Saturday, May 14, 2011


The Daily Drool
Unable to blog or comment during the recent Blogger downtime, I felt a bit at loose ends. As I get deeper and deeper into the blogging world, the thought struck me:  "Am I becoming a Blogwhore?"  I certainly hope not!

I might be showing some of the symptoms.  While size queens focus on length and girth, blogwhores obsess about other statistics.    hmm... I've been blogging for 4 months, 3 days and, I've had 15,698 page views and 8413 site visits.  So that works out to +2,100 visits per month and 1.9 pageviews per visit.  And 602 comments work out to ..... 

Blogwhore:  noun.  A person who participates in all or most of the following:
  • Spending large amounts of time posting entries on his/her blog about things no one other than them cares about.
  • Tries any way possible to get others to read his blog.
  • Posts comments on every blog he comes across in hopes that other bloggers will find and comment on his blog.
There are many sub-varieties of the species such as the activist blogwhore and pop culture blogwhore.  If I am a blogwhore, I might fit into the slutty blogwhore category.

As a blogging virgin just four months ago, I remember feeling the trepidation as I published my first little post.  And the excitement of my first comment!  Wow!  Ten pageviews!!!

The readership of  my blog increased rapidly, but I quickly discovered that a provocative title is the surest way to double your pageviews.  Spandex:  God's Gift to Gay Men or Boxers or Briefs  are good examples of this.

In the "serious" category, posts directed at men in the closet such as "Options for married closeted guys"  were sure to generate the largest numbers of pageviews.  Another sure way to increase page views and enthusiastic comments is by posting half-nekkid pics of myself in undies or a jockstrap.  .

I can't wait to see the reaction to future posts such as, "Sucked my first cock"  or "Lost my gay virginity."  (note:  these events haven't happened yet, but when they do, I promise, you'll be the first to read about them.)   And to my concerned friends, when this does happen, I promise I will be safe, sensible and most likely be with someone I know and trust.

I'm thinking about pageviews today because it's been a highly unusual few days in the life of my blog.  In the past two days, my blog has recorded over 1,300 pageviews, where the average day would see about 150 views.  

Somehow, my blog has been listed on's Thursday's New Links blogroll.  My innocent little blog is listed amongst tasteful titles such as Crazy Bisexual Trio and Jackers -N- Whackers.

While I normally welcome increased readership, I was really alarmed at this turn of events.  How did Hunkhunter come to list my blog on their site?   My site has been swamped by a steady stream of visitors from around the globe including some countries I've never heard of!   Wild!!!  I assume that this traffic will slow down soon when my blog is no longer "featured" but gets buried in the tens of thousands of sites listed by Manhunt.

I saw a shirtless young guy in his early 20s with abs exactly like this in town yesterday.   I thought , "My gosh, look at that!"  (I nearly drove my car off the road, gawking at him)   He was much slimmer and less muscular than this guy but to me, he was living proof that abs like this really do exist in real life.


  1. Blogging can get quite addictive really.
    For me, it all depends on my basic motivation for keeping a blog. Once I've precisely identified my priorities, it all fell into place quite neatly!
    The recent shutdown was a great thing after all for me. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, btw... That Alex Marte...
    God's gift to us!!!
    Glory Alleluia! :D

  3. Hmmmm, I would have thought Blogslut...

  4. DeepBlue: You are very wise and so right about the "blogging addiction" and also "identified my priorities" about blogging. I do have some blogging goals, but I will have to think carefully about what they are. Thank you!

    Here's more of Alex Marte. He takes my breath away.

    Cubby: Me, a blogslut?.... I'm trying, I'm trying.

  5. You and I can join a support group together.

    "Hi, I'm Mack, and I'm a blogwhore." ;)

  6. I actually have a t-shirt that says BLOGWHORE on it... bought it off of I am Bossy website (she is a hoot)....and yes..blogging and reading blogs is addictive...arghh!! happy weekend

  7. and if it were not for wonderful blogwhores like kelly and yourself and sean and spo and cubby and ad infinitum, I would not have some good friends!

  8. Mack: great idea for support group! Problem with me is that I don't view being a blogwhore as a problem, so the chances of a "cure" would be slim.

    Kelly: I seem to remember a pic of you wearing that shirt posted on your blog, I think? Thanks for commenting! Have a great weekend!

    anne marie: there would no point in being an online exhibitionist if there wasn't a receptive audience who wanted to look at the pics. Thank you for that, anne marie!

  9. I don't think I'm quite there yet....I just get to reading blogs when I can....but it can be addictive. Initially, it gives you a sense of commaraderie, and sense of belonging to that exclusive club - in this case - the elite gay club!
    I remember my 1st comment - it was a post I did on John Hughs and his death and his contribution to 80's movies and music - and it was from a straight, female viewer!

  10. When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, and was addicted. It has since tapered off with my new job, and a boring life.

    And let me volunteer to be your first to give you a blowjob. I promise, it will blow your mind.

  11. SteveA: It's that connection with others like me which was the unexpected benefit of blogging. Is what I now value the most.

    My online gay friends have been endlessly supportive of me and my journey. They've offered experienced advice, expressed concern and admiration for the way I've conducted myself, provided a fantastic audience for my exhibitionism making me feel like the sexiest man on Earth, and at times, worried about me.

    I've had poignant, heartbreaking e-mailed conversations with closeted, married, middle-aged guys (like I was only months ago.) They are all agonizing over the most difficult decision they will ever make in their lives.

    I also value my exchanges with formerly married, closeted middle-aged guys who are years farther along the same journey that I'm on. Most of these guys divorced their wives some years ago and survived.

    To a man, these guys are happy with the freedom of being fully "out" and truly in love for the first time, happily partnered with a great guy. It is these stories which give me the greatest hope for the future, for that is what I want for myself.

  12. RG: Yes, let's face it, I am rapidly proceeding through the biggest changes that I may ever experience in my life, so I have a lot to blog about right now. My life right now is as far from 'boring' as it could possibly be. I am limiting myself to blogging every second or third day so I don't 'burn out.'

    Unless I start blogging more about my daily life and that of my friends and family, I may run out of stories to tell, eventually. I notice that many blogs have a lifespan of about two years after which the excitement has worn off. I hope to avoid that fate.

    RG: about the blow job, yes, I know it's a serious offer and I am absolutely certain it would be the best in the world. The vast distance which separates us is a huge obstacle, but I think you know that I would say "yes" to your offer with equal seriousness.

  13. everyone (more or less) goes through 'blogwhore' stage when they start blogging. And nearly everyone goes through the 'whore' phase when they come out. It feels good either way, and you want as much as you can, greedy and glorious.
    It both settles down and it quite still nice.

  14. Ur-spo: thank you for those optimistic, supportive words about being a "whore" upon first coming out. It's something I've thought about a lot and your words have provided great comfort, of the normalcy of those feelings.

    I'm thinking my whore-stage (if / when it happens) will be moderated by my age and my stage of life.... had I been 25, it might look quite different!


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