Friday, May 31, 2013

Erratic (ex) Spousal Behaviour

Today's Pic(s)-a-Day-in-May are all of me during this morning's rush.   I'll have to try for something more imaginative this weekend.

It's been fantastic having all three kids and our three dogs here all week.  It's been very busy because they all have different work or school schedules. 

This means that I have to make a second trip into town in the evening for a pick-up.  No time (or even an inclination) for a quick hookup! 

But I've been moving slowly towards "quality" rather than "quantity" in my hookups.  When Big Red and I are together in bed, at least 2 - 3 hours is needed for kissing and mutual pleasuring.

Two months after our divorce, I think my former wife is doing fairly well and is reasonably happy.  But she still exhibits what I used to call Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde behaviour.  Erratic!  At times, she can be wickedly funny, but she can also be bossy, bullying and just plain nuts.  Here are two examples from this week.

Funny ex-wife:
Middle Daughter, checking her text messages:  "Ewwww!!  Mom says she has chlamydia!"
Buddy Bear:  "What?   You know that's an STD?"
Daughter:   "D'uh!  She texted.  'Now that you're in a medical field, I need to ask your advice.  I'm having a problem with chlamydia."

.... a minute later..

Daughter:  "She texted again!  'My chlamydia plant has brown leaves with little white spots on it.... what should I do?' "
Daughter texting back:  "Very funny, Mom!  LOL"
Ex-wife texting:  "Believe me with my lack of a sex life, there is NO chance of me getting a venereal disease."
Daughter to me:  "Ewwwww...... I DO NOT want to hear Mom talking about her sex life.  EVER!  I can't even imagine it!"
Buddy Bear:  "I'm sure that she will never have sex, ever again in her life.  Who would want to do it with her?"

Crazy ex-wife:
In November, my son was hired at a national burger chain and worked two evening shifts in training.  But he was never called in to work after that because, he said, they had dozens of kids on the casual worker list and no one was getting any shifts.

Last week, while preparing our taxes I found out that the burger place never paid him his salary, $60.00 or so.  I couldn't convince my son to phone the manager and complain  ("I don't care.)
so I dropped it.

Later, my wife found out about it and she also tried to convince my son to phone.   When he refused, my wife phoned the manager repeatedly but he wasn't helpful and eventually stopped returning her calls.  The basic problem was that he could not divulge information about an employee to a third party, even if that third party was the employee's mother.  

So wife hatched this plan and told all three kids about it in advance.

1.  Wait for the busiest time of the week at the burger place, Friday at 5:00 pm.
2.   Drive her car up to the drive-through window.  Park the car, shut it off and demand that the manager come talk to her.
3.   Refuse to move the car until the manager caves in to her demands about my son's pay.

At the burger place, my wife blocked the drive-through lane as planned.  In short order, disgruntled customers in their cars were lined up around the building.  Inside the restaurant, chaos ensued.  "Oh my gosh, Mrs. _____ is refusing to move her car!!!"  Side note:  the employees were either students at my wife's former school or at my son's school including some of his friends, meaning, most of them knew who she was.

Teenaged workers were dispatched outside with clipboards to take customer's orders manually while the manager negotiated with my ex-wife.  Eventually, the manager caved in and gave her what she wanted, paid my son's back wages and offered him a permanent shift of two evenings week.

The aftermath:
1.  My wife went around town for the rest of the week, proudly bragging about her "victory" to everyone, completely unaware how inappropriate her behaviour was and how nutty she appeared to everyone else.  She's lucky the manager didn't call the police!

2.  She told everyone in town, but me, that is.  She knows full well that I wouldn't have approved of her tactics and would have told her so.

3.  Each of the three kids told me this story, separately:  "Did you hear what Mom did?"  They all chalk it up as yet another "Crazy Mom Story."

4.  I told my son (in jest):   "Hey, you can forget this welding thing.... you can just have a career at the burger place!"  My son snorted, "Yeah, right!  Do you think I'm ever setting foot in that place ever again?"   I felt sorry for him:  it's hard enough being 16 without having to deal with such an embarrassing mother.


  1. I'll say it again, you have a really lovely ass. And I like that last picture--perhaps your most daring. Next time perhaps the top of the bikini could be pulled JUST a little lower . . . !

    1. Thanks Will. You're a persitent one! It might happen one day!

  2. She's ballsy - I'll give her that. Not that she displayed any kind of sense of diplomacy or empathy in snarling up innocent people's lives and schedules. I know a woman who can get just as crazy - consequently, she has zero friends.

    But, your kids? They sound like really great young adults. Kudos!!

    1. Wow! You've summed up her behaviour / personality more accurately and succinctly than I ever could have! My wife as burned through more friendships and alienated more neighbours and family members than anyone I've ever met in my life.

  3. OMB, SO FUCKING HAWT! dammit, buddybear, you know how to get someone wet!

    1. Thanks, anne marie! If only you were a man, I'd do you in a second....

  4. I feel for your son. When I had a foster son, my "fiance" at the time was much the same way with him. Drove him crazy!

    Your son and daughter, on the other hand, WISH I COULD HAVE RAISED KIDS LIKE THAT!

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment about my kids! Yes, they're very special.

  5. I like how your adding to the mystery with your pubic hair !

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