Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A gay high school teacher

These pics from manthighs.tumblr.com/ are a celebration of one of my favourite places to be.  I've arranged to be in between a man's thighs both tomorrow and the next day.  (but with different men... I'm such a slut!).

In 18 months of blogging, I have not once revealed my profession.   I'm a high school teacher and four days ago, I started my nine-week summer holiday.  Woo-hoo!  I'm so lucky!!  

I was too cautious to reveal my occupation before this.   My students are all internet-savvy and take the greatest delight in the fact that googling a few letters of my unusual last name will take them directly to my class website.   It would be highly embarrassing and professionally damaging if my students read my sex-themed posts not to mention all the half-nekkid pics of me.

Public knowledge of my blog might spark an investigation into misconduct by my employer and the our governing professional body as a code of ethics violation.   To my knowledge, no one in my small town has stumbled upon my blog and I no longer worry about it.  Now that I have sole ownership of my waterfront home and our divorce is nearing completion, I feel a lot more secure about my future.
When I posted about Ggay-friendly high schools  and the school's participation in the anti-LGBTQ-bullying The Day of Pink last year, I was in fact describing my own workplace.  I plan to blog about my high school's very positive learning environment for our students and staff where LGBTQ initiatives are placed front-and-centre on a daily basis.  Empowering!   I am enormously proud of the fact that my school division is in the top one or two in all of Canada in showing leadership on LGBTQ issues.

As well, I can't resist in sharing stories of some of my courageous gay students, most of whom sniffed out my gayness many years before I figured it out myself.  And then there are all the gay boys who developed crushes on their hottie teacher (me!)   I posted last year about being hit on (I think) by a gorgeous and flirtatious young man who told me, "You look hot!"   He was in fact, a former student.  Jailbait!


  1. This is a stunning revelation. Although the Internet is a gigantic place very few gay teachers would be as brave as you. Good for you.

    Because your town is so small, I wonder how long it will be before a former student flirts with you on-line without realizing who you are. I'm sure that would be bizarre but it also seems inevitable.

    Should we assume that you are out at school and to parents? Have you ever had an awkward moment with a parent or student? Just curious.

  2. Congrats! I suspected as much. Because of various comments. Wouldn't be good here of course. I do know gay teachers of course. Funny when they come out after retirement. Panic ensues. Lol. Thankfully I don't think it will be issue here in 10 years. My son outted me on facebook over weekend. So far little notice. The times they are a changing.

  3. I think I need to enroll...

    Congratz Buddy, this was a big step. One of several you no doubt have planned for your post-divorce gay life.

    Remember the guy a few weeks ago who made you wear the blindfold? Do you think he did that because he was a former/current student of yours, and he didn't want you to know?

    Not to embarrass you, but if I was 16 or 17 and you were my teacher, I would wait until we were alone then lock the door and pop your sweet cherry right on your desk. Oops, are you blushing? You better be!

    I've had so many fantasies of porking my high school teachers. Never happened but it wasn't for lack of desire. I never had a hottie teacher. Maybe if I had, I would have spent more time making it happen.

    Buddy, you better watch out. Those students of yours are horny as hell and you are hot as hell, and that's a dangerous combination.

  4. Please be careful. As you come out to your family and friends, everyone will know - which is fine, as it should be . However, if your blog is ever linked to you, it will also link to your hook-up profiles. The person or persons who discover this info will in, all likely hood, not tell you but will instead gossip it around. All of this additional information will not go over well. It wouldn't go over well in most any profession and would even cause a stir if it was written by a straight man going through a divorce and rebuilding his live. At the very least, if you're not prepared or willing for your children to read this blog, then you need to scrub it of info that could link to you.

    I don't say this in judgement. I just don't want to see you or your loved ones get hurt. Plus, you might stop blogging and then what would I do?

  5. All very good points to consider. Blog safely!

  6. Is that you leaning back on the bed with no face and head showing? If so very sexy! Nice "little" head!

  7. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Lots of points to address so I'll do it in my next post. Anonymous: I looked very much like the last guy maybe 15 years ago but I'm much thicker around the middle now!

    1. Plus as any regular reader here knows, you only have one ball. LOL
      But yes, the pic is very sexxy.


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