Friday, December 13, 2013


The explicit gay e-mail which I received on my school account has consumed most of my thoughts this week.  After much online detective work, I am 95% sure who sent the e-mail.  It was NOT a malicious homophobic taunt from a goofy straight boy.

Instead, it was a serious proposition for sex from a gay student in my grade 11 class who has a serious crush on me.

He recently celebrated his 18th birthday so he decided that he was legal enough to make his move!  Could you blame him?  How could the poor boy control himself?  lol

The naked, hard-cocked picture attached to the e-mail was of the student himself.   Awkward!  But I'll blog about this fully on Sunday. 


Here's another one of Sean's Too Much Information questions which I look forward to answering each week. Sean's blog is Just a Jeep Guy.

1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any?  I was baptised a Lutheran but didn't attend a single church service in the following three decades.  Not one!  My parents were not church-goers and were, at times, disgusted with the hypocrites who attended church regularly but cheated, stole and lied in their personal lives.

But under my wife's influence, we were married in the Lutheran church and our three kids were baptised there.  But we haven't attended service for 17 years.  I got tired of being told, week after week, that we were a bunch of dirty sinners and that we would rot in hell.  The Lutherans are almost as bad as the Catholics!

2. What is your opinion of Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?  Merry Christmas works for me! 

3. Holiday music on the radio? When and how much?  I don't mind hearing Christmas music throughout December in small doses. But Feliz Navidad as sung by Jose Feliciano makes me nauseous.

4. When do you start decorating? Do you?   I decorate the indoor tree in early December and keep the outdoor lights on the trees year-round, but only start to light them in early November, just to stave off the darkness.

5. White lights or multi colored? Multi-coloured all the way!  We need a dash of colour in this monochromatic winter landscape.

6. Gift cards, cash or actually shopped-for presents?   I take great care in purchasing very thoughtful presents for the special people in my life, especially for my future Mr. Right.  But the kids sometimes do appreciate cash go towards the purchase of some large item.   So, I'd say..... all of the above.

7. Christmas cards and or family update letters are... things I never send and rarely receive.  But I do send one Christmas card to my elderly, sweet ex-mother-in-law who is so supportive of her gay ex-son-in-law.

8. Snow is... fantastic!  I love snow.  When I lived in Vancouver for two years, the lack of snow was one of the biggest things I missed.  I love most winter sports involving snow as long as the temperatures aren't too frigid.

9. Have you been a good little boy or girl this year?  Yes, at heart, I'm a very good person. I just know it!  Even with the random guys I hook up with, I am highly respectful of them, physically, emotionally and with respect to their privacy.

     1. Food:  my mother's turkey stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. I often eat only a tiny piece of the turkey itself.
     2. Desserts:  my mother's blueberry cheesecake, made with intensely-flavoured wild blueberries which we pick ourselves in the Canadian north woods.
     3. Drink:  home-made egg nog (a very rare treat) made with rum, Grand Marnier, raw eggs, whipping cream, nutmeg. orange rind and milk.
     4. Holiday movie:  Miracle on 34th Street;  the modern one with Dylan McDermott.
     5. Holiday music:  The Huron Carol has been my #1 favourite from my earliest memory.  It reminds me of the Canadian north woods in winter. Haunting! Click on the photo link above, to hear it.
6. Holiday tradition: Christmas dinner at my parents' with my kids.  This is so much more enjoyable now that my ex-wife is not there!  It was tense because she didn't get along with any of my family and I could never quite trust her to behave appropriately.

I imagine that everyone would have expected me to say instead: "Opening the presents on Christmas morning when the kids were young", but my wife's bossiness and anger ensured that it was a tense and stressful affair.  Now, the kids spend Christmas morning at my ex's house and Christmas dinner with me at my parents'.

BONUS:   Christmas sex: What have you done under the mistletoe? Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Clause? Have you done it a santa suit? Did you come down the chimney? Just how merry have you made Santa's helpers?

I've done NONE of these things! I'm so boring!  But given opportunity, there's very little which I would say "no" to.


  1. I've no idea what side of the War on Christmas the uncut hottie in picture #1 is fighting on, but which ever it is I'd sign up to join him!

    1. Yes, all I can think about is being in between those beefy thighs, feasting on that beautiful cock.

  2. There is no war on Christmas. I have to comment on your "as bad as Catholics" My mother was raised Lutheran and converted to Catholicism. I was brought up by a convert (wow, intense) but stopped going when I became an adult. Since coming out I go to the Metropolitan Community Church. It is an all welcoming congregation and our pastor is wonderful and gay. I have hopes for the Catholics though with Pope Francis. So I have at least unlocked that door.

    1. Your new Church sounds great! .... and it's sure to be a lot more "Christian" than all those fundamentalist churches which preach hate against those who are different than they are, such as all LGBTQ folks.

      I'm not at all opposed to people who believe in God and go to church, but it's just not my cup of tea at all.

  3. I second will; the dude in the first pix is HAWT!

    1. He is so HOT that I stole him for my blog!

    2. anne marie and David: I agree completely!

      David, I would add your blog to my blogroll. Were you referring to

  4. Sorry, I can't wait for Sunday. How the bloody hell did you figure this out?!?!?! I know you weren't scoping out the locker room!

    Love your TMI answers. #3: Spot on. #6: If I bought gifts, it would be just like you. #8: Yep, love snow, especially when we get SNOW DAYS! It's like being in school again! #10/2: Oh my that sounds sooooooo good!!! #10/3: I LOVE EGG NOG!!! And while I've never made it myself, I've found 2 good brands of commercial stuff with alcohol that are yummy as can be. #10/5: I love Christmas music, and just added this one to my iTunes Christmas playlist! Thanks, that's 2 tonight from blogger friends! And of course, the Bonus: I can think of at least one man I'd like to meet under the mistletoe!!! Have you ever had live mistletoe? It grows in the tops of trees, and is a parasite! HAHAHAHA

    And the top two dicks are fabulous. I'd love to work on either one!
    Peace <3

    1. I asked all the boys in my grade 11 class to drop their pants and show me their hard cocks so I could identify the one in the picture. (..... just kidding)

      I'll post about it on Sunday; the story is still 'in progress.' I absolutely know who it is but might not have enough evidence for the principal to talk to him about it.

      My other comments on your comments:
      1. We NEVER get snow days where the schools are fully shut down and the teachers can stay at home. The schools would lose their funding $ for that day so staff have to drive to work no matter how treacherous the conditions.

      A total school shutdown would only occur if our city declared a "State of Emergency" due to too much snow.

      2. It's too cold here for mistletoe to grow. I've never seen actual mistletoe, only the plastic variety.

  5. I think it is super cool that remain friends with your ex-mother in law. Sounds like even she is well aware of her daughter's ... shortcomings ... and doesn't hold a grudge against you.

    That's a real example of the Christian principles of love and forgiveness in action. God bless you both!

    P.S. Blueberry cheescake?! I live in Southern California where, lately, it seems cold enough to raise blueberries (low 40s at night, brrrr!; I know it's relative). If you have any leftovers, give me a buzz.

    1. My M-I-L is fantastic! My ex-wife and her late father (my M-I-L's ex-husband) were virtually identical in looks, personality, aggressiveness and their emotional / mental health issues.

      So more than anyone else in the whole world, my M-I-L fully understands what it was like to be married to (and divorced from) such a person. She's lived it!

  6. I love the Huron Carol! And this is my favorite version!
    I think you introduced it to me; if so, I am most grateful.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I'm fairly sure that it is little known outside of Canada.

      Yes, I gave you this link when commenting on one of your Christmas posts last year.

  7. I'm glad that the obscene email was not harassment (although it was misguided). I hope things work out.

    1. Thank you! I agree. I would have been really upset had it just been homophobic cyber-bullying. At least this young man's infatuation is something which I can understand.

    2. Says you, modestly! :-) Given all we know of you, I imagine anyone's infatuation would be understandable.

  8. **blush**. I actually meant that I understood what it feels like to be infatuated with a man... good judgement flies out the window.

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