Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That scared the shit out of me!

My last post ended with me musing about which man (or men) I would invite over on Monday, my only "home alone" night all month. My son was in town with at my wife's and my daughter was coming out the next day.

I invited the ginger-haired Whimpering Hottie to share my bed and he wasted no time in driving the 30 km to my house after his work. He was VERY excited to see me and we had a fantastic time!

And then between 10 pm and midnight, I had some sexytime in the same bed with a sweet 39 year old Italian dude.  But more on him later.

But today, here's another installment on TMI Thursday from Sean, Just a Jeep guy.

1. Do you scare easily?  I like to think I have nerves of steel.  This is a useful trait for any parent, especially if you have boys.  Also, I've been trained in first aid for my workplace and occasionally have been called upon to adminster Epi-pens and other forms of first aid. 

But I think my cancer experience at 19, when I had a near-terminal malignant melanoma (which had metasized and spread widely) has given me a lot of courage to face all sorts of challenges in life.

2. Do believe in ghosts, spirits, etc?    No.

3. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?   I hate all horror movies and will never watch another one.   The last one I saw was Misery with Cathy Bates;  the hobbling scene still haunts me after 23 years.

4. Are you scared of things lurking under the bed?   Under my bed are lots of dust bunnies, dirty socks and once, a used condom. Ewww!! But nothing to be scared of.

5. Do you look in the backseat before you get into your car?  No, but I should. Late one night, I left my car window open and a very large raccoon was eating some forgotten groceries in the back seat. When I got into the car, I inadvertently trapped it in the car with me.  The raccoon lunged at me, hissing, with bared teeth.   SCARED.THE.SHIT.OUT.OF.ME.  Seriously.

 6. What's the scariest actual/real event you've experienced? Two years ago, our student nearly died of anaphylactic shock after eating a peanut over the mid-Atlantic on a flight from London. I was one of four teacher-chaperones looking after 30 students on a trip to Europe.

The student was non-responsive, near cardiac and respiratory arrest, and the flight crew was talking about diverting the plane to Iceland.  But a doctor on board administered some drugs which stablized him until we landed in Toronto.   

7. Do you have nightmares?   No, I sleep like a log and never remember any of my dreams, if I have them.

8. Do you have any phobias such as heights, bugs, dogs or cats, flying, etc?  No. But I am sensible;  I don't pick up snakes and am cautious when I am in high places.

BONUS: What was your scariest sexual experience?    I blogged in October about giving a back-seat blowjob to a responsive, fat-cocked hottie when we interrupted by an irate and aggressive homeowner.  I escaped but then worried all week that the homeowner had noted down my license plate / school bumper sticker and that the police would show up at my school.



  1. Two in one night is progress (see comment on last post) on the slut phase. YEAH! can't wait for part 2.

    That scene in Misery was written differently in the book. Having read the book and then watching the movie (way back when) I thought book version of her setting him up and explaining what and why she was doing it was much more terrifying - she cut his foot off but not in one big hack! It took several whacks with an ax.

    I had a similar sexual scare but I didn't have to worry about anyone "reporting" me.

  2. Yeah, Italian guys can be really sweet. I'll just mention in passing that I am one. :-)

  3. I love posts like this where you learn a bit more about the blogger. Very interesting... like those profiles they do in Rolling Stone. Great post. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque


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