Friday, May 24, 2013

Damn you POF!

Today's Pic-a-Day-in-May is for Wayne who requested a clearer view of my ass-crack.  I took numerous pics with my cheeks spread, rosebud exposed for all the world to see and with cock and balls hanging below. 

But sorry Wayne, I could not bring myself to post them.  I'm just not that kind of a girl!

Arrrgh!!   From the start of my hooking-up life, has been my biggest source of hookups in two categories: 
(1)  Inexperienced 22 year old men wishing to explore their gayness with an experienced man outside of their peer group.
(2)  Men in their 30s and 40s, some married, who list "seeking a woman" on their profiles but wish to discreetly explore their emerging attraction to men by hooking up with a guy like me.  

I really enjoyed having the easy access to these men provided by POF.  "Straight" men are more likely to set a profile on POF because it's primarily a heterosexual dating site.  Then, they can creep on the profiles of gay guys like me.

These POF men have provided me with some of my most intense encounters.  As a bonus, I get to be intimate with men in their 20s without much effort on my part.  I still haven't yet had my fill of the 20-something men, probably because I didn`t get to experience them when I was in my 20s myself.

Yesterday, POF changed its rules to refocus as a relationship site.  The 'intimate encounters' category has been removed and countless "sleazy profiles" such as mine were deleted.  If any user mentions sex in his first message to another user, he runs the risk of having his profile deleted. 

Worse yet, users are restricted from searching for or messaging anyone who is age is +/- 14 years different from theirs. That just doesn't work for gay guys, young or old!  This means that a 36 year old man will be blocked from messaging me and visa versa. Blahhh!!!

Based on the flood of irate comments, it's safe to say that POF has pissed off a lot of its users.

Of my other options, has many quality men but only a handful (<20) are on the site locally.   I've had some success with which has about 1000 local guys listed.  But I've never been completely comfortable with squirt as it's more of a hard-core gay hookup site with more creepy guys on it. 

Now that I have my first SmartPhone, I might choose to set up my first profile on sites such as Scruff, Grindr or Manhunt.  But because I've lost a method of contact with some online chat friends who are 35 and younger, I might just be forced into setting  up a fake POF profile just to maintain those conversations. 

I'll just have to see what develops......

ps:  I hosted Big Red (a larger guy who I mentioned at the bottom of this post)  at my house last night for about three hours. Big Red resembles the sexy, fun guy pictured above in the Iron Man undies. We had the sweetest time together!  Details to follow.



  1. the end of buddy bear - HAWT!

    the "iron man" guy - so campy and cute!

    1. Yes, I thought the same thing...he's just adorable! I saw many guys like him at the Pitbull Bear dance party I went to in Toronto two weeks ago.

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    1. Thank you! I've added both of your blogs to my blogroll. I especially liked "Guess his Cock". Don't we all wonder, all the time, what every hot guy we see is packing in his pants? LOL

  3. LOL. Buddy Bear you dont have to do anything against your comfort level.This picture looks hot and the post is very funny.You have good sense of humor my friend.
    Next suggestion(if you are open to suggestion)The tenth picture..with jeans and underwear

    Since you are doing two pics in a post..another suggestion,the picture of the guy reading the book on his stomach


  4. Wayne, I wasn't comfortable with posting the rosebud pics but only after I took them. I was okay with the actual pictures that I did post.

    Thank you for your comment about my sense of humour; I think everyone who knows me in real life would say the same thing and certainly all my students do!

    Also thanks for the picture suggestions. I love both of them!

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