Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spandex: God's gift to gay men

Here is an "all eye-candy" post with no serious content at all.   Now that our frigid winter is over, our town is full of Spandex-clad hotties riding bikes and running, training for all manner of athletic competitions.   Is there anything better than an athletic man in spandex?  Singlets, shorts, skinsuits, tights, Speedos .... I love them all!

While it is great looking at online pics of spandex studs,  I can say from experience that being a participant in an athletic event surrounded by sweaty, panting spandex-clad men is infinitely more rewarding, be it running, cycling or skiing   However, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats participating in a triathlon where the men emerge from the water in their spandex tri-suits glistening wet, clinging to every bulge and curve..... Most of these pictures came from the following sites:

Please take the poll at left:  which spandex hotties are your favourites? I've rearranged the pics in order of the poll results, starting with the most popular.

#7:   Grey wrestling singlet ...(50%)

#2:  Wet and extremely clingy blue/green tri-suit. ...(42%)

#9:   Amazing blue spandex ass ...(36%)

#10: ...(34%)

#5:  Jockstrapped footballers in white football pants ...(23%)

#8:  Rowers in blue spandex ...(23%)

#6: Black spandex shorts ...(15%)

#3:  Buddy Bear in Ski tights + UnderArmor shirt ...(13%)

#4:   Gluteus Maximus in black tights ...(11%)

#1:  Blue and white tri-suit ...(3%)


  1. Gray wresting singlet. Definitely.

  2. #7. But I went to Ohio State, so, I kind of have to.

  3. Can't decide on just one. So 9, 2, and 6 in order of preference. (Sorry spelling mistake in previous post)

  4. Some of these shots (especially the front views) I find SO gratuitously offensive that I absolutely demand that you show us any MORE that you have which you're still hiding from us! I just want to get my feelings of disgust over and done with. ;-)

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    #7 is Tommy Rowlands, former wrestler with OSU. Of all the thousands of online pics I've looked at, that is by far the one that I've 'enjoyed' the most.

    Raybeard: LOL! There is an infinite supply of pics like these.

  6. The wrestler has some awesome thighs! Nice pics!

  7. Nice pics. I think #3 is hot. So is #6.

  8. When I read that you wanted people to take your pole, I was hoping to be first in line. I've had my eye on your pole for a long time. What? Oh crap, I misread :-(

  9. SteveA: it is an ongoing fantasy of mine to be between those magnificent wrestler thighs.

    J.R. thanks for commenting!

    Ha! You're a funny guy, Cubby!!!

  10. anne marie in phillyMay 8, 2011 at 5:17 PM

    my preferences in order: 6, 10, 9. hawt, hawt, hawt!

    I would like to take cubby's pole and do naughty things with it!

  11. spandex is (alas) not for me; it is an ugly thing for anyone with any sort of less than ideal body.

  12. Number 3 looks mighty familiar... hehehe!

    I also would enjoy meeting #10.

  13. anne marie: oh, you say that to all your boyfriends!

    Ur-Spo: I agree that spandex on overweight people generally isn't a good choice. For some of us, spandex shorts or tights with a looser top might work. I must add; spandex must only be worn at the sports / workout venue only, NOT at the grocery store or at Wal-mart!!

    Spandex-wearing shouldn't be limited to the young, however. Around here, there are a great many athletic, extremely-fit men in the 40 - 70 age range who look fantastic in cross country ski tights and cycling shorts or tights, but again, wearing a looser t-shirt or light jacket over top.

  14. WCS: yes, the guy in the black cross-country ski tights is me (pic #3). Thanks for noticing!! (two others blog readers e-mailed me also, to ask)

    These are my first pair of spandex tights. A revelation!! I feel really sexy wearing them and they feel fantastic when I am skiing. I actually much prefer the rear view of me wearing them, but this pic was taken in a parking lot so I didn't want to linger.

  15. Spandex, like driving, should require a license prior to wearing it. Someone should inspect the package like your car... and tickets should be given out for offenders. Having said that... YUM!!! I can't pick just one. I love how revealing spandex can be... especially when wet.

  16. How does a person get the job of 'package inspector?' It sounds like a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

  17. I do NOT say that to ALL my boyfriends; only my gay ones! (wink wink)

  18. I will say that I subscribe to the philosophy, "Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it."

    However, the eye candy you've chosen certainly do make spandex seem quite appealing.


  19. I don't think that #10 is technically spandex. It looks like a loose nylon Aussiebum -- not that I'm complaining by any stretch of the imagination (terrible pun fully intended).


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