Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gayest songs of all time

I've no time for a proper post as my kids and I have been preparing for a +2,000 mile road trip later this week.  Also, there have been some positive developments in my divorce  journey which I've been busy with;  I don't want to jinx our progress so I'll blog about them later.

I love listening to anne marie's music clips on her new blog From My Brain to My Mouth.   A blast from the past for me!

So, here are my own picks for the Top Five Gayest Songs of All Time.   Well, they're probably not the gayest "of all time" ..... they all came out between 1976 - 1984, when I was in my mid-teens to early 20s.   Right now, we all know why I loved these videos so much!  But at the time, I was absolutely clueless about my gayness.

Tell me, what do think of my gay song choices?  Are there any others which you might suggest?


  1. Not surprised by the list given the time and your place on the journey.

    A 2000 mile road trip! Shudder....

    Good Luck

  2. Ill survive - gloria gaynor
    I'm coming out - miss diana ross
    in the navy - village people

    thanks for the shout-out, sweetie; smooches! and good luck with the road trip!

    1. shit, that should be I WILL SURVIVE; stupid computer! :(

  3. Fine choices - but A.M. was right, at least the first time. 'In the Navy' should be in there!

  4. The Wham! hit brought back a flood of memories, mostly good. All in all a good selection. YMCA is a shoo-in for the list of gayest songs.

  5. This goes back to a different era, but Beatrice Lillie singing "There are fairies at the bottom of my garden." And Noel Coward singing just about anything.

  6. Thanks for commenting, everyone! And thanks, Will, for pointing me to Noel Coward.

  7. You're very welcome, it was a pleasure to do so.

  8. Will, You're making us look even older than we are!

    I remember Bea Lillie fondly, but most of these guys would just go who???

    Noel Coward could probably sing of version of the Stabat Mater and make guys hard.

  9. Ah, come on Gerry -- we're all ageless!

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