Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Three out of four of these pictures came from   They're for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.     (Note:  one day after it's been posted,  no one has commented on the last pic.... hmmm)

My emotions have been pretty raw recently so my most recent post listed the main things which were troubling me.    Like Dr. Spo, I enjoy writing lists and find that they help provide clarity and give an incentive to deal with the items on it.

Such as:
I phoned the Prostate Centre yet again to ask when my appointment will be .... rather, I left a message with their voice-mail system.   It's not possible to speak to a real human being, apparently.

I made a bold move and cashed in a small tax-sheltered retirement plan (an RRSP in Canada) which I set up before I married.  I used some of the money to pay my share of my kids' university tuition.  The rest will be used to prepare my new home for winter .... for jobs such as upgrading the insulation. 

I phoned my wife to ask her to look at and approve our draft Divorce Agreement so we could file for divorce.  I told her would NOT go through another school year with this hanging over my head especially if I ended up undergoing cancer treatment.  She said, yes, she would do it soon and then started to cry:  "It's hard... it's just so hard!"

I shed a few tears myself and told her I was sorry for everything.   And yes, it is very hard to end a marriage after 21 years when we truly did love each other and in fact, still care about each other.   It's a tragic situation .....  she's just not ready to move on.


I haven't shared my bed with a man for over a week since my son's job ended for the summer;  he's been here all the time with some friends so I can't host.  Darn!

But I've had several late-night encounters this week in the back seat of my car with some slim,  handsome, intelligent boys young men aged 21 - 23.   Each young man brought his lovely hard cock, good personal hygiene and a sense of fun and sexual adventurousness.   I just love how they are so intense, so vocal and just so "into" our encounter. 

By the way, all the young men messaged me;  I NEVER message them.   It usually starts after dark with a message: "u wanna hook up?"    I ask them a few basic "safety" questions;  "Which neighbourhood do you live in?",  "Do you attend ______ College?"  or  "What sort of job do you do?"

And then I message back: "I'll pick you up in 30 minutes.... I drive a _______"  and off I go!   Every encounter has been excellent --- no regrets--- and I've learned something each time.


  1. Hey buddy - hugs to you about the divorce. We're in the same boat at about the same time. We need to stay strong! xo

  2. Thanks Mike! I wish you all the best as well! Despite my complaints about my wife's occasional erratic behaviour, she's been EXCEEDINGLY generous with me about our financial settlement.

  3. Buddy, I can empathize about your wife too. It is so hard, but you are doing the right thing. And you can't control her reaction. As for the prostate thing - just be persistent and you'll get through. And bonus points for making the hookups work even though you can't host!

  4. Hang in there. I am pulling for you.
    You have been pretty open to share this process with us readers and it will be nice when things settle down for you and even out. They will.

  5. Hey Paul and Theatredog! Thank you for your support. Wow!

  6. lists are a good way to get anxious ideas out of your head so the brain will stop bugging you.

  7. Yes we noticed! :)
    -the silent majority

  8. Don't we know that butt in the last pic?
    Nice shot of you and the pooch


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