Thursday, March 21, 2013

A fuck-less evening with my fuck buddy

Student Teacher:
After nearly a week working with my hunky, charming and intelligent student teacher, I am more smitten than ever.   I can now look into his incredibly blue eyes without looking away but, in my nervousness, I tend to run off at the mouth.  I say to myself: "Just shut the fuck up!!"  I resolve to be calmer in his presence tomorrow.  

Just to give you an idea of what I'm facing, Hunky Student Teacher's ass is even finer than all the ones pictured here.  It somehow looks even more delicious molded into in dress pants.

Fuck Buddy:
Several days ago after doing the nasty with my new  fuck buddy *, he asked me if I would help him pick out some furniture for his new apartment.  I said, surprised:   "Er ..... okay"  although I HATE shopping of all kinds unless it's at the Homo Depot, a second-hand thrift shop or a grocery store.

* I really have to think of a new nickname for him; this one is too disrespectful.

As we walked around The Brick in the after-glow of gay sex, I wondered if everyone thought that we were a gay couple in an LTR, picking out items for our love nest.   But it was a very pleasant outing;  the eager young man who served up was a bit chunky but wore a nice pair of dress pants that just accentuated his curves in his tight(ish) dress pants.  Fuck Buddy does have the most beautiful smile and he looked so cute when he tried out all the La-Z-Boy recliners.

Then last night, I was all set to visit FB at his new apartment as we had previously arranged, cleaned up and with my sex bag at the ready.  Such was my rapid evolution as a bottom that my asshole was craving to have his cock up it all day long.  I mean, physically yearning for it, sort of an ache.  Sorry for being vulgar, but that's how I felt.  It was all I could think about. (other than Hunky Student Teacher, of course.)

Just before I was to drive off, Fuck Buddy texted me  to ask:  "Would you be okay with just talking, no sex?"   His excuse was that he had just had his first cross-fit session with a personal trainer and was stiff and sore.  But really, he just wanted to talk.

This would have been our first time together without me offering up my ass to him.  I had to pause and think about it:  "Do I really want to see him without having sex?" 

I decided the answer was 'yes.'  At his mainly furniture-less apartment, we chatted about his new and past jobs, my gay journey and the gay "scene" in our little town (there isn't one) and at his workplace.   He seemed quite lonely;  I was the only person in town he's met so far other than his work colleagues .... and he doesn't intend to socialize with them.

We had a very pleasant two hours together and they were indeed sexless, despite my best efforts to be seductive and flirtatious.   But my concern is this;  I'm really not ready to be serious about anyone or to have some guy get serious about me.   I feel that my slut phase is just beginning. 


  1. I think it's great that you spent time without sex... It helps solidify the bond. BTW, there's nothing disrespectful about calling someone a fuck buddy... I think I'd be thrilled to have someone refer to me that way! LOL.

  2. BudyBear,you are having normal feelings..this guy is your fuckbuddy and wanting to have sex with him is very normal..thats why you refer him as your fuckbuddy instead of for the ase..hunky are such a tease..all of us are having a hardon with the description you you mind posting a pics of him ,of course the one not showing his face..the wrestling pics of hi and his could blurr his face..just a suggestion and it would be greaT

  3. whkattk: My concern is that he will forming a "bond" with me beyond just being a fuck buddy. I am not ready for a LTR and when I am, I'm fairly sure that he won't be "the one" for various reasons which I haven't discussed here.

    "B:" Yes, I haven't been with a man for about five days and I do crave it. I won't be posting Hunky's singlet pics; that would be highly unprofessional! Sorry!!

  4. Buddy Bear you are such a hot slut! Thinks the whole day of being fucked by his fuck buddy and has to deal with his student teacher at the same time! OMFG!!
    By the way real hot men with wonderful asses in this post!

  5. "he had just had his first cross-fit session with a personal trainer and was stiff and sore."

    Next time, I hope he isn't sore but IS stiff in the right way. That said, there's nothing wrong with just having fun with a fuck buddy every now and again. Just because there's no love relationship doesn't mean there's no friendship. Both of you just have to be clear on your ultimate goals so that neither one of you has to hear the dread words, "I think I'm falling in . . . . "

    1. Yes, that's my concern. I've pretty much decided that he isn't LTR material, at least not for me. But I'm worried that he might start to read more into our encounters.

  6. I guess you pulled yourself off when you got home!!!

    1. Wanking off has lost it's appeal how that I can experience it with a man. These days, I`m more inclined to `save it` for my next hookup. Most of the time, anyway.


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