Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aussielicious Photography Challenge

Thanks to all those who voted for their favourite bare-assed pic of me.  The winning picture (with 38% of the vote) has been posted on the Aussielicious Photography Challenge along with pics of numerous other smokin' hot men.

The original pic was posted on Aussielicious and resulted in a sudden upswing of blog traffic from many international destinations.  Exciting!  Then, a sweet, sexy new online friend from Toronto kindly performed some Photoshop magic to the original picture (and several of the other pics), first cropping it and then creating a softer and then a more dramatic look.  I've posted these pics below.  Thanks, John!!
My 16 year-old son continues to live with me so I haven't had any gentlemen callers for some time. I'm happy that he's here: our relationship seems to be getting stronger all the time. He goes out of his way to be helpful around the house and to thank me when I cook him his favourite foods or help with some of his projects.

He's a skilled welder and mechanic (self-taught) and is currently converting my snow machine into a customized-, high-performance machine ... well, as much as possible considering it's 25 years old.  My son is well on his way to a career in the trades which are in huge demand in Canada.  I marvel at his skill and self-confidence and have no concerns about his economic well-being in the future.

I'm starting to wonder if my son and my wife have had an argument because he he doesn't seem too anxious to stay at her house at this moment.  Maybe he's going through "a phase" when teenage boys just can't get along with their mothers.  I suspect he'll go back to her house in town in a couple of weeks when he gets a week off for Spring Break. 

It must be very sad for my wife to have such limited contact with her youngest child, her "baby" who she carried inside her for nine months and breast-fed for 20 months after that.

This week at school, I was looking out the third-floor staffroom window during my lunch break when I noticed my wife's car pull into the parking lot.  I watched as my son got into her car and they drove off.  How very odd!!  Maybe he had an appointment which he didn't tell me about?

Later, my son told me that his mother had texted him to come to her house (she lives nearby) because she had prepared a special lunch for him.   It was sweet of my wife to try to do something special for him and I was happy that he accepted.  She's trying!!

Below are two more pictures of hot men from the photo challenge.   Hiram is a gorgeous man but my favourite is Kelly of Rambling Along in Life.  While the view down his back to his bare ass is a thing of beauty, I think it's the wicked, flirtatious look in his eyes which wins it for me.


  1. kelly is just begging someone to smack his little bum, isn't he? kelly is a wonderful friend of mine; as friendly in person as he is on his blog! "that sly come-hither stare, it's witchcraft" (or so the song goes)

    hiram is uncut; interesting and woofy!

    you chose my fave photo; hope you win! :)

  2. Great that your wife is trying to stay connected with your son - it's important. But, at his age, he needs the guidance of a father - one who can be open, honest, and understanding about being a horny teenager. It appears he realizes this and would prefer to stay with you and you can't ask for a better relationship with a teenage son than the one you describe!

  3. you are too nice... thank you... i love the photoshop updated pic...nice...

  4. If you don't stop posting hot pics of yourself I'll have no choice but to move to Canada and marry you, and that would pretty much piss off my husband, so just stop it!

    1. I'll have to post some pics of me where I'm flabby and unattractive to give you a chance to cool down.... :-)

  5. I gotta agree about the eyes. WOW!!!

  6. Very cool pics of you - and Kelly! He's cool in person, too!

    Glad things are going so well for you and your son. Wish my dad and I had had that kind of relationship when I was 16-18 or so.

    Peace <3

  7. Hiram is quite the looker! And that interestingly curved, heavily hooded cock would explore serious exploration!

    1. "would reward serious exploration."

  8. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

  9. Hope your dry spell ends soon. You know... going to their place IS always an option :) I think it's great that you can accommodate your son at this time. Wishing you the best. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I do go to other guys' places occasionally or visit a traveling man in his hotel room. I do hook up with married men every now and then and hosting is never an option for them.

      But most of my hookups these days are with 22 year old men: they're either living with their parents or with roommates in student housing. They can rarely / never host!!

  10. Kelly's wicked smile and bad eyes like a gypsy make all the difference, yes !

  11. John from TorontoMarch 5, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    my pleasure... why I'm touched to have seen the nod from you on the Photo's I played with. Especially seeing that it's not in some kind of creepy stalker story. LOL. Far from that I am. Was glad to park my vote for you on the Aussie blog, with much attention also here to both Kelly and Guy and some chilly admiration for Oscar. Still, my loyalty was footed, one step at a time, to our host here. If you're in Toronto, let me know, I'll have camera at hand. Chuckle.

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