Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"You look hot!"


Recently I was out with my kids and ran into a young man who had been my client for a couple of years.  I hadn't seen him in about five years.
He was about 23 and had been on a football scholarship at a US college.  He was the most gorgeous physical specimen; amazing ass, brilliant blue eyes, muscular, shaved head with a pretty face.

Although he was a very masculine'football jock' and indeed, had a girlfriend when I knew him years ago, I constantly wondered if he had an interest in guys.   He had always been locking eyes with me and seemed to have an intensity about him whenever we spoke.   If he was gay (and I'm not at all sure that he was), then I'm sure that he sensed my latent gayness as well. All the gay boys (or those who were probably gay) always seemed to figure me out.

We chatted for a minute about his football career and  I complimented him on his weight gain (he'd been a skinny kid.)   He confirmed it was needed for football.   He then flashed a beautiful smile and said to me,  "You look hot!"  *

There was a long pause with his brilliant blue eyes still locked on me; I didn't know what to say,  Gosh, he's a former client!!!..... hmmmm..... while he waited for my reaction.  I said "Thank you......... but why are you telling me this?"   I then said I had to go and practically ran away.  My kids waiting for me;  that was my excuse. 

Check out this video on the hot Turkish oil wrestlers!.
I know he was dead serious but wondered why he told me that.  Looking back, I think he was just being flirtatious. Another possibility is that he was one of those straight boys who likes to tease, who likes to get gay guys all hot and bothered.

I am accustomed to receiving the occasional compliments in my real life, but this one was a first!!    The first I've received since I've admitted I was gay and from a hot, very young man.  It freaked me out a bit  (okay, a lot);  first, he was a former client ** and second, he was less than half my age.  I'm older than his parents, for Pete's sake!  

* I was wearing a tight black T and black skinny jeans with my coolest shoes.  I think I did look pretty darn hot, for a middle-aged guy.    

** fraternizing with former clients is allowed only if the client is an adult and one full year has passed since the client relationship ended.


  1. You live, you learn. Next time will go better. There will be plenty of next times.
    I think all of your readers already know the answer to why he told you that you were hot. Have you ever looked at yourself?
    H - O - T !!

  2. Good for you! I'm so glad that he gave you the compliment, regardless of his sexuality (which to me says gay). What guy tells another guy he looks hot; unless like you said, he just likes to rile things up. It doesn't seem likely though, considering that it has been five years since your last contact. I think you're onto him - sorry, no pun intended, lol, (from my perspective, anyway). Hope you encounter another chance meeting w/him soon, or someone else similar to your liking. :)

    (Nice Parenting, btw...I am fortunate not to have experienced divorce, but I think that my kids seeing me express an interest in someone in the middle of what you are all going through, would be uncomfortable. Your time is coming soon; you have much to look forward to!)

  3. Cubby: thank you! I'm really not actively looking for a 23 year old. If one wanted to have sex with me (or even someone 33 or 53), I wouldn't turn him down, either! When my wife and I were discussing me finding another partner, she said seriously, "You might want to find yourself some young boy." I'd really prefer someone my own age.

    Life in the Queue: I only came out and have been separated 5 months ago. If I did hook up with someone, I would most definitely keep it secret from the kids. I'd tell my wife eventually, but would not tell her right away either.

  4. That conversation for someone just getting comfortable with one's gay side, can be uncomfortable and I fully understand your reaction - did you feel your heart skip a beat? Did your adrenalin rush a bit?

    I have been there as well....and I rushed out as soon as I could - then thinking back it's like - damn dude - your such an idiot! But you'll gain confidence and be more natural at it!

    Can we see you in those skinny jeans??? :)

  5. Cubby is right. You do look hot That pic of you in the snow is intoxicating. Not to mention some of the ones you post. Remember, you are getting ready to enter the dating world. The gay dating world. And sorry to say, it is different when it comes to sex expectations. It will be better next time and now that you know you are hot, you can respond appropriately.

  6. That young dude is definitely gay! He's got the hots for you.

    You go gurrlll... I mean, you go, Buddy Bear! ;-)

  7. SteveA, Anonymous and J.R. Thank you! I'm very new to this scene, obviously!

  8. Unless it was a hot day and you were sweating buckets, he definitely made a pass at you. It is a confidence/ego boost when someone tells you you're hot. Start believing it. But I don't think you needed that because you show a lot of self confidence already.

    By the way, the guy in the first picture looks like Aaron Hill from "Greek." He plays a dumb jock on the show, but I do watch the show because of him.

  9. Pass or not - compliments are too few and always welcome. For some reason when those compliments come from an attractive young man, it makes my heart sing.

    For the record, I'm sure you did look hot.


  10. yes, he was opening up to see what you would do next.
    I wonder what you will do next about it; call him? or retain the lesson for another time perhaps.

  11. DUMBASS! "...but why are you telling me this?" Really? Really?

    And to think you went home and beat-off furiously to his image stuck in your mind didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!!!!!!

    Sigh...you really needs some lessons from me in the art of "in the moment". If I can pick-up a non-English speaking hottie on the bus coming home from work, you CERTAINLY can get it from someone who is THROWING IT AT YOU! Again, sigh....


  12. MM: it's great to hear from you again. I hope you are well. The young guy who complimented me is way more handsome and hotter than the football jock in the pic.

    BosGuy: Yes, to get a compliment like that from a young, hot guy was a big shock... and it did make me feel great!

    Ur-Spo: hottie lives in another town, so I'll have to retain the lesson for the next one. "Men are like buses.... there is always another one coming along."

  13. RG: to answer your question, "DIDN'T YOU?!!!" ... Maybe. Sorry to disappoint you, but (1) he caught me by surprise, (2) my kids were with me and (3) I didn't think I was in the market for picking up 23-year olds. All excuses, I know.

    "I can pick-up a non-English speaking hottie on the bus." I'll bet you can; sounds like a hot story for your blog. Tell us about it, please!!

  14. just found your blog. a few things: 1. sorry to hear about your pain and medical condition, and 2. uh you should tap that ex client hot ass - just sayin' it's not everyday one gets compliments and from a hottie at that!
    3. hope you feel better.



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