Sunday, June 2, 2013

Small town gay

This is me at yesterday's event, behind a locked door.
Every time I'm out in public, I'm sure to run into a dozen or more people that I know.  It's one of the realities of being a teacher in a remote town (or smallish city) where I've lived all my life. These people include:
  • people from my school community (students, parents, colleagues), past and present
  • relatives, including extended family
  • neighbours, past and present
  • relatives of relatives, such as the in-laws of my cousins and siblings
  • friends: mine, my parents or friends of friends
  • former classmates and colleagues of mine, my siblings or my parents
  • professionals; as my doctor, dentist, lawyers and the like.
I've now added a new and ever-growing category to that list: men I've had sex with.

On Saturday, I was supervising a team of our students at a large fundraising event for a local social service agency.  While there, I saw several people from my gay life.

Encounter #1:    One of the community sponsors of the event was on stage with a microphone.  He was nice-looking guy in his early 40s who somehow looked familiar to me.   "Oh my God!  I think I gave him a blowjob in the back seat of my car last summer!"  At one point during the day, I caught his eye and we nodded 'hello' before he scurried off.  But I'm fairly sure he didn't remember who I was.   Not surprising since our very brief encounter occurred around midnight and we never actually spoke.  

Encounter #2:   When the mother of one of my students in the fundraiser greeted me by first name, I couldn't quite remember where we'd met.  Then it hit me:  she was the best friend of Dating Guy who I've blogged about many times!  In fact, she and I met when Dating Guy took me to the small local restaurant where she works.  To add to the coincidence, my oldest daughter just started a summer job as a prep cook at the same restaurant. 

My student's mother stayed to watch the event and we chatted all day long surrounded by my students about our mutual friend, the Dating Guy and many other topics.  I knew that she knew about my gay experiences with Dating Gay as I heard through the grapevine that he told all his friends about me.  But our conversation could not have been more relaxed and natural.

Encounter #3:   Soon after, one of the young men running the fundraiser caught my eye from across the tent, smiled warmly and quickly waved.  It was Hunky 22-year old from last summer, he of my fondest and hottest gay memory ever! 

He was a gay virgin from when we first hooked up  and awkwardly lost our anal virginity together.  On another day, we had my sexiest shower ever when I rented a motel room for us.  I also took him to the dinner party given by an older gay couple which ended up as a hot tub foursome, of sorts.

There he was, more handsome than I remembered him: with  slim hips, muscular thighs and voluptuous ass squeezed into jeans, broad shoulders, very blue eyes wearing sexy boots, my favourite thing of all.  But it was his open personality as he "worked" the crowd, his charisma and smile which held the most appeal to me.

Hunky is gradually making his way "out" but I knew he isn't out at work to his colleagues so  I understood that we couldn't talk at the event.  Anyway, he was far too busy.  But I was amused when he keep glancing my way dozens of times throughout the day.

But it was a bittersweet encounter.  There I was, surrounded by my students, consumed with lust and getting hard thinking about the love-making that Hunky and I did last summer.  There he was, across the room but we couldn't even talk.

But I'll contact Hunky later this week;  I'm sure he'll agree to meet me for coffee but whether or not I get into his pants again is another question.   Unbelievably, he is mainly attracted to men who are older, fatter and hairier than me.  LOL! 


  1. (sigh) your arse is so damn pinchable!

  2. Hooketh me up with Hunky Guy! HAHAHAHA

    I guess when you start out of the closet, there's no closing the door again. It had to happen that you'd start running into people. Interesting is that no one cared about the sexual side of things, they just wanted to talk to you!

    Peace <3

  3. It's nice that you attend things like that - and I suppose inevitable you will run into guys you've had sex with. As long as everyone remains adult about the encounters, it will never pose problems.

    And, I once again, must agree with anne marie: That ass of yours is so damn grab-able!

    1. Thanks for commenting, everyone, for the compliments about my arse! As the weeks go by, I'm becoming more and more out in the larger community and I'm completely happy about that.

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