Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beautiful Furry Torso Guy

This pic is quite over-exposed and is a rather daring one, for me.  But I'm sure that some of you will like it.
Wow!   I've really fallen off the Pic-a-Day-in-May thing wagon!  I'll be doing Two-Pics-Every-Second-Day in May.   I'm just too busy for a daily post and alternate-day posting allows for a better conversation to develop in the comments.

I'm posting three pics taken this morning under the theme:  "Creative things to do with Mardi Gras Beads."

It's the Victoria Day weekend here and finally we have a bit sunshine after the lousiest weather imaginable..... windy, very cold with a driving rain which prompted local authorities to issue flood warnings for our rivers, already swollen from the spring snow melt.  I have two stories to report on:

A:   Late last night, I got a message from Beautiful Torso Guy who was in a nearby hotel for the night and wondered if I was interested.  Was I interested?  Hold me back!!!

We had a very pleasant encounter but not nearly as lengthy or exciting as our first meeting where he ended up with a dislocated shoulder.  This time, he had been up since 5:30 am and prior to that, had only 2.5 hours sleep, so he was very, very tired.   But that made our encounter so much sweeter;  it was like making love to a langorous wildcat, stretching and basking in the sun.

Afterwards, we chatted and caught up on our work, family and romantic news.  I'd describe ours as a true 'fuck buddy' relationship but as he lives over 500 km away, he's in town only four or five times per year.   He's just the nicest, funniest, sexiest, most uncomplicated guy I've met so far.

B:    This weekend, I heard yet again from Dating Guy (who I dated for a week in January) and who resurfaced two months later to tell me that he "really, really liked me."   I blogged about him at that time, saying how I really wasn't comfortable with him.... in fact, had NO interest in him at all. 
Here's our POF exchannge:

Dating Guy:   Hi

Buddy Bear:   How have you been?

Dating Guy:   Been so great lately. Down a couple pounds. Which helps the energy level. But Unfortunately had also increased my sex drive. But on the up side I'm getting alot of offers.

Buddy Bear:   Great!  I'd think that an increased sex drive is a good thing.

Dating Guy:    Way too many twinks here. I need to find a mans man.

Buddy Bear:    Most of the guys our age in this town are married and / or in the closet!

 Dating Guy:    And if course I have the night weekend free and me without a sex date.  Lol. Just phone calls away though. I'm back in the saddle babe. :)

Buddy Bear:     I'm glad to hear you're back in the saddle! It's time for me to be really honest here and say that I wouldn't be comfortable hooking up with you. I'm sorry that I feel this way and it would be hard to explain the "why", but that's how it is. :-(

Dating Guy:      Please don't miss read thAt as me putting you in that loop. Don't get me wrong but I'm not interested in ever having any romantic or physical involvement with you. What we did was fine , but who would we be kindling if we didn't admit there was no chemistry there. You're an okay person to chat with but I had realized awhile ago you weren't someone I wanted any more from. (.... and he went on with more of the same....)

My views on this last message:
1.   I think he's full of shit!   I'm certain that he was still trying to get me into his bed.
2.   He also told me that my message (above) was really blunt;  it probably was but what else was a boy to do?  All the subtle messages from me were having no effect.  Another fact:  when he was at my house a few weeks ago and tried to give me a blowjob in my kitchen, my cock went as limp as yesterday's lettuce.  I just wasn't interested in him!!
3.   But I really hope that we will end up platonic gay friends!  He is smart, wickedly funny and knows all the local gay gossip.  I think this might be possible.


What's missing is a sexy man to snuggle up to.


  1. I'm sorry, did you say something? I was too busy admiring the beads. :)

    yeah, dating guy was trying to get in your pants. but I don't think even platonic friends will help this dude. let it go and move on.

  2. Yeah i agree you need to let go and move on with this guy.He clearly have some insecurities and wasnt being straightforward and was being as total tease.

    Okay now back to the pictures,That was smoking hot.I loved the second picture.I have a doubt,do you shave your balls?Just curious

    And if you taking more suggestion for your pictures,I have a about like this picture.When i saw it,i kinda reminded of you dude.if the penis thing is over the top,maybe a wet cloth on it(make it harder this time ;0 ),r:50,s:0,i:239

  3. Use this link Buddy Bear..yeah with the socks

    1. Yes, I do shave my ball occasionally. It saves the embarrassment of some guy having to pick my pubic hair from his teeth and yes, that has happend to me!

      I love the pic you'd like me to recreate. Yes, I'll try without the full frontal part of it. With my flabby mid-section, my version won't be as hot as the original, however.

  4. Concerning second guy: I couldn't be with anyone who spells 'a lot' 'alot' ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    PS You seem to be getting precariously close to a full dick shot, Buddy! We're waiting ;)


    1. Yes, as a teacher, I noticed that his message had numerous grammar and spelling errors in it! Most guys' messages on these sites are full of errors.

      I know you were joking, but seriously .... when some hunky, big-cocked 22 year old messages me for sex, do you honestly think I would reject him based on a few grammar errors. I'm not his grade 1 teacher!!

      As to the 'full dick shot' getting closer.... you're correct! I'm getting more and more revealing as time goes on.

  5. Dating Guy said hi to you first and he was keen to talk about not having a sex date. Was he hitting on you? Probably.

    Were you unusually blunt? Probably. In my limited experience, passive rejection is the rule among The Gays. Being blunt (aka honest) is pretty uncommon. For example, if he was being honest he would have asked if you'd be interesting in hooking-up. He didn't do that. Instead he beat around the bush, so to speak. He expected you to respond in kind, by either flirting with him or by changing the focus of the conversation.

    I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it. If he genuinely likes you, he'll make an effort to stay in touch. If not, you've met plenty of men who would love to hang out with you.

    1. I have passively rejected other guys.... it's so easy to do online, too easy in fact. It took some courage to "be blunt" with him but I felt the need to respond this way because:

      (1) We'd seen each other a dozen or more times; because of this connection or familiarity, I felt I owed it to him to be honest.
      (2) I'd given him the passive "not interested" signal numerous times online and in person(including turning him down for sex a couple of times) and it just wasn't working. A blunt approach was needed.
      (3) This is a very small town in the gay sense and I want to remain on good terms with him, be respectful and not get a reputation as a 'player' or as an asshole. Tricky!

    2. And, Two Lives, I forgot to add, thank you, for taking to the time to offer such sensible and experienced advice. I hadn't really considered the 'passive rejection' thing is the habit on gay hookup sites that I dislike the most.

  6. Buddy Bear, I think you did the best thing by being blunt/direct. It is clear that this dude wasn't really your thing.

    On the other hand I think his defensive response is understandable and forgivable, although not very enlightened. You did the right thing by being direct and he responded in his way. And you should acknowledge that, if not to him, but to yourself.

    I'm sure all of the pure perfect male specimens who have commented on this blog entry have never been rejected before. (It's all about the dick, right. Or the spelling on a bloody blog, it would seem.)

    But you did the noble thing. You said what you felt. That is noble.

    The real scenario is that both of you communicated. In your case, although it was "probly" (misspelling intentional so please "a lot" commentator realize that I am (sic) ) not an easy thing to do, you acted with integrity. That is admirable!

    But the thing I love about your blog is the balance. and sharing your journey......talking about your divorce, talking about sexual encounters, and photographing erotic poses at member request.

    Since this thread is more about the photos, the beads, etc, personally.....I guess I should participate. It seems that that the comments are more concerned with your photos and not the story you shared and asked for responses.'s my opinion about your great photos and the resulting comments: I'd prefer that you not do the Full Monte! You are more alluring because you show a bit, but you don't show it all. It is magic.

    The photos make you alluring. But your power is in the story of your life that you share.

    I'm sure everyone will disagree. But I honor their dissenting perspective.

    You have integrity. I very much admire that. Keep it up, despite the nature of the responses that you receive on this great blog. I like your blog not because you show dick, but because you share very erudite, very compelling, a life diary, as well as the photos/poses of male beauty.

    But, all I will say is that you have a great blog

    The beads are great.....all of your photos are great.

    A fan of your blog,

  7. Thanks, Mark, for your generous comments! Wow! You're very kind!

    A few points:
    1. Yes, I'm quite comfortable in NOT doing the Full Monty!
    2. I felt that I was forced into being honest with him because he wasn't getting the message.
    3. I would like to be his gay friend but not lover or boyfriend and have been working towards that since I wrote this post. We've since communicated numerous times on pof in a cordial manner.

    But I would say that the comments to this blog have always been great: supportive, offering advice and constructive criticism as needed and compliments on my self-pics. I haven't received a single upsetting comment in 2.5 years of blogging.

  8. You need a naked male to cuddle up too?

  9. Being totally naked and cuddling up works from me and dripping precum too...

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