Friday, January 3, 2014

In praise of Aboriginal men

At 44, Miner Dude, who I mentioned in my last post, was much older than the inexperienced 22 year old men I often hook up with.

The difference was that he had spent his entire adult life giving pleasure to men and was also a million times more skilled than the married gay virgins I often hook up with.  The latter are good at receiving pleasure but make no effort in giving it and in fact,  wouldn't know what to do to pleasure a man.

Miner Dude was the sweetest, most skilled lover I've ever had. He is Aboriginal, 6'-1", works in a deep rock mine some 300 km away and has lovely, natural muscles you'd expect from a blue-collar guy;  great biceps, pecs, ass and thighs. Yum!  All the pics here resemble Miner Dude in some way.

I've been with many Aboriginal (native-Canadian) men and they're emerging as my favourite.  I love their smooth, brown skin, dark brown eyes, beautiful facial structure, especially the high cheekbones, and their shyness.  Most don't speak at all during our hookups which makes our non-verbal encounters even more passionate, I think.

But what I love most about Aboriginal men is their sensual manner, intensity and their focus on giving and receiving pleasure.  I don't always find in white dudes who can be much more uptight.  

Miner dude wasn't at all ripped but actually had a bit of padding but that just made it feel even better when we lay on top of each other.  When I first saw him in his hotel room, I said, "Wow!  You're way more handsome in person!  You really need to get a better profile picture on pof." 

What followed was the sweetest, most pleasurable sexual encounter I've ever had.... ever.  Kissing, handjobs, blowjobs and 69, he was good at them all!  

He was a fantastic kisser (... rather, together, we both were) and we kissed for hours in every way; sweetly, aggressively, with much tongue-sucking or none at all.   What I liked most about him was that he kept his hands busy during kissing, as I always do, running our hands over each other bodies or giving each other a silicone-lubed cock or anal massage while kissing.

At times, we lay together with our lips pressed together completely motionless,  just breathing into each other, while our hands did their magic elsewhere.  Very intimate!

I tore myself away after three hours which is a very, very long time for a hotel-room hookup with a complete stranger.

As I left, Miner Dude and I agreed that we wanted to see each other again on a regular basis when he comes into town every month or two.  I hope this happens!

* NOTE:  I now have two blue-collar dudes as regular activity buddies.  I haven't blogged about him recently, but my other construction worker, Jamie and I have been getting together a couple of times each month or so .... and our encounters just seem to get sweeter and sweeter.


  1. Two regular sex-buddies - who could ask for more? It sounds like 2014 is going to be a good year for you.

    1. The main point is that I have two regular sex-buddies who LOVE pleasuring a man as much as I do. I think they're a fairly rare find. But I'm not sure they're "regular" enough .... I might see Miner Dude every couple of months or so.

      But yes, I am very hopeful for 2014.

  2. Love reading this and that you're having such positive sexual experiences. I don't know about aboriginal men but I can testify that Italian men usually great kissers. I'm not sure if you mentioned or not if Miner Dude has been or is out but my guess would be yes. Part of his skills may have a lot to do with being out. Another plus for you is that multiple partners will increase your experience but multiple times with the same partner will increase your skills not to mention intimacy.

    1. I think I've moved (unconsciously) into "quality" not "quantity" in my sexual encounters. I've never been with an Italian man (to my knowledge) but I've always wanted to test the stereotype that they are great in the sack.

      I met Miner Dude a second time (late last night) and asked him. He's partly out (to his brother and a few friends) but not to his sisters, parents or work colleagues.

      He said that a lot of people suspect that he's gay... if only for the fact that he's 44, unmarried and without a girlfriend. I wouldn't never have guessed because he's extremely masculine in voice and body movements. He has no plans to come out further because he said: "It's no one's business what I do;"

      As to your very wise comment: "Multiple times with the same partner will increase your skills not to mention intimacy. " Of course, you are 100% correct! I've been looking for this for a long time.

    2. I am Italian-American and Italian men grow up in families that touch, embrace, and kiss (non-sexually but kiss) liberally in their dealings with each other. In Rome I saw Italian boys out with their girlfriends but with their arms around each others waists and one on a train who napped with his head on his buddy's shoulder while the girls sat opposite and chatted. From my observations, Latino men also have this natural, undemonized ability to touch and hug men freely and delightfully.

      The average American man does not touch another man, there's a taboo. They are touched by their mothers but rarely by their fathers. They certainly don't kiss other men.

      I love kissing and I think I do it well -- I can keep it up for extended periods of time, taking time out occasionally to move down a man's body kissing, lightly biting and licking him on the way to sucking and massaging his cock.

      Miner Dude sounds like a real prize, a strong, skilled, hot and confident man. Very happy for you!

    3. That is the best explanation I've ever heard about why Italian men are such good lovers. I must seek out some more Italian men to hook up with to experience such delights.

      Your kissing strategy (described in the second paragraph) is exactly how I operate, too!

  3. Congrats on a good time! Glad it went so well!

    Peace <3

  4. Sounds hot, I also love kissing. Want to turn me on, kiss me passionately. I could do it for hours.
    Enjoy your blue collar dudes Buddy

    1. Thanks, Justin! I LOVE blue-collar men. I'll bet you do, based on all the pics of hunky men you post.

  5. Inhaling another's breath while kissing is indeed one of the most intimate things you can do. When the match is right and the connection is good, there is a deep chemical reaction that happens with that kind of kissing. A thousand times more erotic than sticking dicks in holes.

  6. As a native man, I never really thought about it. Very good observation! Hot story, btw

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