Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Men in Camo

My bare ass .... again.
A front view of me ... with my flabby belly.
In our region, we get a constant stream of American men coming up for hunting and fishing. These guys are all outdoorsy types, burly, scruffy, a bit redneck and sadly, often overweight. 

But in each group of older, bearish men, there's always a couple of slim young guys (probably their sons) who look just delicious, fresh-faced, innocent-looking and clean cut in that all-American way.  They'd probably be horrified if they could read my mind, full of sinful and gay "impure thoughts."

What really sets these American sportsmen apart is that they are dressed head-to-toe in camoflage clothing. They stick out like sore thumbs!   You'd never see a Canadian man going around town dressed this way.  It would be regarded as just plain weird;  a bit too militaristic, I think. Anyway, Canadian hunters are required to wear blaze orange for safety. But here are some pics of some lovely military men in camo gear.

Random thoughts:
1.  I still haven't come to terms with the loss of POF.com as a smorgasborg where I can take my pick of inexperienced 22 year-old gay men to have sexytime with.  I posted about the new POF rules here.   Now, I'm getting no messages at all and searches restricted to my age +/- 14 years, only get about five men and they're the SAME MEN every time.  :-(

2.  I'm thinking of setting up a POF account with a fake age so the horny 'uns can resume messaging me again.  I might possibly try out Grindr.com.  The men on Scruff.com would be more my cup of tea but there are virtually no local guys on it yet.

3.  All my three kids are with me probably for the week.  It's a lot of fun having them here!  They are fun, intelligent, self-confident young people with busy life:  socializing, work, reading, school, hobbies and working on major projects around the house.  

4.  As if by design, my kids all want to learn new skills, things I never would have imagined them wanting to do: 
  • Eldest daughter learn how to change the oil on her car.
  • Middle daughter (a picky eater who has never cooked) is learning how to cook and eat Indian food for her "brown" university boyfriend as he teasingly describes himself.  I've had training in this cuisine so I'm teaching her some of the milder dishes to start. 
  • My son, in addition to being an accomplished welder and car mechanic, has taken to making home-made pizza, cookies and pork ribs, barbequed for hours in the Texas fashion with a dry rub. 
5.  Recently, I've heard from several divorced gay men (in their sixties or older, I think) who went through the same journey I did except a decade or two earlier.  The tragedy of their situations is that their bitter ex-wives "turned the kids against them."  These men largely missed out on the growing-up years of their own children and are now mainly estranged from them.  I'm really very lucky!


  1. Your ass is your best asset Buddy!!Same impure thoughts in my mind about you and that ass!!

    I have few suggestion for your next pics .So if you are open to suggestions:
    The first would be a pic of your wearing a tight underwear with a bulge with your thighs spread apart and your hands in it.You know as though you want your reader to get between your thighs.If you are comfortable maybe showing some stem of your manhood.
    The second would be a picture of you naked and dry humping a pillow with your amazing ass in the hair with some nuttage from behind


    1. Thanks, Wayne! I'll see what I can do! It might not happen in today's pic-a-day (I'm visiting a hot early 50s businessman in his hotel this evening) but I hope to have time over the weekend.

  2. You are so not flabby belly. Every pic of yours I have seen has been extremely well taken and super Hot! You got it man so flaunt it.

  3. You have a truly fine and shapely ass -- the guys lucky enough to top you certainly had a beautiful view.

    Your son is a gem, I'm more convinced than ever.

    1. Thanks, for both compliments! I am lucky to teach in the same school as my son is a student, so I'm on the receiving end of unsolicited compliments about my son from all his teachers across the board. They're very impressed with him.

  4. good on your kids for learning new concepts; they will be well adjusted for life! AND the fact that you and your ex still parent the kids INSTEAD of demonizing the other makes both of you a class act.

    I would enjoy doing naughty things with/to you, but you don't fancy the ladies any more (boo hoo). SO DAMN HAWT!

  5. Yes, acquiring practical skills can only increase their self-confidence. And yes, my wife and I both did and are doing a great job with them.

    This topic often comes up with gay guys I'm with: "Would you have sex with a woman again?" Probably not, but if she was extremely attractive, younger, aggressive and paid me a goodly sum of money, I most likely would have sex with her.

  6. I see nothing "flabby" about that belly. No 6-pack visible, but it certainly isn't a requirement for a man to look sexy and you do!

  7. A man with something to hold on to is a man worth holding on to. x

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