would be a great gay mentor.  But he wants much more than that.
  6. Dating Guy and I have not generated much "chemistry" and I don't think our kissing is going to improve.  :-(
  7. His micro-observation of detail is not going to change .... and I can't be comfortable with someone who always offers "helpful" suggestions about my appearance no matter how well-intentioned.  I shouldn't have to change who I am and how I feel, and nor should he.
  8. I very much agree with "Anonymous who said:  " You might be wise to find a man with more maternal qualities, someone who has had kids and understands sacrifice and the value of family."
So .... I will continue to see Dating Guy but on a very casual basis (if he still wants to see me) but will also hook up with other guys as I choose.  I hope that if I effectively communicate how I feel (points #1 to 8), we might just be able to remain good friends.   I still wonder if this is possible.


  1. I hope he realizes that a casual friendship with benefits is a good thing and doesn't become the type to cut you off for spite. His loss if he does. As always, I wish you the best of luck.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I'd almost prefer to be his friend WITHOUT benefits. I've been with many "regular" guys who are far more exciting in the sack! LOL.

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