Saturday, March 23, 2013

Role playing with Mr. Handsome

At 7:00 pm last night, Mr. Handsome , the father of a former student, asked if I wanted to come over.  His sister (living with him temporarily) had just left and would be out until 9:30. 

"That's not much notice!!"  I said, considering it was a 30 minute drive into town. He apologized but said he didn't know that she was leaving until a minute before.  I really did want to see him:  "I'll be there in an hour."

Thirty minutes later, as I was speeding down the highway, Handsome texted me several times. Annoying! I had to find a safe spot to pull over on the snowy highway. 

He first asked me to go through the side gate in the backyard fence and use the back door directly into the sub-basement where his love nest was.  A discreet way to sneak in! 

He texted again:

Handsome:  "Role-play, come in through the back door and into my bedroom without knocking.  Lights off.  I'll be asleep and you're an intruder who will wake me up.

And then later: "Don't be gentle."

I had two reactions which I kept to myself: 
(1)  Oh come on!  I'm SO not into role-playing.  That is so dumb!!
(2)  Gosh, what if I go into the wrong house?   I'd only been there once before under the cover of darkness and had forgotten the number.

I entered the house as directed and tiptoed into his bedroom.  There he was, naked on the bed, "sleeping" and looking as handsome as ever, his rock-hard cock pointing at the ceiling.  Irresistible!

Some men like cuddling and sweet, slow kissing.  Not him!  The more aggressive I was with Mr. Handsome, the more aroused he became.  But he gave back as good as he got.  OMFG!!  Aggressive love-making from both of us ... so hot!

I assume because of his Parkinson's Disease, his nervous system became overloaded with sensory inputs so his legs started thrashing about and his head slammed from one side to the other.  To kiss him, I held his head still using both my hands and I applied a leg lock on him, using all the strength in my thighs.   I thought:  "Holy fuck!  He really is disabled.  I can't believe I'm having sex with a disabled person!"

All the while, I had one eye on the clock as our time was running short.  Very off-putting!  He asked me to top him, and be rough about it.  In my very limited topping experience, I always worry about hurting the bottom but this was, apparently, what he wanted.  So I slowly put myself into him and pounded his ass for a minute or so until he just couldn't take any more.  (For the record:  I used a condom, cockring and lots of lube)

I was nowhere near cumming but we both came later by hand.  I suspect that I won't ever cum while topping as long as I'm wearing a condom.

Our time was up.  I collected my supplies and jumped into my clothes.

Mr. Handsome:   Do you ever see my son at school?
Buddy Bear:  Every day.  He's in the class beside mine for period 5. 
Mr. Handsome:  He's a good kid ... and a top student.
Buddy Bear:  Yes, he is.  I have to tell you that I looked up your son's name to see if I knew him.   Rememer when I told you that I didn't have any grade 11 students with his name?   When I said that, I didn't know that your son actually had been my student last year.  He took my grade 11 class but when he was in grade 10.
Mr. Handsome:  (shrugs) That's okay.

He walked me to the door for one last kiss.  He said:  "Until my sister moves out, we'll have to do it this way, have these clandestine meetings when we can."


  1. Sounds like a really hot session!

  2. Indeed it did. I would hardly call him disabled! Differently abled maybe. Sounds like a guy who does the most with what he has!

  3. hawt hawt hawt! you took him like a man! I think something on my person needs attention...

  4. Clandestine quickies can be intensely erotic. I wish you many more, especially with a guy like Mr. Handsome who obviously wants you very badly.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I should say that Mr. Handsome gave back as good as he got ... he's an aggressive man in the sack, that's for sure!

    And yes, we are definitely 'fuck buddies' now; no doubt about it.

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